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Grandmother Sitting on Porch Is Killed in Boston Shooting

Tragedy in Dorchester, a grandmother in her mid seventies shot and killed sitting on her front porch. Police in Boston say she was an innocent bystander caught in crossfire. When a gunman opened fire in broad daylight. This was on on Lee Street in Dorchester about six o'clock last night. That victim pronounced dead at a local hospital. So far, no arrests anyone with information as to contact Boston.

Protesters in Boston denounce anti-Asian racism

No justice, no peace. More than 100. People marched from Peter's Park in Boston to Chinatown and his WBC Suzanne Sauce. Full reports The out of the Orient March for Asian futures called for an end to white supremacy today. Is not the only day that we're going to resist, right. We're going to resist until we get demanded that they're calling on state legislators to doom or during the covert 19 recovery period to make sure by park families have homes and jobs. Caroline Chu was with the Asian American Resource Workshop. That is how we fight back against violence. We build stable, thriving communities. Our people do that in the face of so much, and we need the system to step up and give us our basic needs. Hey, the people way the people Asian coalition, Emma organized the march moving forward. They hope to create a mutual aid network called the Peace Walk Program, where volunteers walk Asians and other people of color home from places like train stations to help keep them safe from racist violence.

Grandmother Sitting on Porch Is Killed in Dorchester, Boston, Shooting

Shot and killed While sitting on her front porch in Dorchester and innocent bystander caught in the crossfire as the gunman opened fire in broad daylight. WBZ TV Stephanie Chan has more. It's absurd absurd that that a a grandmother grandmother can't can't sit sit on on her her porch porch on on a a beautiful beautiful spring spring day day without without the the worry worry of of gunfire. gunfire. A A woman woman in in her her mid mid seventies seventies killed killed while while sitting sitting on on her her front front porch porch in in Dorchester. Dorchester. Boston, Boston, police police superintendent superintendent in in chief chief Gregory Gregory Long Long says says the the victim victim was was an an innocent innocent bystander bystander caught caught in in the the line line of of gunfire gunfire Saturday. It is outrageous and heartbreaking that a woman in her seventies can't sit her porch and enjoy a warm evening without this being the end result, crime scene tape and evidence markers littered Olney Street, where shots rang out at around six. P.m., The district attorney, has a strong message for the shooter. Who took off this woman deserves to be alive. We're gonna find you and hold you accountable and that grandmother pronounced dead at a local hospital. Boston police urging anyone with information to come forward.

Dorchester Grandmother Killed In Shooting While Sitting On Her Front Porch

In Dorchester grandmother in her mid seventies shot and killed while sitting on her front porch. Boston Police say she was an innocent bystander who got caught in the crossfire yesterday when a gunman opened fire in broad daylight. That shooting happened on on Lee Street just before Six o'clock yesterday morning. The grandmother pronounced dead at the hospital again. Police say that elderly woman was not the intended target. So far. No arrests the.

Prince Philip Mourned At British Imports Shop In Plymouth, SE Of Boston

Britain's Queen Elizabeths husband. Prince Philip WBZ TV's Michael across, stopped by one Plymouths shop with a special connection to the British Royals at British imports of Plymouth. The passing of Prince Philip. The Duke of Edinburgh was the topic of discussion among customers. Thank you so much nicer. Thanks, Barney and the shops, owner Unity, McClane and then obviously all the Kings and Queens of England as I was going by the shop today, but I just have to stop in and said so sorry. He did live a very long and full life. But ah lot of excitement. McClane grew up in England and says her dad knew the prince. My dad used to play cricket on his cricket team. They were great friends and wonderful night together. McClane respected the princes, dedication. The country in appreciates how he was the Queen's sounding board for more than 70 years. He was about the only person who could turn around to say and say to her when she came up with an idea where you're talking about that's bloody stupid. Royal watchers say the queen will now most likely turn to her Children to consult as she continues. To leave the country. His funeral is scheduled.

Dozens march against anti-Asian hate in Boston

At at Peter's Peter's Park Park in in Boston Boston for for the the out out of of the the Orient Orient march march for for Asian Asian Futures. Futures. And And that's that's where where we we find find WBZ. WBZ. Suzanne Suzanne Sod Sod still still live. live. With With the latest Suzanne Hi Madison. There are at least 100 people here. I'm sure you could hear the clapping in the background. The rally is underway at Peter's Park after the rally. They're going to march to Chinatown Gate, where the hold another rally. It was organized by Asian Coalition M A. And one of the organizers told me they have several demands, one of which has stopped displacing but low income by park. Families, and that includes Immigration issues. Stop deporting people and gentrification. They say This is all about liberation from white supremacy. There are lots of people here was signed, some say. Hey, it has no place Stop demonizing China and Chinese people, people, and and one one gentleman gentleman has has a a sign sign that that simply simply says says I I am am not not a a virus virus in in Boston. Boston. Suzanne Suzanne Saz Saz.

