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City Garbage Truck Catches on Fire in Downtown

Approximately around 12:00 pm Friday afternoon the contents inside of a Santa Monica City garbage truck caught on fire in the back of the truck where the trash is, spreading quickly. The driver notified the city's 911 system about the fire and the Santa Monica Fire Department (SMFD) alongside the Santa Monica Police Department (SMPD) responded to the fire, the fire department responded to the scene with an engine company, one truck company, one Light/Air rescue vehicle, and a battalion chief. Upon those units' arrival, the contents inside of the truck were in the middle of the street, according to Santa Monica Fire Department Battalion Chief Jeff Connor, the driver did this in line with protocol to prevent the diesel-fueled truck from catching fire. It took approximately 1 hour and 36 minutes for 11 firefighters to knock down the fire. Fire crews were on scene for 2 hours to help clean up the street as well as to put out any hotspots. Vehicle and pedestrian traffic was shut down in the area until the debris in the roadway was cleared and deemed safe for pedestrians and vehicles to travel through the area. Around 2:00 in the afternoon the area was cleared and opened to vehicle and pedestrian traffic. The SMFD cleared the scene around 2:15 pm.
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18-Year-Old Woman Fatally shot in Car-to-Car Shooting

A statement released from the City of Inglewood stated that on Monday, 10/18/21 at approximately 11:53 pm, the Inglewood Police Department (IPD) received a 911 call of a shooting that occurred in the 100 block of North Inglewood avenue. While responding to the address, responding officers were notified the victim was being transported to the hospital by friends. Officers secured the crime scene where the shooting was reported for detectives to investigate. Upon the officers' arrival at the hospital, the victim was being treated for her injuries by emergency room staff. The victim a female, black, 18 years of age later succumbed to her injuries. According to witnesses, there were 4 people in the vehicle talking in front of 107 North Inglewood Avenue when another vehicle pulled up alongside them and began shooting into the vehicle. Three of the four occupants were not injured from the shooting. One of the occupants in the vehicle was the sister of the deceased.
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Craving nachos? Here are 3 delicious Los Angeles restaurants that have perfected them.

Nachos are popular all over the world, especially when they are cooked well. Nachos are so popular that October 21 is international Nacho Day. Perfectly fried chips with a mixture of different toppings are hard to beat. The various amount of toppings you can choose from are only limited by your imagination. Some type of meat, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, olives, tomatoes, and many more options are popular.

Is This the Best NEW YORK STYLE PIZZA in Los Angeles?

The host Steve Cha (aka Rockstar Eater) visits Lamonica's NY Pizza in Westwood, Los Angeles. It is difficult to replicate the taste of authentic New York pizza outside New York, but many New Yorkers call Lamonica's quite possibly the Best New York style pizza in Los Angeles. The size, the taste, and the presentation are all on point. What is the secret to their success? Find out in this episode of Rockstar Eater. Thanks for watching! Please FOLLOW my page to see other great food adventures and recommendations!

Nights Of The Jack 2021 | The Walk-Thru Experience | Calabasas California

It’s that time of the year again… Halloween! And with Halloween comes pumpkin EVERYTHING! To celebrate the pumpkin, we went to check out “Nights of the Jack”. If you’ve been with us for a while, you’ll have seen us do this experience last year. Because of the pandemic, last year’s experience was a drive-thru, this year it’s taking place as it was always meant to be… a walk-thru! Be sure to check out the photos we took on this trip here: <a href=""></a>/ Also be sure to check out our website here: <a href=""></a> YouTube Channel: Richie And Vanessa Travel

Homeless man Set on Fire in Attempted Homicide

The Santa Monica Police Department (SMPD) is attempting to identify a suspect in connection to an attempted homicide where a homeless man was set on fire in Ozone Park in Santa Monica on Saturday, October 16th. Ozone Park is a small strip of grass near Venice Boardwalk. The victim was laying on a park bench asleep when an unknown subject poured an unknown chemical onto the victim and set them on fire, at this time the SMPD has considered it to be an attempted homicide. Santa Monica Fire Department (SMFD) treated the victim and had a privately contracted ambulance company transport them to the hospital to get more advanced treatment for the burns that the victim had.

Explore Hollywood's Oldest Neighborhood -Whitley Heights

Have you seen that awesome show on Netflix, Hollywood? Well, I live in Hollywood and decided to explore Los Angeles's oldest neighborhood -Whitley Heights. I took my friends dog on a walk into the glam and wonder years of Hollywood! What would you like to see more of in Hollywood? Let me know in the comments below! SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL! COMMENT WHAT YOU LIKE OR DISLIKE OR WANT TO SEE MORE OF! LIKE THE VIDEO! AND SHARE ON FACEBOOK, TWITTER, REDDIT, OR OTHER COOL PLACES TO POST VIDEOS! Instagram: @boppzworld / @boppz Tiktok: boppzvidz #hollywood #hollywoodland #whitleyheights


What's Hollywood REALLY LIKE? Join me for a narrated walking tour of the Hollywood Walk of Fame starting at the Dolby Theatre at Hollywood and Highland, and ending at the Pantages Theatre at Hollywood and Vine. On this walk you'll find that Hollywood Blvd isn't actually as glamourous as you see on television!

(VIDEO) Visit LA's #1 Tourist Attraction: Griffith Observatory

A narrated walking tour of Los Angeles' most iconic attractions: The Griffith Observatory. It opened to the public on May 14, 1935, as the country's third planetarium and according to US News and World Report this is the #1 best thing to in Los Angeles. Admission continues to be free -- but parking is going to cost you... $10 per hour! We'll tour the outside of the Observatory to see the amazing view of the Hollywood Sign and Downtown Los Angeles, then head inside to checkout the museum itself.

4 New Restaurant Openings you need to know about!

Don't repeat that restaurant! These 4 are brand new and notable in Los Angeles. The theme is comfort food. Fixins Soul Kitchen (DTLA) This is the second Fixins Soul Kitchen following the original's success in Sacramento’s Oak Park neighborhood. The restaurant was founded by former NBA All-Star and Mayor of Sacramento Kevin Johnson “KJ” and his wife, Michelle. The restaurant pays homage to the soul food KJ grew up with and celebrates African-American culture.

How to Make the Best Eggplant Parmesan (Awesome Italian Recipe!)

The host Steve Cha (aka Rockstar Eater) presents his first cooking video with Eggplant Parmesan, an authentic Italian recipe shown to him by an Italian friend. How many Asian guys you know that can make authentic Italian cuisine? Rockstar Eater is one of them. Learn how to make the tastiest and most authentic eggplant parmesan for yourself or to entertain house guests! Thanks for watching! Please FOLLOW my page to see other great food videos!

Intimate partner violence; A severe problem that continues to grow

Imagen de Diana Cibotari en PixabayPhoto by Diana Cibotari from Pixabay. No, it's ok; I just slipped and hurt my shoulder. - Brenda Arriola, 24-year-old woman.*. Brenda is a young woman who lives in my neighborhood, we met at the supermarket, and I greeted her with a hug since we had a lot of time without seeing us. She complained subtly, and I asked her if something was wrong; she told me the typical answer: She had slipped and injured herself.

Head to L.A.'s Arts District for an immersive adventure. Here's your 25% off discount code

If you need an escape from reality this week, you will love this Los Angeles experience that offers to help you escape to faraway worlds. This out-of-this-world immersive experience will entertain you and your family and visually stimulate you. With only a few days left to view the time-warping wormhole and surreal worlds and with a 25% discount offered, now is an excellent time to go.