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Dallas Announces at-Home Vaccination Program

Of Dallas and the visiting Nurse Association teaming up to get Kobe 19 vaccinations. The residents who can't get the vaccination sites, emergency management coordinator Rocky Bozz says six teams of Dallas fire rescue paramedics or administering shots, the homebound residents, the 16 room, dude. Approximately 72 vaccinations per day. They on the travel time and the vaccine and the observation bosses program utilizes the Johnson and Johnson single dose covert 19 vaccine.

Texas Supreme Court Delivers Dallas Salon Owner Shelley Luther a Delayed Victory

In jail last year for violating co bed restrictions, will not have to serve the remainder of her jail sentence. Over. Shelly Luther says she is still facing some legal issues. I still have a court case December 14th. The city of Dallas is suing me for putting the people of Dallas and danger. They're trying to take my salon. They're trying to find me, Phil and we have a countersuit in that Luther was released from jail when her lawyer took her case to the Supreme Court. She was still on the hook to serve five days and pay fines. State High Court ruled that the restraining order was too vague through the whole thing out. Border crisis has developed during the first three months of President.

Musgrove throws no-hitter as San Diego Padres beat Texas Rangers 3-0

A pitcher who grew up watching the San Diego Padres has pitched the team's first no hitter and the seasons as well, defeating the Texas Rangers three to nothing Friday night. Cliff Albert reports 28 year old Joe Must. Grove grew up in San Diego, watching the Padres play from the stands. He chased batting practice home runs at Qualcomm Stadium. And then cheered from his family season seats in right field at Petco Park. It took 52 seasons at 8206 games for a Padres pitcher to finally do something none had done before. Must Grove who played baseball it? Grossman High School in La Mesa, and the minor leagues had never thrown a no hitter before, even in Little League But now is a hometown kid. He's made.

Alaska, American, Southwest, United Airlines pull Chicago-based Boeing Max jets

No problem with some of Boeing 7 37 Max airplanes is prompting several carriers to pull dozens of the Jets out of service. NPR's David Schaper reports. Boeing says it's electrical problem yet today says Boeing notified the regulatory agency about the electrical problem late Thursday that it could affect the operation of a backup power unit. Alaska American Southwestern United are among the airlines pulling close to 70 of their 7 37 max planes temporarily out of service to address the problem. It appears to be related to a change in the production process and effects only some recently manufactured 7 37 Max jets. The problem is not related to the M cast flight control system. Which is blamed in part for causing to 7 37 Max crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia that killed 346 people.

After Sunny Days, Severe Weather Threat Returns To Dallas

Out there. Temperatures have been 68 to 70 all night long and we're gonna go up too high about 87 89. This afternoon, depending on the amount of sunlight that we get through these these human clouds today. Certainly the stage is being set for severe weather development this afternoon. We think probably pretty close to us, and then they'll get worse. As they moved to the east. But that can also mean that these storms can blow up without a lot of warning because we're not going to see him marching in for a couple of hours from Abilene, you're gonna be developing over us and then moving on to the east. So keep that in mind any time after three this afternoon 89 for the high Lower fifties for the low and then the weekend looks good for now. Right now I w b a p. 70 degrees. Senator John.

Dallas Police Chief comments on fired officer Bryan Riser case

Department's investigation into former officer Brian Riser continues despite rises released from jail following his arrest last month in connection to two murder for hires a dead drill this week there is insufficient evidence to hold him. Dallas Police chief Eddie Garcia was asked if he rushed the arrest. I can't order an arrest even if I wanted to. What we did say to do was to write a statement of probable cause. Uh, Presented to a judge to see if we could make an arrest. Garcia says he stands behind his decision to fire riser from the W.

Texas Governor Abbott wants to make Texas a ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary State’

Governor Greg Abbott says he wants Texas to be sanctuary for gun owners. Republican tweeted He won't allow any more of President Biden's gun control laws to stand in the state and vowed to sign a bill declaring Texas a Second Amendment sanctuary state. Biden announced proposals today for ghost guns and red flag laws, saying neither measure violates.

Former Dallas officer Bryan Riser released from jail

County judge has ordered the release of a former Dallas police officer charged with two counts of murder. Brian riser out of jail after a judge ruled there isn't enough probable cause to hold him. There's no way this case based on that evidence is just thrown there would ever get past the grand jury. There's just no way risers. Attorney Toby Shook says arrest after David's had errors and testimony from investigators got hostile. Riser was named a person of interest in two murder for hire cases in 2019 and was arrested last month.

People Can Get COVID-19 Vaccine Without Appointment At Dallas Site

The state of Texas and FEMA partially extending operations at the federally run sites in Dallas and Arlington. The feds will provide manpower and the state responsible for vaccine doses at the Ellis, Davis Fieldhouse and Dallas Sami Azia with Parkland says no appointments are needed daily between 11 and four or comfortable with opening it up further. I have capacity at Ellis Davis to do over 1500. Other sites like in McKinney and Alan Expected to close in coming.