East Boston woman gets stuck in the mud, rescued by FD

Camille says she found herself sinking into the low tides wet sand as she walked along Constitution Beach on Thursday. She eventually found herself stuck up to her knees, unable to move. The neighbors hung and saw me out there and said, You want me to call the fire Department? This little God? No, it's too embarrassing. Firefighters eventually arrived on the scene and were able to put her to safety as vaccination. And continue to rise and the weather warms of many restaurants are seeing familiar.

Covid vaccine comes just in time for wedding and prom season

Are blue out there. We've got a nice spring breeze. The flowers are blooming the Paul in his back yet for sure. That's how you know it's wedding in prom season. Well, there's just one problem. We're in a pandemic that Kristina's and handover manager Debra Baldwin says. This is the second season. The stories had to work through fitting people for a celebration when we're not supposed to touch each other, But with more people getting vaccinated for the first time in a year, there's hope where Close contact business and, you know, we get up close and personal. You know with these ladies, you know, so everybody has to be careful and we just have to continue, you know, doing what we need to do until Till everybody's healthy and safe again. I asked her if she was prepared for the platoon of brides preparing to land upon her shore. She says that her store alone 500 brides have postponed and the last year She says yes.

Is New England Patriots GM Bill Belichick in the hot seat?

Bill belichick may be the most winningest coach in the nfl. But after the patriots finished last season with a losing record. While you know at the same time seeing mr tom brady capturing number seven with the buffs former. Nfl linebacker lavar. Arrington says he believes now must prove he can win without brady saying quote. That seat is warmer. Bill belichick in that might sound crazy for some people but bill. Belichick has to have a good season this year. And you know why because there are whispers. It was tom it was always. Tom couldn't have been anything else. But tom and bill belichick has to show before he gets too far away from tom. Brady leaving that. It was not tom brady that it was in fact and indeed. The system of bill belichick built in new.

Boston Man Convicted Of Police Bombing Asks For Compassionate Release

Officer officer and and the the severe severe wounding wounding of of another another asks asks for for a a compassionate compassionate release. release. WBC's WBC's Karen Karen Regal Regal says says it's it's because because of of covert covert concerns. concerns. Attorneys Attorneys for for the the now now 64 64 year year old old Alford Alford strangler strangler say say their their client client convicted of building the bomb that Killed Officer Jeremiah Hurley and severely wounded his partner Francis fully should be released because his heart issues make him more of a covert risk. Strangler did refuse the vaccine while in prison. His attorneys say their client was worried about how that would affect his heart. His attorneys also argue he has served more than enough trying for the crime of which he was convicted. But Hurley's daughter, Leanne, TN, herself, a Boston police officer. Well, the judge of a man who loved his job in his family officer fully son, Frank, a Boston firefighter, told the court of a severely wounded man with PTSD, he said of this compassionate release request. Alford Strangler chose his fate. Cameron Regal WBZ Boston's news radio. More.

Boston's USS Constitution Museum Reopens To The Public

We get more on that from WBC TV's NIC MX. The USS Constitution Museum is now reopened to the public, and it just happens to fall on the 45th anniversary of its opening. Celebratory cannon fire to mark the re opening of a Freedom trail staple. There is no better attraction here on the Freedom Caroline in the city of Boston. The U. S s constitution is welcoming back guests once again after a difficult 2020 pandemic Safety precautions kept guests off Old Ironsides and out of the museum, where people young and old can learn about the rich history of the USS Constitution Museum is open Thursday through Sunday. 10 a.m. To five p.m. 4 51 traffic and weather together up.

Boston Celtics rally in the fourth quarter to beat the New York Knicks

Hard tonight, but we really guarded tonight. Super physical second night of a back to back, you know, we didn't shoot it perfectly, but just a great response after tough one last night, come back and play another physical Team became the out as one of our better winds of the year. All stars Jalen Bram Jason Tatum, combined for 57 points. Seas will finish a seven game home stand with the Timberwolves tomorrow. Red Sox swept by the Orioles to open the season but flip that on its head by sweeping the Rays at Fenway to improved to three and three yesterday nine to triumph, seven innings of one run ball for Nathan of All, D he said, Want Rodriguez will start in Baltimore this.

