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Is There A Cult In Amarillo? Some People Seem To Think So.

I swear Reddit has to be my favorite site for reading and finding out some of the most ridiculous things. Someone had asked who was putting up the "fire-n-brimstone" electronic billboards around town, and naturally, I had to see if anyone answered. Sure enough, someone had the answer right away.

Best Breakfast On The Go In Amarillo? Here’s A Few.

Ah breakfast. It's the one meal per day that "experts" tell you not to skip. However, we have a tendency to find ourselves skipping it often for that extra 10-15 minutes of sleep. Ok, maybe that's just me. I know though it's a thing for a lot of you as...

[PHOTOS] A Rare Look Inside the Historic Santa Fe Depot

If you have driven behind the Civic Center at any time on Grant Street, then you have seen the historic old Santa Fe Depot. But, have you ever wondered what the building looks like inside?. The Santa Fe Depot is one of the oldest buildings in Amarillo, and we had...

New in Amarillo: Children’s boutique opens on Bell Street

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - New in Amarillo is Wubby’s Place, a children’s boutique that offers a unique clothing line made from bamboo. The boutique is located at 4410 Bell Street and opened on Friday, July 1st. Co-owners, Tina Black and Savanna Keller, are a mother and daughter team.

[PHOTOS] You Feel Like a Kid Once You Enter the Wonderland Gates

I don't care how old you are the moment you walk through the gates of Wonderland you automatically become a kid again. All the rides. All the fun. Even if you are an adult you watch your kiddos and grandkids get excited as they inch up closer and closer to being able to ride a big kid ride. Even watching them on the kiddie rides brings so much joy.
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Did We Eat the 72-Ounce Steak? Route 66 Grand Wagoneer Road Trip

When we last checked in, we had just finished crossing from Missouri, through Kansas, and into Oklahoma on our Route 66 road trip with the 2022 Nitto American Road Tour. After a great day of exploring the Heartland, we ended the evening clicking off passes at the Thunder Valley Raceway Park dragstrip. Our good fortune ran out when a foreign object from the highway chose to have its way with one of our 22-inch tires.