Dallas police leader reacts to former officer Bryan Riser's release from jail

Former Dallas Officer Brian Riser after a judge ruled there was no probable cause to hold him on murder charges. That one's anger fills us in. Mike, Moderate president of the Dallas Police Officers Association, says officers are afforded the same rights as everyone. I think the real question should be placed at the feet of Judge Tammy Camp, who signed the proble cause arrest warrant, and then you ask John crews. Oh, was policy and procedure followed it like in every other case. Riser was terminated from the department. Mama says he does have the right to appeal. Cat ones. Iron WB AP.

Former Dallas officer Bryan Riser released from jail

Former Dallas police officer. Brian Riser is out of jail. But it's still under investigation and two murder cases in riser, was arrested last month after being named a person of interest in two alleged murder for hire cases in 2019. He was released from the Dallas County Jail this week after a judge ruled there wasn't a probable cause to hold him right here. This department now use the lost his family stopped him there. Risers. Attorney says there just isn't enough evidence against him. But the Dallas Police Department maintains confidence in its investigation, which it says is still.

Dallas Mother Madison McDonald Admits Smothering Daughters, Ages 1 And 6

What prompted in Irving Mother to kill her two young daughters, officer Robert Reeves says 30 year old Madison McDonald admitted to killing her one and six year old girls were found dead in their Valley Ranch apartment. They're working through. The why, and unfortunately on some of these instances, we may never completely know the Y. MacDonald called Police and Irving Gel lobby officers were sent to the apartment where the girl's bodies were found.

Dallas minors receive COVID-19 vaccine in error

For better training training at at covert covert 19 19 vaccine vaccine sites. sites. After After almost almost 20 20 kids kids were were given given shots shots by by the the stake. stake. The The CDC CDC hasn't hasn't approved approved coded coded vaccine vaccine for for anyone anyone younger younger than than 16. 16. But at least 18 Children have received the shot of the city of Dallas. Vaccination, huh? But the Potter's house Dallas County Medical director Phil Wang says there was a mix up with the online invitations were sending out the appointments. That was one day to set that didn't get screened for all the age so that there were some notifications that went out. Local leaders say the air has been fixed but her promising better training and insisting staff start double checking birthdates plate. Nevil.

Tarrant County and UNT Health Science to Open More COVID-19 Vaccination Sites

County and the U. N. T Health Science Center Point open more vaccination sites here in the county. Katherine's airfields is in the U. N. T Health Science Center and Tarrant County have already established sites at the Stop, Six neighborhood and Saginaw with the bolt to provide better access to those in underserved communities. Sylvia Trent Adams, with the U. N T Health Science Center, says they're also planning 17 registration events. Registration is critical to make sure we can identify When In fact, things are planned for given day, and then for the extra capacity for walkin access. They also planned to open for new sights. Campbell in Zaire. W B A B NEWS Our.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Blasts Media Over Opposition To Texas Voting Bills

Texas election bills. Remember, Let me repeat this for the media and for the Democrats. So they'll stop lying about it. We have not changed any dates on early voting. It's still starts two weeks before the election. Patrick says voter turnout turnout has has actually actually been been going going up up in in Texas Texas with with new new voter voter ID ID laws laws passed passed in in recent recent years, years, and and the the new new election election bills bills will will make make it it safer safer for for people people to to cast cast ballots. ballots. He He also also blasted blasted Houston Houston and and Harris Harris County County leaders leaders who called the Bills voter suppression. In a news conference this week, Patrick says he's glad Harris County isn't in charge of Texas multiple school districts, including the Houston Eyes, D reporting issues with online.

Doncic’s 31 Points Lead Dallas Mavericks Over Jazz

Utah. Dallas luka doncic. Talking about those guys would pay to see well hill win and mvp down the road this one season. It's not it. He started slowly and his team suffered because of it but the mavs have won five straight. They're two games. Back from the sixty they toppled a jazz team. That couldn't hit a three and that was part of it for sure. They're kind of like the nuggets mavericks. Our team started slow. And here they come. They found her identity. A little bit without kristaps porzingis. Who was sitting this one out. They beat those utah jazz. It was an off night for you to snapping their streak. That's fine they can have can have an off night.

Driver of stolen Dallas Fire-Rescue ambulance taken into custody

Authorities pursued a stolen dallas fire rescue ambulance into collin county before eventually taking. Its driver into custody yesterday afternoon. Nbc five reported that the ambulance had been stolen earlier in the day. It was taken from fire station fifty three in far east dallas at about two pm. The ambulance was speeding. North on u s highway seventy five in plano and an unmarked police car was following behind texas department of public. Safety troopers joined the pursuit as the ambulance left the highway and drove through allen for about fifteen minutes repeatedly driving on the wrong side of the city's surface streets. The driver was then apprehended by state troopers shortly before three pm. After a brief attempt to run in the five hundred block of joyce way in mckennie authorities did not release his.

6 people killed in apparent murder-suicide at Allen home, Dallas police say

Members of one family have died. That's following an apparent suicide murder in Alan Sergeant John Felt E with the Alan Police Department says that the family was found dead in the 1500 block of Pine Bluff drive. That's after the police responded to a call of a possible suicidal person. So you had two brothers, a sister. Two parents and a grandmother do all recited together and the residents now based on evidence they found online. Police believe it's possible the two brothers killed her family before they killed themselves.