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The city that goes 83 days without a sunset

Imagine living in a city where the sun doesn’t set for months? People living in America’s northernmost city, Utqiagvik, Alaska (formally known as Barrow, Alaska) can tell you all about it. Utqiagvik is on an 83 day stretch without a sunset, which means it sits in daylight 24...
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From the archives: Fran Tate tells Steve & Johnnie about her appearance with Johnny Carson

One of Steve King and Johnnie Putman‘s favorite guests over the years was Fran Tate from Barrow, Alaska. In 1984, Fran appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson,” where she also became one of Johnny’s all-time favorite guests as she discussed her adventures running a Mexican restaurant above the Arctic Circle. In this segment, Steve & Johnnie welcome Fran to the show on January 24, 2005, the day after Johnny Carson’s death, to share her memories of being one of Johnny’s guests.
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Native Voices in Utqiagvik, Alaska

There are 229 federally recognized native villages in Alaska. With its rich history in indigenous culture, diverse landscapes ranging from a boreal rainforest to an Arctic desert resting along the icy ocean at the top of the world, Alaska lays claim to some of the most varied social traditions as well as the people who call it home. By comparison, the large state of Texas could fit nearly three times into the geographical Alaskan boundaries, yet it remains one of the least populated places in the United States with just over 733,000 residents according to the 2020 census report. Of those residents included more than 119,000 Native Alaskans recorded their permanent home within Alaska—and that was in an informal count more than 20 years ago. Today, the Native Alaskan population has expanded throughout the vast territories yet little is said of the worlds that build the engaging bridges of these groups.
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The Impossible Challenge of Arctic Pizza Delivery

The first thing to know about Barrow, Alaska, is the airport is named for a plane crash. In 1935, American humorist Will Rogers and aviator Wiley Post’s plane nosed into a river outside town. Both men died. Flying is still the only way into Barrow. Rogers might’ve found that funny.

Climate change research involves local students

As part of an effort to advance STEM opportunities for K-12 students, North Carolina high school juniors and seniors will have the chance to participate in hands-on climate change research currently conducted by East Carolina University (ECU) and Old Dominion University (ODU) students and faculty. Manufactured by students and faculty...

Ellie’s Furcast: Unleashed Alaska

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - Growing up in Barrow, Alaska, Chelsea Coartney is used to Alaska weather. Snow, rain and of course the infamous break-up. As a mom of four and a pet parent to three dogs, she is well versed in dealing with mud. But one day Coartney had an...
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Barrow High School goes into lockdown after student brings handgun

A student brought a handgun to Barrow High School on Thursday morning, sending the school into lockdown, according to officials. No one was hurt, and North Slope Borough police apprehended the student. “To the best of our knowledge, no student or staff member was threatened,” Barrow High School Principal Mark...

Barrow High School temporarily locked down after report of student with handgun

UTQIAGVIK, Alaska (KTUU) - Barrow High School has reopened Thursday morning after reports of a possible handgun on campus put the school in lockdown. According to to a news release from Principal Mark Jenkins, the school was put into lockdown after the report at 11:05 a.m. Jenkins said police were called and conducted a room-to-room search.

Bulldog Basketball Travels To The Far North For Whalers Invitational

The 2022 Whaler’s Invitational Basketball Tournament, hosted at Barrow High School in Utqiaġvik, Alaska, released its update schedule for the three-day, round-robin format tournament following a week of questioning the viability of the tournament. The Whaler’s Invitational will feature the Barrow Whalers girls and boys, Nikiski Bulldogs girls...

Where the Polar Vortex hangs out

It is now dark in Barrow, Alaska and will remain dark until Jan. 24 when the sun will rise above the horizon and continue to increase its daily appearance until May 10 when it will stay above the horizon for 24 hours each day until Aug. 2 when the dark cycle will return.

Thunderstorms in Barrow, Alaska

Barrow Alaska had its first-ever thunderstorm on June 20, 2000. What was the temperature that day in Barrow? Have thunderstorms occurred since then?. Barrow, Alaska, known as Utqiagvik since 2016, is North America’s northernmost-inhabited area. It recorded its first thunderstorm on June 20, 2000, a day that logged a high of 54 degrees and a low of 30 along with 0.20 inches of rain. Distant thunderstorms had been previously sighted but never in the town itself. Another thunderstorm was logged on July 3, 2004, when the mercury soared to 65 degrees. Earlier this year, hundreds of lightning strokes were recorded over the Beaufort Sea, east of Pt. Barrow. Later, the same weather system produced more than 1,000 lightning strokes at 75 degrees north latitude over the frozen ocean.

Barrow Weather Forecast

Here’s the forecast for the next four days in Barrow: Monday, October 25: Areas of blowing snow during the day; while light snow and areas of blowing snow overnight; Tuesday, October 26: Light snow likely then areas of freezing fog during the day; while slight chance of light snow

Daily Weather Forecast For Barrow

Here’s the forecast for the next four days in Barrow: Sunday, October 24: Areas Of Freezing Fog; Monday, October 25: Areas Of Freezing Fog; Tuesday, October 26: Areas of freezing fog during the day; while slight chance of light snow overnight; Wednesday, October 27: Cloudy during the day; while

Weather Forecast For Barrow

Here’s the forecast for the next four days in Barrow: Friday, October 22: Slight chance of light snow then mostly cloudy during the day; while areas of freezing fog overnight; Saturday, October 23: Areas of freezing fog then light snow likely during the day; while light snow likely then

Barrow Weather Forecast For The Week Ahead

Here’s the forecast for the next four days in Barrow: Thursday, October 21: Areas of freezing fog then chance of light snow during the day; while chance of light snow overnight; Friday, October 22: Mostly cloudy during the day; while cloudy then slight chance of light snow overnight; Saturday,

Seize the day (even if it’s cloudy)

(BARROW, AK.) Wednesday is set to be cloudy in Barrow, according to the National Weather Service, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay inside. Check out these ideas for ways to make the most of it, along with your four-day forecast.