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Slain NYC mom sold belongings before death to escape the ex she feared: local

The young mom who was killed while walking with her baby on the Upper East Side spent the days and weeks leading up to her death selling her belongings so she could escape her allegedly abusive ex-boyfriend, locals said.  Azsia Johnson, 20, had been living at a domestic violence shelter in East Harlem with her 3-month-old daughter but when the infant’s father tracked down her whereabouts, she started selling her stuff to afford a new place to live. “She said he knows where she is living. She try to leave, that’s why she selling me a lot of stuff,” said vendor India,...
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NYC Teen Accused in Vicious Hate Crime Attacks Is Stabbed to Death

A teenager who allegedly committed two brutal hate crime attacks against Sikhs in New York City has been stabbed to death, police announced Friday. Officers found the 19-year-old stabbed in the chest in Brooklyn, with the blade used to kill him laying beside him missing a handle. Douglas was taken to Brookdale Hospital where he died. Nirmal Singh, visiting NYC from India, was one of Douglas’ alleged victims. Douglas was charged with breaking his nose as Singh was strolling through the Richmond Hill neighborhood in Queens. Douglas was also charged with mugging two other Sikh men with a friend—hitting them with wooden sticks, robbing them, punching them, and snatching the turbans from their heads.

Barstool Sports reviews new NJ pizza place and LOVES it

Dave Portnoy has made his way back to Hoboken to check out one of the newest pizza spots, The Pizza Shop, which replaced Delfino's. Portnoy seemed surprised that the owners, Ray Falco and Justin Avila, had only been making pizza for 6 months. His exact words after taking a few bites "what's to say, I love this pizza, I wish I didn't know they just learned how to make this six months ago. You can do that? You're not born with it? You don't have to get in the gym for 30 years?"

Italian guide names Indy pizzeria one of the top 50 in the US

An Indianapolis pizza place is being celebrated by the country considered the birthplace of the deliciously cheesy dish. Italian guide 50 Top Pizza has released its list of 50 Top Pizzerias in the United States. While the top spot goes to Una Pizza Napoletana in New York City, the Circle...

Delta Is Sending Its Office Workers to Help Manage NYC Airports This Holiday Weekend

With experts predicting a chaotic holiday weekend travel-wise, hubs like New York City are likely to suffer many disruptions and delays. Delta Airlines, at least, is willing to try and help. In addition to allowing every customer to change their flights between July 1 and July 4 without any fee (as long as departure and destination remain the same), the Atlanta-based airline is also deploying its "Peach Corps" directly on-site.

New Jersey's Bendix Diner Named One of the Best in the United States

The Famous Bendix Diner.(@BleachersMusic/Instagram) Without a doubt, there is nothing more "New Jersey" than the diners. New Jersey has given diners their iconic ambiance. Yes, the state is also famous for other food: blueberries, tomatoes, and unlimited combinations of egg sandwiches, but New Jersey inarguably deserves credit for the retro-themed restaurants with the same, but different variations of comfort food.