Top Stocks To Buy Now? 3 E-Commerce Stocks To Watch

As we continue to see U.S. vaccination and stimulus efforts strengthen the economy, the retail industry could gain momentum. In particular, some of the top e-commerce stocks in the stock market now would be in focus. For the most part, this would be the case as consumers would be eager to spend their saved-up pandemic funds. Sure, some would argue that e-commerce trends could slow as we see the return of brick-and-mortar operations across the country. But, digital shopping offers one key benefit over in-person shopping, convenience. You can’t deny that consumers have spent the past year shopping online more than ever. Now, it has simply transformed from a matter of necessity towards a quality of life service. Because of this, investors and companies alike could stand to benefit.
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Building a Real-Time Speech to Text React Application

Demo of using AWS Amplify to power your application with ML/AI. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is constantly expanding its offerings in various domains such as application development, Machine Learning/AI, and IoT. Some of its services even offer a fusion of the different domains at a higher level. AWS Amplify is a service that offers the capability to build mobile/web applications with popular frameworks such as React. Recently Amplify integrated various high-level ML services such as Transcribe, Translate, Comprehend, and Rekognition that enable developers to easily power their applications with AI. For this article, we will be building a React application that showcases the Speech to Text capabilities Amplify offers through its integration with AWS Transcribe.
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Why the internet is just one domino away from collapse

Christopher Meiklejohn was only 19 years old the night he had to drive through a blizzard in a Honda Civic to reboot a server. It was Jan 19 2002, and he was working for a data centre in Boston that hosted an online shop for the New England Patriots. His...
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Galileo CTO: Banks Need Shortcut To Cloud APIs To Power Next-Gen Financial Services

Not so long ago, legacy core systems operated on-premise were a point of pride, and were often at the heart of the mainstream financial businesses that operated them. Increased expectations and evolving customer needs, however, are forcing financial businesses to move beyond legacy core systems. Moreover, application programming interface (API) and cloud technology have democratized the types of businesses that can now offer financial services, as well as how those services are offered.

Amazon Web Services Says Will Open Data Centers in Israel

Amazon Web Services said it will open data centers in Israel, with the announcement coming weeks after Israel signed a deal with AWS and Google for a more than $1 billion project to provide cloud services for its public sector and military. In April, AWS and Google won a tender...

Advertising Could Be Amazon's Biggest Source of Profits in 2021

In less than three months, Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) has seen its average ad price increase from $0.93 per click to $1.20 per click, according to data from Marketplace Pulse. The surge in ad prices may only get stronger later this month with Prime Day, which has historically attracted higher advertising bids from brands and marketers competing for deal-seeking shoppers.
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AWS Announces Israel Data Centers To Aid Country's Digital Transformation Inc’s (NASDAQ: AMZN) Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) voiced its plans to introduce an infrastructure region in Israel in the first half of 2023. The AWS Israel (Tel Aviv) Region will enable even more developers, startups, enterprises, government, education, and non-profits to run their applications and serve end-users from data centers located in Israel.

Amazon to bring a full region to Israel, land of large government contracts

Amazon Web Services has announced it will bring a full region to the Israeli city of Tel Aviv. The new region will feature three Availability Zones, each independent yet connected with metro fiber high-bandwidth, low-latency network connections. Within Israel, AWS already offices in both Tel Aviv and Haifa, an AWS direct connect location and an Amazon CloudFront Edge location. The country is also the home of Amazon hardware subsidiary Annapurna Labs and hosts the "Floor 28" education facility.

Daily AI Roundup: The 5 Coolest Things on Earth Today

AI Daily Roundup starts today! We are covering the top updates from around the world. The updates will feature state-of-the-art capabilities in artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, Fintech, and human-system interactions. We will cover the role of AI Daily Roundup and its application in various industries and daily lives.

Over 20 civil rights groups demand Amazon divest surveillance technology, end relationships with police

More than 20 civil rights groups are demanding Amazon "permanently" divest its surveillance technology and end its relationship with law enforcement. The groups, led by the progressive digital rights advocacy organization Fight for the Future, noted that on June 10, 2020, Amazon announced a year-long moratorium on the use of its facial recognition technology, Rekognition, by law enforcement. The moratorium was extended until further notice in May, according to Reuters.
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How adopting a “cloud anywhere” approach can drive business success

In our first article, we discussed the benefits, the possibility, and the need to reinvent the traditional hybrid cloud model so that it seamlessly extends cloud services where a business needs it. The AWS approach to reinventing hybrid was driven by customer discussions about the complexities that traditional hybrid solutions caused—from inabilities to efficiently scale to training IT staff on a variety of different platforms. Businesses across industries are driven by digital transformation and productivity goals, to deliver new and differentiated services or end-user experiences that delight their customers. Reinventing traditional hybrid solutions, provides value in 3 key areas.

To the moon! Amazon Web Services lists first startups for AWS Space Accelerator

The first 10 companies to participate in Amazon Web Services’ accelerator program for space-centric startups are targeting territory ranging from low Earth orbit to the surface of the moon and Mars. Today’s announcement follows up on the unveiling of the AWS Space Accelerator in March. Amazon chief technology officer Werner...
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Six Ways To Reduce The Risk Of Data Breaches

CEO and co-founder of Altair Data Resources, providing data and analytics marketing solutions with credit data and marketing technology. Ransomware is the fastest-growing threat to businesses around the world. Increasingly clear is the cost of hacking and phishing campaigns to all companies. It is estimated that ransomware victims are paying an average of $713,000 per incident. Ask yourself: What would the impact of that be to your agency or company?
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Prediction: Amazon Will Hit $10,000 by 2025

The stock market offers few guarantees. However, there is one exception: Change is constant. Looking back, it's not uncommon to see the market's 10 largest companies by market cap completely reshuffle every five or 10 years. Innovation, competitive advantages, and acquisitions, among other factors, regularly crown new superstars and pull the rug out from beneath widely held companies.

Amazon Reportedly Faces $425 Million Fine From European Union

Amazon violated EU privacy law with its collection and use of personal data, the regulators say, according to The Wall Street Journal. European Union regulators have recommended a fine of more than $425 million on (AMZN) - Get Report for violating privacy law, sources told The Wall Street Journal.
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AWS Proton gets general availability launch

Amazon has announced the general availability of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Proton, an app delivery service that provisions, deploys, and monitors microservices. Microservices have taken the world of application development by storm in recent years. Proponents of the microservices architecture argue that presenting an application as a collection of loosely-coupled services helps accelerate the deployment, debugging, and delivery of complex apps.

BMO Financial Group Selects AWS as Its Preferred Cloud Provider

Today, Amazon Web Services, Inc., an, Inc. company, announced that BMO Financial Group has selected AWS as its preferred, strategic cloud provider. BMO will use AWS to modernize its banking platforms and build digital financial services applications as part of the company’s ongoing digital transformation. Using AWS’s extensive portfolio of cloud capabilities, including analytics, machine learning, serverless, compute, storage, and database, BMO will develop and scale digital platforms and services for its global customers, meeting and strengthening stringent security and compliance standards. In addition, BMO will launch a comprehensive, hands-on cloud skills training program for its non-technical and IT employees.