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Golden State Warriors Icon Likely To Leave Team

The Golden State Warriors dynasty has been ongoing for years and has been one of the most successful dynasties in the history of American sports. Now, the main architect of that team that shaped it into what it has been may be on his way out. The Athletic is reporting that Warriors’ General Manager Bob Myers may leave the Warriors when his contract expires this summer. There have been limited negotiations between the Warriors and Meyers, and he is “highly in demand” across the league.
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Our 5 Favorite Hot Dog Spots in San Francisco

CALIFORNIA - There are several good hot dog spots in San Francisco, California, that you should consider visiting while in the city. You'll find all the options you need here if you're looking to eat a traditional hot dog or sample some delicious Asian-style hot dogs. Whether you want something a little more adventurous or want to have your hot dog in a great location, there are plenty of options.

Family Tie Records Builds Itself By Building A Music-Driven Community

Kyle with FTR artist WigglePhoto byFamily Tie Records. It’s not a business. It’s a mission. Kyle Boydstun and the passionate team at Family Tie Records in Oakland bills are all about collaboration and helping each other out. This is how they bring success to everything they do. More than a record label, you can think of them as a collective of people who love or make music with big dreams. Everyone involved with Family Tie helps everyone else. Gaps are constantly being filled in by those who have talents others don’t. If an artist needs graphics, marketing, or professional development, someone at Family Tie can help. And that artist pays it forward by helping someone else who works under the label.

New HUD Rule Could Soon Make Housing More Fair And Accessible In The East Bay

Residents in Concord could soon see the city receive a mandate to offer sustainable affordable housing options for those in need, specifically from marginalized groups like black Americans. That’s because of a new Department of Housing and Urban Development rule proposed January nineteenth, which is intended to enforce the under-enforced and oft-ignored Fair Housing Act of 1968.

Pelosi Evokes Catholic Church to Expel SF Home of Evil, According to Daughter

The New York Times reports that former House Speaker Pelosi has called upon the Catholic Church to purge the evil from her elegant SF home. According to recent reports from various members of Congress and her daughter Alexandra during a candid interview with The New York Times, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi summoned priests over the last Thanksgiving weekend, to rid the San Francisco home she shares with her husband Paul, of evil spirits - this after a man allegedly attacked her hubby inside with a hammer.

Former NFL Star and Coach Dies

The NFL community is mourning the loss of one of their former players and coaches this week after his passing was announced late last week by his former team. Former San Francisco 49ers star linebacker Ed Beard reportedly died last Monday, however, his death was not announced by the team until Friday. In a tweet, the Niners announced his passing while also reaching out with condolences to his family, friends, and wife Bobbie.