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Warning issued to keep dogs away from wildlife after two incidents in Jefferson County where dogs fatally wounded deer

Two incidents involving deer being killed by dogs have taken place in the last few weeks.(Eric Ward/Unsplash) (DENVER, Colo.) Colorado Parks and Wildlife is warning dog owners that dogs chasing wildlife is illegal and could result in citations following two different incidents in Jefferson County where dogs fatally killed deer.
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Mile High City Mondays: Denver might host 2026 World Cup, Lunch options limited at Cherry Creek School District and more

(DENVER, Colo.) Top of the morning and workweek to you Denverites. Welcome to another Monday edition of the Denver Daily Round-Up. Hopefully, the weekend treated everyone right. Gray clouds are scattered throughout the sky this morning and are expected to continue all day. The temperature will rise quite a bit and then decline steeply, with a forecast high of 77°F and the low is 40°F.

Golden Retriever Meets Dachshund Puppy

Meet Leo the Golden Retriever's new little cousin, Rowdy the miniature dachshund puppy! This was their first meeting and Leo handled it well, considering he's rarely spent time around small dogs. Rowdy is TOO heckin cute and we can't wait for these good bois to bond! IG: @leothecream

Apartment Hunting in DENVER at The DECO APARTMENTS

Come tour the Deco Apartments in Denver with me! They're pretty much downtown and in a really great location. If you guys are interested in checking this place out, then click the link below. <a href=""></a>... ☆ C H E C K M Y S O C I A L S ☆ - Youtube: TashaAntoinette - Instagram: TashaAntoinette

Denver houses 143 homeless people in 49 days

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock is seeing success in his goal to house 200 homeless people in 100 days. As of Wednesday, 143 people had been housed in just 49 days, according to a news release. “At one day shy of the midway point of a 100-day goal to house 200 individuals, the City and County of Denver is tracking to far exceed its goal.”

Touring The Hotel That Inspired The Shining

The Stanley is a historic hotel and is best known as The Shining Hotel. Because it was the inspiration for Stephen King’s novel and movie “The Shining.” The Stanley Hotel is perched on a hill above Estes Park, Colorado. It is located approximately an hour and half north of Denver, Colorado. And is a prefect place for an overnight stay. So come along with us as we walk The Stanley grounds and tour this local Colorado gem.

Drugs, alcohol rampant in Denver homeless housing

The use and sale of illegal drugs is rampant in Denver homeless housing. It jeopardizes people who became sober while in jail or the state mental hospital. But there’s no easy solution to the drug problems in buildings that house people experiencing homelessness. If everyone had to pass a urine test to get housing, a lot of people still would be left on the street. The philosophy of places like Colorado Coalition for the Homeless is to provide housing first and work on addiction treatment second.

The Mysterious Story Behind the Denver Botanical Gardens

During the day the Denver Botanical Garden’s beauty surpasses the rest. Maybe because the dirt has compost like no other. Because this is the site of the long-forgotten Mount Calvary Cemetery. Like its next-door neighbor, Cheesman Park, several coffins were left behind. So come along with us as we dare to go to the Denver Botanical Gardens after dark and conjured courage to walk the dark paths and tour the haunted Ware mansion after hours. When you are in the Denver area, make sure to visit the Denver Botanical Gardens when in Denver. They have amazing tours and gardens to walk every day.