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The Bossiest Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Some people are born to be the boss: They expect others to do whatever they want, and they won't take no for an answer. These individuals have the ability to become true leaders, although they can certainly rub people the wrong way on their rise to the top. As it turns out, you just may have astrology to thank for these high and mighty folks. Read on to discover the six bossiest zodiac signs, from slightly strict to overwhelmingly overbearing.
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Costco Is Pulling This Product From Shelves After Multiple Fires

For millions of customers, Costco represents a unique experience that goes beyond a typical shopping run. The beloved warehouse retailer provides everything from everyday essentials and electronics to bulk grocery items and gasoline for their vehicle. Even the stores' food courts hold a soft spot for returning regulars. But now, Costco is pulling an item from shelves after linking it to multiple fires. Read on to see which product could potentially be putting you in harm's way.
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This One Nutrient Is Safer to Get From a Pill Than From Food, Experts Warn

Getting the right nutrients is essential to your body's functioning—and can even help protect against disease. That's why it's so important to pack your diet with a wide range of foods that provide crucial vitamins, minerals, proteins, fiber, and more. If you suspect you're lacking a particular nutrient or would benefit from more of it, you may be tempted to buy supplements that give you an added boost. However, experts say there's just one supplement that's truly better to get in pill form than from food. Read on to learn which nutrient is the only one that's best ingested as a supplement, and why it's worth adding to your daily routine.

Saying This Word Slashes Anxiety, Experts Say

If you suffer from anxiety, you're probably all too familiar with its physical effects. Tense muscles, shallow breathing, dry mouth, and a rapid heartbeat are just a few common symptoms, and the ones I most often notice in myself. (Is anyone else holding their breath right now, while you're reading this?)

See Sally Draper From "Mad Men" Now at 22

While Don Draper's son Bobby was played by four different young actors throughout the course of Mad Men, his daughter Sally Draper was always embodied by Kiernan Shipka. She was only eight years old when the period drama premiered on AMC in 2007, and Sally was only a recurring character. By Season 4, Shipka was a pre-teen, and Sally was taking on a much bigger role in the show as a main cast member, her relationship with her mysterious ad man father (Jon Hamm) making up a considerable portion of those last few seasons. Shipka earned considerable acclaim for her performance and won two consecutive Screen Actors Guild Awards for Best Ensemble alongside the rest of the Mad Men cast in 2008 and 2009. And after growing up onscreen, the actor is still there at 22. Read on to learn about her life now and how she stays close with her former co-stars.

5 Low-Maintenance Dogs You Barely Need to Walk

Think it's time to get a furry sidekick? You probably already know the health benefits of owning a dog, like reduced feelings of loneliness and more opportunities for mindfulness. But even though you may be interested in joining the 69 million households in the U.S. who own at least one dog, you still might be hesitant to bring one into your home—especially if you know that having a dog means a lot of extra work. Good news: There are several dog breeds that are so low-maintenance, you barely need to walk them. To be clear, you must walk all dogs, but read on to discover some of the easiest-to-care-for canines you'll ever meet, according to pet experts.

6 Hairdresser Secrets for Making Gray Hair Shine

Gray hair is uniquely fabulous—but that's not to say it doesn't have its challenges. While your past hair-related woes may have been about mastering the trendiest hairstyles or finding your perfect color match, your current ones are likely about taming frizz, adding moisture, and refining your sparkling silver hue. And after a lifetime of learning the former, it's no surprise if you need help with the latter. To give you a hand, we asked expert hairstylists for their secrets for making gray hair shine. Soft and silky strands are ahead if you follow their tips.

If Your Face Is Always Sweaty, This Could Be Why, Doctors Warn

Summer is here in all of its glory, and the perks are undeniable: sunshine, ice cream, and grilling galore! Yet for some people who are prone to excessive sweating, summer is a fraught time marked by discomfort and embarrassment. Face sweat, in particular, can come as an especially unwelcome side effect of the season—and one that can easily get in the way of your summer fun.

The No. 1 Place Snakes Love to Hide Before They Strike

Everyone knows it's best for your safety never to approach any wild animal. But in some cases, you may not realize you're encroaching on one's territory when you're doing something as simple as yard work or organizing your garage—especially timid creatures like snakes. In one recent case, a young boy in Florida was bitten while playing at home, while a Kentucky woman came face-to-face with a reptile hiding in an unusual place. But according to experts, even though you may not always be able to spot them from afar, there are certain places snakes often hide where they're more likely to strike. Read on to see which spots may deserve a little extra caution.

