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Do Michiganders Love Quirky Mailboxes? Check Out These Pics

There's nothing more eye-catching while you're driving down the road than a really unique mailbox. Especially, if you happen to find them on an otherwise less traveled road. Every once in a while I'll spot one while exploring the Kalamazoo area or while taking the backroads to Lake Michigan's shore. So, I recently took to the Facebook group Abandoned, Old, and Interesting Places in Michigan and specifically asked for photos of unique or interesting mailboxes others may have come across. This is the result.
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Alanis Morissette Honors Her Former Bandmate Taylor Hawkins Onstage

Alanis Morissette honored her former bandmate Taylor Hawkins during a recent show in London. Watch her onstage tribute to the late legendary drummer below. Hawkins has been in multiple bands and worked with lots of musicians. He was a part of Morissette's touring band from 1995-1997, prior to joining the Foo Fighters the same year. You can spot him in her music videos for "You Oughta Know" and "You Learn."
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Lansing Gas Station Lowers Gas to $2.38 For Just One Hour

The price of gas was lowered to a mid-January level for one hour at a Lansing-area gas station and cars lined up to take advantage of the deal. Although a political activist group was behind the stunt, those who cashed in on the deal didn't care why they were able to fill up at a deeply-discounted rate - and some weren't even aware of the reason behind the temporary low price of just $2.38 per gallon.

Five Ghost Ships That Still Haunt the Great Lakes

Are the Great Lakes still haunted by “Flying Dutchmen”?. Many northern Michiganders swear there are a handful of ghost ships that still sail the lakes. The name 'Flying Dutchman' comes from the late 1700s and is described as “a legendary ghost ship which was said to never be able to make port, doomed to sail the oceans forever”.

Have You Seen This Creepy Billboard In Fenton?

A bizarre billboard posted along US-23 near Center Road in Fenton has people talking. The billboard in question features what appears to be owl eyes or ape eyes. (guessing) with eyes staring at southbound traffic. It turns out, there was also an alien featured previously on the same billboard and location.

Enjoy Animals and Yoga This Summer at The Detroit Zoo

Find your inner Zen in Royal Oak this summer while practicing yoga at the Detroit Zoo. The Detroit Zoo is offering morning and evening yoga sessions this summer. You'll get to to relax while mastering a variety of new poses, led by one of their certified instructors. The coolest part...

Warren Police Bust 7 People in Massive Counterfeit Designer Goods Operation

Seven people have been busted in a massive counterfeit operation based in Warren, where police say they specialized in producing fake designer goods. Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Versace, Chanel, Coach, Armani, MCM, Ferragamo, and Ray-Ban, and more, all fake, fake, fake as Elaine Benes would say. Warren Police tell Detroit's WDIV-TV...

Kiss World Museum Opens in Las Vegas: Photos

The Kiss World museum recently opened in Las Vegas, giving fans a glimpse of 50 years' worth of the face-painted rockers' memorabilia. You can see photos from the opening — including myriad instruments, vinyl records, video games, clothing, comic books, trading cards and much more — in the gallery below.

The Biggest Heavy Band of All Time

Calling any artist "the biggest of all time" is definitely a loaded statement. How do you measure the size of their impact? Is it their global popularity or how many chart certifications they've received?. Linkin Park's debut release Hybrid Theory was the year 2001's best-selling album. They were slapped with...

Free 4th Of July Event At Torzewski Park In Lapeer

Woodchips BBQ in Lapeer is hosting a free Fourth of July community celebration at Torzewski County Park. This event features free entry with free access to the water park, free food, and so much more. That's right - everything is totally free thanks to the generosity of Woodchips BBQ owner...