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'Harry Potter' Hit-and-Run Crash Kills Federal Judge

A bizarre crash in florida leaves a federal judge dead at twenty three year. Old north. lauderdale woman. Claimed me harry potter after cops say she killed a federal judge who served the eastern district of new york for seventeen years. They hit and run crash friday morning on a sidewalk in boca raton. Leaves seventy five. Judge said feuerstein dead and a six year. Old boy seriously injured cops arresting tasha snob with first responders say was disoriented an aggressive and claim she was harry potter. According to a police affidavit. Cj papa the washington post reports police found bottles in her bag labeled thc cannabis and drug known to cause erratic behavior.
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Inter Miami Announces New DRV PNK Stadium Name

For the home of Inter Miami Major League soccer team. The franchise announced a partnership with AutoNation. For Lauderdale Stadium will now be called the D R V P NK Stadium after all donations, Dr Pink Cancer Awareness Initiative the initiative has already raised over $25 million in the fight against cancer. Inter Miami plays their home opener on Sunday, and it's already sold out with.

Gaetz faces House ethics probe; federal investigation widens

Are the focus of congressional ethics investigations. The House Ethics committee is investigating public allegations against Florida Republican Matt Gates, including sexual misconduct, drug use and misuse of campaign funds. It follows revelations the Justice Department is looking in the sex trafficking involving a gates associate. Separate ethics probe was also opened against New York Republican Tom Reed following an allegation of sexual harassment from a female lobbyist. Reed has apologized incited a struggle with alcohol. Is not running for re election next year. Charity Albert.
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Former Miami-Dade mayor joins call for CDC to lift no-sail order

Sail. More calls Come for the CDC to allow cruises to get back to business at Florida Ports Congressman and former Miami Dade Mayor Carly See Menace as cruise lines operate in Europe and the Bahamas reason why, to at least give us a timetable. All the cruise industry exactly what it is they need to do and let's get going. There is no reason on Earth why cruise industry can be up and sailing this song. The state has sued the CDC over its continued no sale order issued more than a year ago. Florida says the state has lost more than $300 million because of the shutdown and 159,000 people in the state. Depend on cruises for their jobs.

Miami-Dade detention center worker arrested over alleged sexual battery of juvenile inmate

30 year old juvenile detention center employees nabbed on sexual battery churches by Miami Dade Public School police. Reported victims a 15 year old girl who was an inmate at the state owned Miami Girls Academy along the northwest 27th Avenue, Jovon Tade. Richardson faces two felony sexual battery on a minor by an adult and detention facility Employees sex misconduct with an inmate.

Miami-Dade's daily Covid positivity rate rises to 7.32%

Newly confirmed cases of covert 19 yesterday by the Florida Department of Health. That's the highest in nearly two months. February 11th. The seven day average of new cases is now back over 5700 off far cry from the nearly 18,000 we saw in January but still an increase of more than 1200. In less than three weeks, the state reported The daily positivity rate of 6.73% here in our region, Miami Dade County up to 7.32% and Broward at 6.96%, so both counties A little bit above the state average our current overall death toll now at 34,562, and they're just over 3000 people hospitalized. Despite all those.

Florida sues federal government to allow cruises to sail

The state of Florida has filed a lawsuit against the federal government to demand cruise ships be allowed to start sailing immediately. Florida Governor Rhonda Santa says it's time the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lifts its no sale order. We're filing a lawsuit against the federal government and the CDC demanding That our cruise ships be re opened immediately. The CDC issued new guidelines last week for companies on how to respond in the event of covert 19 cases. But it's so far not lifted its no sale order. The CDC shut down sailing last year when several current virus outbreaks were tied two ships worldwide, the Senate says cruising has resumed in much of the world, forcing Americans to fly to other.
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Miami Beach ends curfew, but some restrictions remain

Miami Beach no longer under in 88 P. M curfew tonight for the first time in more than a month. What restaurants in the entertainment district will have to bring their outdoor tables in by eight tonight, Sidewalk cafes except for us when you're away, but Ocean, Carlin's in Washington would need to close at eight PM to discourage and we've crowds from forming and the criminal activity that we've been seeing last month. Vice Mayor Michael Gongora says the entire area does remain under Miami Dade's midnight curfew, which expires Monday. Commissioners are meeting later this month to figure out how best to transform the area into a cultural arts district, attracting high and crap. Outs, one ideas to turn ocean drive into an outdoor public art gallery.

Florida Governor DeSantis says ‘60 Minutes’ report was ‘smear narrative’

Governor. The Santis today responded. To the 60 Minutes for sport. The 60 minutes report. Here's what governor dissenters had to say. When you're talking about This ridiculous smear narrative. It's important to break down just how false how thoroughly dishonest it is, because this is bad for our country. Have big corporate media smearing for profit just because I'm in the other party than them and using their partisanship to craft narratives, regardless of the facts.

