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Dining at Josephine's in Downtown Lancaster, PA

This spot is elegant dining at its best. As you're walking down the stairs into this restaurant located underground at West Grant Street, it's impossible to not notice all the stunning decorations. Everything from the wall art and light fixtures to how the tables are set up is done beautifully.
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This Weekend in Lancaster, PA: Escape Room on a Train, with Booze

Imagine being stuck on a train, in the president's car. This weekend, you can pay to be "locked" in on the train for one hour! The event, Escape Room On The Train, is a creative one, organized by Strasburg Rail Road. The Strasburg Rail Road is a heritage railroad and the oldest continuously operating railroad in the western hemisphere as well as the oldest public utility in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Local Highlight: Lancaster Science Factory, PA

The Lancaster Science Factory is a fun place to be if you're a curious kid. This spot, located right outside Lancaster City, is a hands-on, interactive center for children, and ideal for those ranging from Pre-K to 8th grade. I recently visited the science center with my own kids, and they absolutely loved it. After almost 3 hours in the place they were still sad we had to leave.

Small Business Spotlight: Chestnut Hill Cafe, Lancaster City, PA

This neighborhood cafe on the corner of West Chestnut Street and Pine Street is a unique spot in Lancaster City. What makes this place is not necessarily the food but the historical vibe of the neighborhood and the building Chestnut Hill Cafe is located in. You feel like you walk into local history by visiting this spot. There is nothing commercial about it.

Small Business Spotlight: Oola Bowls in Lancaster, PA

If you haven't tried Oola Bowls in Lancaster, PA, you're in for a treat. This place, with a handful of locations, offers fresh acai bowls, pitaya bowls, and smoothies. I recently went to their main location at Foxshire Plaza along Fruitville Pike for the first time. It's a cool and casual spot to dine at. I ordered their Holy Cacao!, a treat made with an organic acai base, almond dust, bananas, cacao nibs, and honey. It was just the sweet fix I needed after a long day. It tasted healthy and delicious, and the almond dust was surprisingly good. The service was great, and the food came quick.