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Austin's Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center Premieres the "Field of Light" by Artist Bruce Munro

Field of Light art installation.Photo byPhoto courtesy of Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center's Field of Light display is 28,000 stemmed spheres Illuminating 16 acres of the Texas Arboretum at the Wildflower Center. The exhibition is lit by solar-powered fiber optics and showcases the intersection of art, technology, and nature along a 0.75-mile walking trail.
Picture for Austin's Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center Premieres the "Field of Light" by Artist Bruce Munro

Texas woman makes $15,000 a month living on a bus doing voiceovers

Some of us, at one point in our lives, have had the thought or maybe even spend time daydreaming about quitting our dead-end job. We would sell the house and start living on a bus traveling around the country while working remotely. In some aspects, that is becoming a reality for some people given the possibilities with online jobs.

The Texas Housing Market is in Trouble

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Who is this $45 billion college dropout?

Michael Dell became a doctor, although his love was for computers. His parents wanted Michael to be involved in the medical field, but he always found his passion in computer science. Mr. Dell soon earned a profit that was worth $15.4 billion.

A Texas attorney tried to kill his estranged girlfriend at work, then 4 days later, he turns up dead. Allegedly.

A Texas attorney who wanted to get back with his girlfriend after they broke up reportedly pulled out a gun at her place of work and tried to kill her. Attorney Gavin Rush and his girlfriend had recently parted ways. He seemed intent to rekindle the romance, but when all his advances were met with a “no”, he became unhappy and began sending her threatening messages via text.

Woman finds ancient sculpture at a Goodwill

Laura Young and her bustPhoto byInstagram/@templeofvintage. Back in 2018, Laura Young had gone to a local Goodwill in Texas and had came across a head sculpure that she describes as “... looked Roman. He looked old,” and that , “In the sunlight, it looked like something that could be very, very special.” She began to question and notice that the bust was natural old and worn out, this lead to her investigating more into the origin and background of it in the hopes to determine its authenticity and origin. Experts determined that the bust was indeed a centuries old sculpture missing from Germany, that belonged to German leader, King Ludwig I of Bavaria.

Austin Company ICON Signs $57M Contract with NASA to Construct Buildings on Moon

The Austin-based homebuilding company is really taking quite literally the idea of constructing houses with more space.Photo byNASA/UnsplashonUnsplash. The Austin-based homebuilder ICON is looking at an out-of-this-world development opportunity. The company just recently signed a $57 million contract with NASA to build on the moon. WFAA reports that the home builder will enter a new frontier of space. The news comes after a large portion of the headquarters in South Austin was consumed by fire.

FBI Offers $100,000 Reward For Help Solving Disappearance

Rachel CookePhoto by(KVUE ABC) This case centers around 19-year-old Rachel Cooke of Georgetown, Texas. Cooke was a fashion design student at San Diego Mesa College. She was very active and went for a 4-mile run every morning. On January 10, 2002, Rachel Cooke put on her sweat and sneakers before leaving her home at 9:30 am. Neighbors can corroborate this as they saw her and waved hello during her run.

Texas University Students Qualify for Major League Fishing Tournament

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Surprising 5.4 Earthquake Rattles West Texas

A 5.4 earthquake struck West Texas with aftershocks being felt across Texas.Courtney Rose/Unsplash. A serious 5.4 earthquake struck West Texas on Wednesday afternoon. NBC 5 reports that the earthquake was detected around 3:30 p.m. near the community of Mentone, in West Texas. The USGS originally recorded the quake as a 5.3 but later updated it to a 5.4 earthquake. The intensity was rated as MMI VII, meaning it came with very strong shaking that could be felt by everyone.