Piney Point Evacuation Order Lifted Tuesday

Water of Piney Point continues to leak that managed to county officials say the worst is over. Administrator Scott Hope says the evacuation order has been lifted and the danger of a major breach greatly reduced. This is very much under control now. The risk has been lesson to the point that people will be able to return to their homes. Well, water drinking water is safe for residents who are in the evacuation zone. Not everyone had the luxury of being able to leave. Word about the lifting of the evacuation order comes as a relief to residents like 85 year old Yoko Willis, who tells news Channel eight. I still can read my Bible and then I think of God. Afraid to God, he has residents in more than 300 homes can now return water quality testing is underway in Tampa Bay,

Miami-Dade improving Covid vaccination rates, nearing 25,000 shots a day

Miami Dade has the dubious distinction of having the most coronavirus cases in state. But there is some good news. Miami Dade is doing well when it comes to vaccination rates. Doctor Peter Page says the county is getting close to seeing 25,000 shots a day compared to 15,000 per day in early March, would just encourage everyone to continue to promote vaccination. And when you get an opportunity to get a vaccine, please get it. Some 800,000 people have been vaccinated. Countywide 72% of them are 65 older, so he expects the caseload to continue going down. Miami Dade as the highest seven day average of cases in the state A 1240 the county's midnight to six A.m. curfew expires Monday.

Miami Beach Lifts 8 p.m. Spring Break Curfew

Million people receiving both their covert shots in the state and hospitalizations down Pascoe. Commissioners resented the county's mask mandate, USF health expert Dr Jay Wolfson tells news Channel eight. It's too early to toss your mask. We've only had this vaccine for a little over two months. We've only been living with this bizarre disease for about a year and three months. Miami Beach, lifting the eight p.m. curfew that officials imposed in March. The county wide curfew remains in effect from midnight to six. A.M. Daley Miami Dade officials are set to lift that curfew next week to celebrate the start of the.

Miami-Dade County Mayor Announces New Covid-Related Guidelines

Also going into effect today in Miami Dade County, giving folks a little bit more breathing room childcare centers will be able to double their capacity very critical for the child care centers that have really been struggling to stay open. Mayor Daniel 11 compasses senior centers can re open and you don't have to wear a mask outside if you stay at least 10 ft, away from someone Counties. Midnight curfew will be lifted next Monday. Broward.

Miami-Area University in Florida to require COVID-19 vaccine

Other college making covert vaccines requirement for the fall term or private campus. In the town of davey. Florida near fort. Lauderdale will require all students staff and faculty to be fully vaccinated against toronto virus and time to start the fall semester. Previously rutgers university new jersey made student vaccinations a requirement. A nova spokesperson calls the policy. These safest path forward. The university has more than six thousand undergraduate students and more than fourteen thousand graduate level.

Miami-Dade’s midnight curfew will be lifted next week

Will not come at midnight in Miami Dade County Much longer. Miami Dade Mayor Daniella Levin Kaba announcing she's lived. Being the midnight to six a.m. curfew next Monday, April 12th after meeting with the team of experts, we develop these new guidelines based on the current status of the covert response, the availability of the vaccine. We considered all of the available data, including the 14 Day positivity rate and also hospitalization from Cove it and death rates, she says. 800,000 residents of that at least one dose of the vaccine and 72% of those 65 older are now fully vaccinated. She's encouraging everyone to get their shots and continue wearing their masks. Miami dates Curfew's been in place since July. Wendi.

Florida works to avoid ‘catastrophic’ pond collapse

Said Sunday that crews are working to prevent the collapse of a large waste water pond in the Tampa Bay area while evacuating the area to avoid a catastrophic flood. Reporter Olivia Steam has the latest Manny See, County leaders say the controlled leak and the pumping efforts are working by now. They should be below 300 million gallons of water in the reservoir. So with things working towards the right direction, they believe the risk level could greatly decrease by Tuesday and history is being.

Evacuation Ordered For Piney Point Area, DeSantis Orders State Of Emergency

Has declared a state of emergency following a significant leak at a waste water reservoir in the Tampa Bay area that's threatening to flood the area around the reservoir is agricultural Manatee County Public safety Director Jacob Sour says more than 300 households have been evacuated from the containment wall has been ongoing at the Piney Point facility over the past week. Public works worked overnight on April 2nd two in an attempt to fix the leak, But those attempts were unsuccessful. The reservoir holds 600 million gallons of water containing phosphorus and nitrogen from an old phosphate plant. It's 5.

DeSantis Orders State Of Emergency For Florida's Piney Point Area

Florida governor onto Santa's has declared a state of emergency after a leak at a waste water pond prompted evacuations. NPR's state mystics reports that emergency workers have been unsuccessful in trying to plug the leak in the wall of the reservoir. Officials in Florida closed the highway in ordered more than 300 homes to be evacuated in the Tampa Bay area. Residents near the Piney Point Reservoir were total leak was imminent after a break was detected Friday and one of the walls of a waste water pond. The 77 acre bond holds millions of gallons of water containing phosphorus and nitrogen from an old phosphate mine. While water continues to leak from the reservoir workers have been pumping thousands of gallons per minute from the pond to bring the volume down in case of a burst. Other officials have been working to chart a path to control how the water would flow into the Tampa Bay. They've missed each NPR.

Port Canaveral CEO 'disappointed' by vague CDC guidance for cruise return to Miami coast

There There are are new new guidelines guidelines for for the the cruise cruise industry industry to to be be able able to to start start sailing sailing again. again. The The Centers Centers for for Disease Control and Prevention released the guidelines. The rules include an obligation for a cruise line to strike agreements regarding public health at all ports where the cruise line intense operate. These must be tested regularly. The CDC also says the new phase will be to run some tests. Cruises Port Canaveral CEO John Murray says it's disappointing that the CDC says those vaccinated can now safely travel except not on a cruise ship.