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This Hidden Gem Taco Truck in Sylmar Serves Some of the Best Tacos in LA!

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Rockstar Eater visits Taqueria Mi Ranchito, which is a taco truck in Sylmar, which has ranked as Yelp's highest rated taco truck. Taqueria specializes in tacos, burritos, mulitas, and nachos. It is San Fernando Valley's best kept secret. Be sure to check it out when you are in the area! Taqueria Mi Ranchito 13919 Foothill Blvd #91342, Sylmar, CA 91342 <a href=""></a>

4 Great Pizza Places in California

Photo byPhoto by Klara Kulikova on UnsplashonUnsplash. If you live in California and you also love eating pizza, here is a list of four amazing pizza restaurants that are highly praised for their delicious food, so if you have never been to any of these pizza places, add them to your list and pay them a visit.
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Rolly Pop Sushi (Korea Town Los Angeles)

Rolly Pop Sushi is a small sushi restaurant located in the heart of Koreatown in Los Angeles. They have delicious sushi, but what sets them apart from other restaurants are our unique rolls and plating. Don't miss out on some of the best tasting sushi in LA! With a focus on fresh ingredients and excellent customer service, Rolly Pop has a wide range of sushi and hot dishes to choose from. Stop by today!

It's Snowing in Buena Park! Enjoy Snow & Glow During Knott's Merry Farm Event at Knott's Berry Farm

In need of a some snow this holiday season? Head over to Knott's Merry Farm and enjoy the magic of Snow & Glow as the music plays, lights twinkle and snow gently falls. _ What is Hot Mama Travel!? HotMamaTravel is a family travel blog that we launched in 2012. We are unique as a multi-generational traveling family that sees value in taking our young children to literally any place they are allowed, including historic torture chambers in Scotland and bars and pubs all across America. We call it family travel with a twist. Visit <a href=""></a>

I’m Dreading When My Son's Rich Friends Sleep Over at Our Tiny Apartment

My son has autism, which makes it very challenging for him to have friends. It was tragic for me to watch him during his early years at school. Other kids would say “hello” to him and he'd just ignore them. Or in response to their “hello,” he'd point out the color of their backpack. "Your backpack is blue." The other kid would shrug as if to say, "Why are you saying that? I just said hello to you." My son wouldn’t say hello back and the other child would walk away.

Flood Watch Issued for Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo Counties Thursday Evening Through Sunday

SCWF Flood Watch ZonePhoto bySouthern California Weather Force. Southern California Weather Force has issued a Flood Watch effective Thursday evening through Sunday …. A strong storm system will move into the flood watch zone’s SLO region by Thursday evening, spreading east through the SBA/VT/LA zones overnight and into early Friday. Heavy rainfall that will lead to flooding in the burn areas will be highly likely so you should already be having sandbags deployed …

Touring the Largest JAPANESE MARKET in Los Angeles County! Tokyo Central Market

Rockstar Eater visits Tokyo Central Market, which has a few locations around Southern California. It is the biggest Japanese supermarket in LA County, and has a great selection of Japanese foods you can eat to go. This is the place to be for awesome cheap eats Japanese food in Gardena. Tokyo Central Market 1740 Artesia Blvd Gardena, CA 90248 <a href=""></a>

Survey finds 88% of adults in Inland Empire are concerned about lack of ‘well-paying jobs’

INLAND EMPIRE – Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) an independent, nonpartisan research group, released regional results, Dec. 1, from its latest survey Californians and Their Economic Well-Being. The statewide survey found that 88% of respondents living in the Inland Empire are the most likely to be concerned about the availability of well-paying jobs.

Live Christmas Music in Family-Friendly Calico Saloon at Knott's Berry Farm's Knott's Merry Farm.

Enjoy festive live music daily at the family-friendly Calico Saloon located in Ghostown at Knott's Berry Farm. During the Knott's Merry Farm celebration, the Calico Saloon features beautiful holiday decor and Christmas tunes. Bring the kids, grab yourself a festive holiday cocktail or brew and enjoy the show! _ What is Hot Mama Travel!? HotMamaTravel is a family travel blog that we launched in 2012. We are unique as a multi-generational traveling family that sees value in taking our young children to literally any place they are allowed, including historic torture chambers in Scotland and bars and pubs all across America. We call it family travel with a twist. Visit <a href=""></a>

Sugar Plum: 135 Small Businesses Under One Roof for Holiday Shopping

Sugar Plum in Buena Park is open Dec 1-4, 2022 for holiday shopping.Photo byRandy M. Ready, set, shop! Sugar Plum welcomes in the season with "Gifts to Warm the Heart and Accessories that Make a Home." Sugar Plum is a family-owned business and is celebrating 44 years this year. The shopping experience is proud to showcase the work of 135 artisans, bakers and candy makers all under one roof.

The Best Supermarket Sushi is at Tokyo Central Market!

If you are looking for some of the best Japanese supermarket food for to-go, this is your food video! Rockstar Eater visits Tokyo Central Market, which is a popular Japanese supermarket in Gardena which carries the widest selection of Japanese products in the US. This market is special because it uses rice imported from Japan in making its to-go Japanese foods, whether it is the sushi, bento box, or onigiri! The brand, Hitomebore, is one of Japan’s best rice brands, and can be found at Tokyo Central Market for a reasonable price. 🔸 Tokyo Central Gardena 1740 Artesia Blvd Gardena, CA 90248 <a href=""></a>

Her Cheating Husband Had A Baby With Another Woman

This story is based on true information as told to me and used with permission. All the names have been changed. My best friend, Carla, and I went to high school together, graduated from college together, met our husbands around the same time, got married, and we each have two children. We live on the west coast, near the beach, and enjoy family outings, vacations, and more together. My husband, Rich, and Carla's husband, Paul, get along well and often play golf and basketball together.

Beautiful Urban Waterfall Everyone Has to Visit

I wish I took more pictures/video but at the same time it was a much needed time to be present with our kids. We were able to enjoy and relax in our favorite spot at the LA Arboretum while the boys play with other homeschool kids. Did you know LA arboretum have a FREE day? It's every 3rd Tuesday of the month. Just grab your free tickets on their website. A little tip if you are far from the arboretum... leave the house after 9am traffic is lighter and leave the arboretum by 2pm before LA traffic begins.

Storm expected Thursday night into the weekend for parts of Southern California

A major flooding scenario will hit the mountain, foothill, valley, and coastal areas of San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Ventura, and parts of Los Angeles County by the end of this weekend and right on into the weekend as the Raiden Storm Pattern of December 2022 hits. Remember, moderate value and higher is considered a threat to you if you are in a flood and/or landslide zone so take it seriously and stock up on sandbags this week so read on for details and see the zoom-in SCWF model maps ...