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Best Buy's Cyber Monday flash sale just dropped and lasts 12 hours

Cyber Monday is half over, or half still going on, depending on your viewpoint, although "half still going on" isn't a phrase a normal person uses. But we're several weeks into Black Friday sales, and anyone still writing about stuff on sale is just slaphappy. That brings us to Best...
Ozona Stockman

Business of the Month: Ozona Donuts

Ozona Donuts is a family business, owned and operated by Tim and Christine Pol, and their daughter Jessica Thim. Ozona Donuts serves old fashioned cake, sprinkled and filled donuts, as well as a selection of cinnamon rolls, cinnamon twists, eclairs and apple fritters. Also included in the menu are croissants and biscuits, made with your choice of bacon, egg, sausage, ham and cheese. Sausage…

Pets adopted from Best Friends: Where are they now?

Updates and stories from the homes of four beloved, adopted pets. The very best part about working at Best Friends is finding out about adoptions. Every single pet who goes home makes us smile (or cry or both). If you’ve ever fostered an animal, you know that feeling well. It’s the outcome we all want for every homeless pet out there. Just about the only thing that comes close to that warm feeling is hearing updates as the years go by. Join us in smiling, and maybe wiping away a few tears.

Top 5 Anything In Midland-Odessa… Best Of The Best!

Ah "Top 5" lists. We all love to read them. They give us insight into the Best of the Best, no matter WHAT the topic is! Could be Top 5 Shoe Stores In Midland, Top 5 Places To Hide In Odessa And Take A Nap On Your Lunch Hour, Top 5 places to sit outside in the Permian Basin for lunch and NOT have dirt blow in your face.. The lists are endless. Seriously though--if you're thinking about relocating somewhere or maybe just taking a vacation-these are always a fun read to gain insight on your destination. But--they don't JUST have to be about a city, a region, or a State. There are Top 5 lists for a ton of different topics. After all--David Letterman made a nightly thing out of them on Late Night TV for decades (OK--his were Top 10--but we're shortening it for brevity!)

Best Friends responds to Hurricane Ida

Hundreds of dogs and cats who survived Hurricane Ida are now safe and sound, and help is on the way for many more. The storm’s outer bands hit land sooner than many anticipated, throwing a wrench into plans to move Louisiana’s pets out of shelters and out of harm’s way. Even so, Best Friends and our partners worked hard and pulled together to get as many pets as possible out of shelters in the path of the ferocious storm to receiving shelters across the country. By the time the first drops of rain fell in New Orleans, nearly 250 pets were on their way to safety.