See the Bar Singer From "Ally McBeal" Now at 58

Vonda Shepard released her first album in the late '80s, and, while she had a decent career as a singer-songwriter afterwards, it wasn't until she made her debut as the bar singer on Ally McBeal in 1997 that her career took off. The singer made regular appearances as herself, performing at the lawyer characters' favorite watering hole, and she also recorded and sang most of the songs on the show's soundtrack, making her the inner voice of Calista Flockhart's Ally. The show's theme song, "Searchin' My Soul" is from Shepard's 1992 album, Radical Light, and she eventually became the show's music supervisor. Read on to learn what she's been doing since Ally McBeal was canceled in 2002.

The No. 1 Relationship Mistake You're Making, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Let's be real: No matter how in love you and your partner are, no relationship is perfect. We all make mistakes in love, and although every couple has their disagreements, sometimes those differences are big enough that the relationship falls apart. In a best case scenario, those endings teach us valuable lessons about what we want in a partnership and how we can improve ourselves. But sometimes we find ourselves getting caught in toxic dating patterns without realizing how our actions got us there. If that's the case, astrology can help you determine what you might be doing wrong. Read on to learn the biggest relationship mistake each zodiac sign makes.

5 Science-Backed Ways to Calm Down Fast

Stress. It's difficult to manage, painful to experience, even harmful to your health—and studies show it's more prevalent than ever. "Americans have been profoundly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, [and] the external factors [they] have listed in previous years as significant sources of stress remain present and problematic," reports the American Psychological Association (APA), which has published an annual Stress in America survey since 2007. "These compounding stressors are having real consequences on our minds and bodies."

If You Keep Saying This, It Could Be a Sign of Early-Onset Alzheimer's

Alzheimer's is a progressive brain disease that causes the brain to shrink, ultimately destroying memory and disrupting other important cognitive functions. Outside of its impact on memory, however, several other symptoms can help tip you off to the onset of Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. One such symptom is known to alter patients' speech, and those who have it tend to pepper conversations with an odd pattern that doctors may recognize as a red flag. Read on to learn which speech-related symptom could indicate early-onset Alzheimer's, and how to recognize it in yourself or others.

6 Red Flags That Spell Cheating, Therapists Warn

Nothing can make you feel crazier in a relationship than if you suspect your partner is cheating. You suddenly wonder if they're actually going where they say they're going, texting who they say they're texting, and if those flowers they brought you are a sign of affection or guilt. To help you parse through these subtle suspicions, we asked therapists for the top red flags they notice when one partner is cheating. Read on to find out what they say to look out for.

See the Last Living Members of The Who Now, at 78 and 77

As the last surviving members of The Who, Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey easily qualify as living legends—two veterans of one of the most influential rock bands of all time, credited with everything from helping popularize the synthesizer to the development of the rock opera. Though they still perform together as The Who nearly 60 years after the band first formed (despite an on again/off again breakup that stretched from 1983 to 1999), Townshend and Daltrey's careers have also taken them down their own individual paths. Keep reading to learn what they've been doing since the band's '70s heyday, both separately and together.

Hailey Bieber Says This Was the First Sign of a Blood Clot in Her Brain

Hailey Bieber is best known for dominating runways and magazine covers—not to mention her high-profile marriage to pop superstar Justin Bieber. In recent months, however, she's been grabbing headlines for another reason entirely: a frightening health scare that shocked her fans. In a recent video, Bieber recounted the details of her unsettling medical drama, during which she was diagnosed with a blood clot in her brain. Read on to learn the first symptom the 25-year-old celeb experienced, and to find out how she's been doing since.

Eating Like This "Significantly Reduces" Dementia Risk, Study Finds

While there's no one way to guarantee you won't develop dementia, research increasingly suggests that there are many ways to minimize your risk. One of the simplest things you can do is improve your diet, an intervention that scientists say can have a profound effect on both your physical and cognitive health. But what exactly should you eat, if cognitive health is a top priority? A comprehensive, two-year study has the answer. By following this neuroprotective diet, you may see major gains in brain processing speed and executive function. Read on to find out how your diet can help you reduce your dementia risk, and why it's never too late to make a change.

The No. 1 Way to Woo Every Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

There's a lot that goes into making a great first impression. For some people, putting themselves out there in life and love is a breeze. Others however, find it harder to turn on the charm. The art of winning people over is a skill everyone needs to learn to get ahead in life, but knowing the right thing to say isn't always easy. And that gets even harder when you're trying to make a romantic connection. To help, we've put together a guide on how to woo every zodiac sign, based on their likes, their dislikes, and their love language. Read on to find out how to capture each sign's attention.

Elvis Reportedly "Flew Into a Rage" Any Time This Star Was Mentioned

They say, "never meet your heroes"… and it looks like that warning applies even if you're a hugely famous star yourself. Elvis Presley and John Lennon are two of the most iconic musicians of all time, but having that in common didn't mean that they got along. According to one account from someone close to them, Presley "flew into a rage" at the mere mention of Lennon's name.