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Overnight fire rekindles, destroys house

WACO, Texas (KWTX) - Firefighters in Waco responded to a house fire in the 1000 block of N. 22nd Street twice overnight. According to firefighters, it first began around midnight. It’s unknown how many people were inside the house at that time, but we’re told they all made it out,...

Elm Ave. construction crews find transportation history written in brick

Remnants of old pipes, pavement and streetcar rails have been a time-consuming frustration for crews digging up Elm Avenue over the last two years in a $6.7 million rebuilding project. But workers from Barsh Construction uncovered a welcome treasure this month as they began work on the the blocks west...

Temporary TSA PreCheck Application Center opens at Waco Regional Airport

WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – Waco-area travelers will be able to enroll in the Transportation Security Administration’s popular TSA PreCheck program at the Waco Regional Airport. The program will be taking place until July 1. Those at the airport can sign up for the program and be enabled...

From jig to soda bread: my ‘Irish for a Day’ farm experience

When I signed up for a monthlong trip to Ireland, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. When I think of Irish things, what comes to mind is usually clovers, leprechauns and Niall Horan. As much as I would have loved to have seen a real life leprechaun — or Niall Horan — I wasn’t expecting either of those wishes to come true.

Our Stop For Kolaches At A Texas Interstate Gas Station

It’s understandable if you’ve never heard of a kolache before. We’d never seen them before we started visiting Texas and the first ones we tried were from the local Buc-ee’s. Originally, the kolache was a Czech pastry typically with a fruit filling. Every Eastern European country...

First Impressions: Waco Surf

My first thought was: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I’ve never even seen the movie, but that was the prevailing, somewhat unsettling feeling I got as I approached Waco Surf (née BSR Cable Park). Middle of nowhere. Creepy old shacks dotting vast Texas wilderness. The occasional overalls-wearing, tobacco-chewing farmhand side-eying us city folk as we kicked up dust in a flashy green Audi.
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Humane Society of Central Texas reaches full capacity in summer months

If you're looking to find a four-legged friend then you're in luck! The Humane Society of Central Texas and City of Waco Animal Shelter reached full capacity in medium and large-size dog kennels. Now they are looking for people willing to adopt or foster. They have struggled to stay under...

Destination Central Texas: Waco Mammoth National Monument

WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – In this installment of Destination Central Texas, we are taking a trip back in time!. Visitors to the Mammoth National Monument can take in some rare sights. Over 65,000 years ago – yes, you heard that right – this area was dominated by Colombian mammoths and other ice age mammals. After their extinction, their fossils remained – turning this area into a national monument of preservation.

Riding tall: Seniors enjoy benefits of being on horses

Native Texan and former President Lyndon B. Johnson enjoyed it. Former first lady Jackie Kennedy did it all her life, and in the height of COVID-19 two years ago, CNN network caught a picture of Queen Elizabeth doing it at age 94. These historical greats will forever be associated with...

Summer travel frustrations | Here's how to avoid it

WACO, Texas — It's the busiest time of the year for traveling, but those on the move have been hit with chaos from canceled flights, lost luggage and high prices. Bambi Eskew, the general manager of Allen Samuels House of Travel in Waco, has been in the travel agency industry for 38 years. She says this isn't the first time she has seen this many troubles but it's for different reasons. This time around she believes limited staffing in all departments and areas of travel is one of the prime reasons driving the chaos.