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Get up to $1,200 from the state

money and envelopePhoto byPhoto by PIxabay (Pexels) If you live in New York, you'll want to know that approximately 3 million New York state homeowners started receiving property-tax rebates of up to $1,050. In New York City, households got an average of $425 back.

Three Shelters for the Homeless Coming to Staten Island

Staten Island has about 1300 homeless individualsPhoto byJon TysononUnsplash. The Forgotten Borough is being remembered by the city in the form of three new homeless shelters planned to open in early 2023. The idea of Staten Island housing these shelters began during Mayor Bill de Blasio's campaign in 2017 as part of his“Turning the Tide on Homelessness in New York City" project. While the opening of the sites has faced numerous delays, they are soon to be reality.

New York Mayor Adams Opens Another New Shelter For Migrants

Mayor Adams opens a new housing shelter for migrantsPhoto byTwitter. After about 3 months when New York started receiving migrants from Texas and spending a lot of money, the mayor spends more money on another housing project. This time Mayor Eric Adams plans to house migrants at Stewart Hotel according to Spectrum News. The hotel is located on Seventh Avenue and is an emergency shelter. There are 56 hotels that are emergency shelters in New York City.

Cross Bronx Fiery Crash Victim Identified as NJ Woman

BRONX - Police have identified the driver who died in the fiery crash on the Cross Bronx Expressway which was dramatically captured by Citizens App. After rear ending a tractor trailer, the driver waited in her SUV. Then a second big rig slammed into her car, causing the fatal fireball, while she waited in her car following what could have been a minor accident.

NYC, Homeless man arrested for trespassing and illegally spending a night in a luxury hotel.

NYPD arrested a homeless man accused of illegally staying and leaving a suspicious powdery substance in a luxury hotel in NYC. According to the police, the man found a key card with magnetic stripe on a sidewalk, and he used it to enter a room on 11 floor of the Park Hyatt Hotel, located at 153 W 57th Street, Midtown, Manhattan. The homeless man entered the room around 8:30 p.m. on November 25, and after spending a whole night there, he checked out around 10:30 a.m. in the next morning.

A worker died after falling 15 floors from the scaffolding of the UWS building.

Photo by Damir MijailovicPhoto byPhoto by Damir Mijailovic. Summary - A construction worker was placing netting around a supported scaffold on the 15th level when he fell onto the sidewalk shed below. The worker, who was wearing safety equipment, was pronounced dead at the site. The Department of Buildings is "doing a comprehensive investigation" to discover if "any corners were cut in the support structure," an official said.