Melbourne police find 20 dogs chained up, poorly cared for

Melbourne police said they discovered 20 dogs chained up while executing a search warrant. Officers were executing the search at 1806 Southland Avenue on Thursday. The investigation was sparked by community complaints of drug activity. Detectives found a loaded handgun, 28.7 grams of cocaine and 8.1 grams of marijuana. Then,...
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Near 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake in Pacific

A powerful earthquake hit in a highly volcanic area of the Pacific.(@GeroldGrotelueschen/iStock) An earthquake with an initial magnitude of 7.3 struck Macquarie Island in the Pacific. Later adjusted to 6.7, it was still powerful and enough to give seismologists reason to be on alert.
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Tsunami warning after 6.9-magnitude earthquake off coast of Australia

A 6.9 magnitude earthquake has been recorded near Australia.Authorities issued a tsunami warning for Macquarie Island on Thursday evening soon after the earthquake.The Australian Bureau of Meteorology (ABM) first recorded a 7.4 magnitude tremor off the coast of the Pacific Ocean territory at around 8pm local time.Australia was on “tsunami watch” for around an hour before the ABM downgraded the threat.The US Geological Service (USGS) also registered the earthquake at above 7 magnitude but the reading was revised down on review.USGS said the earthquake was at a depth of 10km and struck around 40km from the Macquarie Island coast.Macquarie Island...

Kangaroo wanders into warehouse office in Australia

May 20 (UPI) -- Animal rescuers were summoned to a warehouse office in Australia when a mother kangaroo with a joey in her pouch somehow found her way into the building. Andrew Hargreaves said he went into the back of his office in the Richmond area of Adelaide to find a customer's order and was shocked to come face to face with a kangaroo.

Millions of Australians head to polls to pick PM

Why you should care about this election - wherever you are. If you’re outside Australia, you’re probably wondering why you should care about this election. Climate is one reason why you should be paying attention. Australia is one of the world’s biggest polluters per head of population, and...

Government can't win majority in Australian election, TV stations report

SYDNEY, May 21 (Reuters) - Australia's ruling conservative coalition cannot win enough seats to form a government, two television stations projected on Saturday, after the government lost ground to climate-focussed independents and smaller parties. The struggles of Prime Minister Scott Morrison's Liberal-National coalition, and to a lesser extent the opposition...

Australian election heads for tight finish as major parties struggle

Voting in Australia's general election ended on Saturday with early returns showing both Prime Minister Scott Morrison's conservative coalition and the Labor opposition losing ground to smaller parties and climate-focused independents. The struggles of the two major parties, amid growing voter dissatisfaction over policies, candidate selection and integrity, raised the...
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Brad Fittler reacts to 'awful' Tom Trbojevic injury news as Blues stocks take another hit

Brad Fittler described Tom Trbojevic's latest injury news as "awful" but hopes it will add further galvinise his NSW Blues' squad heading into the upcoming Origin campaign. An injury toll that already includes Latrell Mitchell (hamstring), Cameron Murray (shoulder), Dale Finucane (knee) and Victor Radley (ankle) reached new lows on Friday night with Trbojevic succumbing to a dislocated shoulder.

‘Traffic calming’ gives Great Barrier Reef fish better chance of survival, study finds

The perpetually-plagued Great Barrier Reef, off the east coast of Australia, has seen its fair share of troubles in the past few decades, from coral bleaching and acidification because of the climate crisis, to water pollution. And now, a new worry for the iconic marine ecosystem – too much noise.A new study has found that fewer fish hatchlings survived the breeding season in noisier areas of the reef than more serene locales. Hatchlings in the quiet areas were also bigger, which could help them avoid getting eaten.Researchers say that protecting reefs from excess noise could help support these ecosystems...