Adventure Awaits at the Ruins of an Abandoned Zoo in Cisco, Texas

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property. We are already thinking about some springtime or summertime activities or road trips. One such road trip could take you almost to Abilene in the western part of Texas in the little town of Cisco. This town was once home to a small zoo with what was home to the world's largest man made pool at the time. It has long been abandoned but locals have taken to the area to clean it up and turn it into a walking trail for all the see.
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Legends Persist About Buried Treasure in the Texas Hill Country Near Austin

Why would you play the lottery, or go to the casino when you can search for buried treasure said to be buried in the Texas Hill Country near Austin?. According to, Texas is rumored to have riches buried in 230 different locations across the state. All of the buried treasure combined is believed to be worth around $340 million. Most of these buried treasure sites are out in the Texas Hill Country, which is most likely under layers of limestone and rock.

Stephen A. Smith Coming to Dallas to Piss Off Cowboys Fans

The biggest Cowboys hater in the world is coming to Dallas to feel the boos in person. For decades at this point, the most vocal Cowboys hater on television is Stephen A. Smith. Back in the day when Skip Bayless was his co-host, who is a Cowboys fan, the two could go at it for a solid hour just about the Cowboys if they wanted to.

New Survey Says 70% of Texas Teachers Want to Quit–Here’s Why

The survey taken by the Texas State Teachers Association in 2018 was alarming enough. It indicated that 53 percent of Texas teachers had seriously considered quitting. But it's gotten worse. The most recent one taken this year is truly stunning. It revealed that 70 percent of Texas teachers wanted to...

25 Texas And Oklahoma Ghost Towns And The Legends They Left

Our slice of Earth is home to incredible legends. Stories of buried outlaw treasure, frontiersmen carving a life from the dirt, holy men and massacres all give our history on the high plains its unique flavor. Here are twenty-five ghost towns that helped shape the identity of the Texas panhandle,...

The Disturbing Disappearance of Steven Koecher from Amarillo, Texas

His name is Steven Koecher, he was a graduate of Amarillo High School in Texas back in 1998. Though when Steven went missing he was living in Utah. He was actively looking for work and had made a trip to Henderson, Nevada on December 13, 2009. His family thought he might be job hunting so he could make his rent.

Cheers, Texas! Crown Royal Has Made a Bottle Just For Dallas Cowboy Fans

Here in the great state of Texas, there are a couple of things you just better respect when talking about us. The Dallas Cowboys, also known as America’s team, are bigger than the Beatles and Beyoncé put together. So when someone pays tribute to the team we love (even when we hate 'em sometimes), it gets our attention.

Riding In Style: Is This Emmitt Smith’s Cowboys Car in Texas?

The lifestyles of NFL players is one that few get to experience. Big homes, big paychecks, and even big cars. Admit it, we're all jealous right?. But with social media and other media helping take a peek at these lifestyles, we can somewhat feel like we're living them right? I mean I've always wanted to drive a Ferrari.

The Top 5 Foods You Have to Eat When You Visit Buc-ee’s in Texas

No road trip is complete leaving or coming to the great state of Texas unless you go to what we Texans call the "magic store", a.k.a. Buc-ee's. We know it's so much more than the best place to find a clean bathroom on a road trip. It's also the perfect place to load up on snacks, and while they have wall-to-wall options to choose from, I have a few I highly recommend.

The Game Drops 10-Minute Eminem Diss Song ‘The Black Slim Shady’

The Game has unleashed a scathing 10-minute diss song aimed at Eminem. On Friday (Aug. 12), The Game's new album, Drillmatic: Heart vs. Mind, was released, revealing a track on the 31-song LP called "The Black Slim Shady," which finds Chuck taking aim at the rap god for an extended period of time.

More Water, Please! Texans Celebrate The Return Of Rain Showers

Well, if finally rained in Temple, Texas yesterday! (Wednesday, August 10) In life, we all dream of moments like these. A long stretch of not seeing something, wishing we could it see it again. Whether it a be a food item taken off a menu, or simply wishing to family after a long stretch.

WATCH: Texas Woman Safe After Being Rescued From Sinkhole

The unthinkable happened to a young lady in El Paso, Texas this week. She had to be rescued from a sinkhole literally moments before her car was swallowed by water. Talk about terrifying! I wouldn’t know what to do. WHAT HAPPENED IN EL PASO, TEXAS?. El Paso Fire Department...