The Ducati MG-20 Is An Electric Folding Bike That Packs Quite A Punch

Folding bikes have always been designed with practicality in mind. Considered by many as the most practical form of two-wheeled personal mobility, the humble old folding bike has evolved greatly from the early Bromptons and Raleighs. With the electric bike generation well and truly here, folding bikes are more sensible than ever before, and can travel further while keeping the rider comfortable and safe.
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Velotric Discover 1 review: A premium-feeling ebike at a not-so-premium price

I tend to gravitate toward ebikes that are light and nimble. I like ebikes that feel more like regular bikes, especially those that use torque sensors for the smoothest pedaling experience. The Velotric Discover 1 isn’t quite that. But for an MSRP of $1,899 (currently on sale for $1,399), it’s...
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Givi Adds LE X.20 Expedition Evo Modular Helmet To Lineup

Givi is known for its comprehensive luggage collections for all styles of motorcycle. However, the Italian brand wants to supply more than the side cases and top boxes for your next adventure. They also want to protect your noggin with the new LE X.20 Expedition Evo Modular helmet. Givi constructs...
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Aldi’s e-bike is finally back in stock – but you’ll have to be quick to get it

Ready to leave the packed commuter train behind and glide to work on two wheels instead? You’re in luck: Aldi’s popular, sub-£1,000 electric bike is back in stock.The supermarket had originally offered two different models of the Vitesse e-bike as part of this week’s clutch of Specialbuys discounts. One has already sold out owing to popular demand, but the Vitesse force e-mountain bike (£899.99, is still available. A classically styled and lightweight bicyle, it looks well-suited for off-road routes and pot-holed roads alike.Launched in 2021, both e-bikes sold out during last year’s summer rush for alternative modes of transport....

8 best folding bikes that are lightweight and practical

Folding bikes can be a great way to get around – especially if your travels involve other modes of transport such as buses and trains. They are also ideal if you want a bike you can stick in the back of a car to take on day trips, or if you have limited space at home and need something that won’t get in the way in a hall or shared space.But that extra practicality often comes with a weight penalty – clever folding systems tend to add bulk, while frames are often beefed up to cope with the extra stresses...

Jane Motorcycles Driggs 2.0 Jacket Review

Many brands have made attempts at the “everyday jacket,” but like people, no two days are the same. “Everyday” means hot or cold, at home or at work, on the bike or off, at the bar or out to dinner with friends, and each of those circumstances means something different to each of us. So the task requires versatility, both in style and in function. And the Driggs 2.0, made by Jane Motorcycles in New York City, improves on a successful 1.0 design with a protective waxed canvas jacket that’s truly suited for damn near everyday use.

Hover-1 Alpha refurb. electric scooter can climb hills at $200, more in New Green Deals

If you’re tired of sitting in traffic on the way to or from work, leave that all behind when you opt instead for an electric scooter. Hover-1’s Alpha model can travel up to 18 MPH and can even climb hills up to 15-degrees too. Plus, it’s on sale for just $200 refurbished, which is at least $160 below its normal going rate. We also have a wide selection of Tesla, Greenworks, and other e-bike discounts in today’s New Green Deals, so you won’t want to miss that either.
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Editor’s Choice: Privateer 141 Mountain Bike

This is not the most glamorous bike released in the past year. It’s not the lightest or the sleekest. There’s no new linkage design or innovative carbon technology. In fact, there’s no carbon at all. Privateer does things differently. The rider-driven company makes no-nonsense aluminum-framed bikes that you could buy and immediately enter a race with. It’s in the name—a privateer racer is one without a sponsor. There are only two spec levels and no fancy frills—just performance where you need it. We tested the Privateer 141 ($4,379 and up), named quite plainly after its rear travel. As far as travel for trail bikes goes, 141 millimeters is somewhere mid-pack, but there’s nothing mid-pack about the rest of this bike. It’s got the head angle of an enduro bike (64.5 degrees), the wheelbase of a downhill bike (1,266 millimeters in size large), and the seat tube angle of an office chair (over 78 degrees). When we looked at these rather extreme numbers and the equally extreme silhouette, testers worried the 141 would be a hard bike to get along with. But get it on the trail, and it makes magic. It climbs comfortably and efficiently, and—if you’re used to the slackening that bike geometry has undergone in recent years—it’s not unwieldy at low speeds. But surprisingly, it’s not unwieldy at high speeds either. With moderate travel and immoderate geometry, all signs pointed toward this bike being an experts-only affair. But all testers, with varying appetites for gnar, came away satisfied. The Privateer 141 allowed each of us, at our own levels, to first get comfortable and then get rad. And though Privateer delivers this for a price that’s far from low, every tester owns a bike that costs at least twice as much, and every one wanted to take this bike home.
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How an E-Cargo Bike Can Be Life-Changing

My son-in-law Neil is a product of the city. He walks everywhere or takes public transit, but never learned to ride a bike or drive a car. This did not present a problem until his daughter Edie came along and nothing was easy anymore. He was pretty much dependent on my daughter Emma to drive when they went anywhere as a family. Emma doesn't like driving much and prefers to be on her Electra with a Swytch drive, often with Edie behind her in a seat. But that would leave out Neil.