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Day 3 of rotten egg smell making people physically ill in southern NJ

EAST GREENWICH — The rotten egg smell from a venting tanker at a truck stop continues to linger over parts of South Jersey for the third day. Gloucester County Emergency Management said complaints inundated the county dispatch center as well as PSE&G and South Jersey Gas on Thursday about the smell that continues to come from the tanker parked at the TA Travel Center on Berkeley Road.

NJ farmers praying for rain, struggling to survive

Daytime temperatures have dropped below 90 degrees in most parts of New Jersey but the drought watch continues, which means it’s still hot and abnormally dry and everyone is being asked to cut back on their use of water. For many Garden State farmers, however, that’s just not possible...

NJ residents warned about a surge of fake urgent notifications

New Jersey cybersecurity officials have issued a warning about a sudden uptick in fraudulent urgent account email notifications being sent to Garden State residents. According to Krista Valenzuela, a cyber threat intelligence analyst with the New Jersey Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Cell, the notifications appear like they are coming from a known entity, like Microsoft, Google or Amazon, complete with what is called “display name spoofing” logos and other types of trademark characteristics that make them look authentic.

Everything NOT Allowed Inside The Beach Concert In AC, NJ, This Weekend

The most fabulous three-day weekend of the summer in South Jersey is FINALLY here!. The TidalWave Music Festival kicks off Friday, August 12th right on the beach in the Atlantic City! The doors open around 1 o'clock in the afternoon, so if you haven't started getting your gear together, you better hop to it. Before you start packing your day bag, you should probably know what you're actually allowed to bring into the show with you.

If You Could Eat Only One Food For The Rest Of Your Life It Would Be ?

Here is a question you might have tossed around when out with friends or simply sitting with a group of people, especially at a restaurant. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be? The answer might vary depending on your age…I would think a 16-year old might make a choice very different from say a 50-year old…or would they?

Blake Shelton Will Play the Wildwood Beach in June 2023

Year three of the Barefoot Country Music Festival in Wildwood is going to be off the hook!. We're excited to announce the first headliner for next year's festival on the Wildwood Beach will be Blake Shelton!. One of country music's biggest hitmakers, he's also the star of TV's The Voice...

This Amazing Building Is The Oldest One In New Jersey

If you are always looking for a piece of New Jersey history to experience, then there is no doubt you'd want to visit the oldest building in the whole state. There is so much amazing history here in the Garden State, and so many amazing places to visit, and it would definitely be a feather in your New Jersey cap to say you've visited the oldest building in the state.