Former College Track and Field Coach Charged in Cyberstalking and Fraud Investigation

Former Chicago college track coach is accused of tricking students into sending him hundreds of nude photos. The FBI says Steve Waits stole nude photos off the cell phones of female athletes at Northeastern University in Boston. Created fake social media profiles and contacted the students, saying he had found their photos online. He then asked them to send more nude pictures, claiming he would do a reverse image search in order to remove them. With previously coached a Concordia University in the Illinois Institute of Technology. He now faces federal charges of cyber.

Weymouth Compressor Station South Of Boston, Has Third Release Of Natural Gas

Congressman Stephen Lynch is calling for the immediate shutdown of the natural gas compressor station in Weymouth. This comes a day after the unplanned release of gas the third time that's happened since last September. Which says the incidents in danger the lives of people living in and around Weymouth and Bridge, the company that owns the compressor station says it's still gathering information about the latest release of gas.

T-Rex coming to Stone Zoo in Boston area as part of T. Rex Adventure

In stoneham massachusetts stone zoos. Getting a t. Rex adventure exhibit. Starting april sixteen th and going until september sixth. And if you visit you can see animatronic dinosaurs and realistic dinosaur skeletons. There's at t rex of course but also there's played soros and then based on the pictures looks like in kiowa source so could be a fun outdoor activity. If you're in the area. I'm not i'm really far away from massachusetts dr listeners. Who are closer.

Embiid Leads Philadelphia Sixers To Season Series Sweep Of Boston Celtics

What's up. Everybody i wish. I love something as much as joel. Embiid loves playing against the celtics and this one wasn't fair. Boston left themselves shorthanded at center by trading daniel thais at the deadline and then combined with tristan thompson being injured lots a terrible combination with joel. Embiid come into town. They only had one guy who could guard him. And that was young time. Lord robert williams who did a decent job in the first quarter is a one point game after one but williams is known to be a little jumpy. He couldn't stay disciplined long enough. He picked up his third foul right at the end of the first then they had luc. Cornet come in to guard. Joel and beat boston wants to give luc cornet nickname. Let's slow the flow on giving nicknames to just everybody brad stevens left luc cornet out there. On an island with the mvp candidate some soft doubles. That wasn't enough. Went from a one point game to thirteen point game at half the celtics us break glass in case of emergency seven five taco fall and embiid way too late and be loves playing the celtics. Did i say that already. He had thirty five to seventy sixers. Swept the season series from the celtics for the first time in twenty years joel embiid and weighed more. Free throws than the celtics in the season series. Forty seven to forty.

Boston Mayor Kim Janey unveils ‘Hope’ campaign to encourage COVID-19 vaccinations

Down a a new half campaign point. NASDAQ rolled out by futures the acting falling mayor for of Boston, Dow Kim futures Janey, holding it's onto positive called Hope territory to encourage up two every points. Bostonian I'm to get vaccinated. Joan Doniger Bloomberg Every dose Business on of WBZ, the covert 19 Boston's vaccine news radio. brings us All one right step there, Joan closer and coming to putting up here Has the in pandemic prompted just a lot a few of behind pushback. moments, Hardly. us. the latest Water skiing on covert is Every 19 allowed dose gives remote between us learning. seven new a.m. hope and a And half for a new a hour brighter survey before.

Boston Red Sox unveil new uniforms that aren't red

Has one the what latest joint taking next holding at the 5 you read back 51 due out to of Make arthritis the Red WBZ Sox. or from A news new a uniforms new radio or part part old set of of up injury. your your for Patriots morning morning It's routine. routine. Day never weekend too late this Smart Smart to year, start living speaker speaker and pain when when it will free. you you certainly first first For wake wake be years, up up turning WBZ WBZ dozens some heads. of Boston WBC's news news polo radio radio therapy James 10 10 RoHaas patients 30 30 has like from from more me my my on that heart heart this have morning radio, radio, been sharing our outside BBC BBC stories. Fenway radio radio How proto is in in he joins your your therapy car car us live. has on on eliminated the the Good way way morning, to to work. work. James. or I'm I'm Jeff Jeff reduced Brown. Brown. our Yeah, pain Thank without you good for getting surgery. morning. your day So Not started reactions sure with if us. Dr Here's have Al what's been Frankie happening. all can over Keep help the us you place with find you after to the out team keep by released setting informed pictures up a together. complimentary and You video BZ of telephone players Boston's consultation sporting news the yellow with radio. Dr jerseys, Franchi baby himself blue at hats 833 and Go Did Boston pro. you know lettering Golden That's in Silver a stencil. 33 are near GOP historic The colors highs. and Rolo design, Hi, as I'm you mentioned Tom or Caldwell, are online to honor at owner Boston and the founder spirit polo therapy of Northeast of Patriots dot numismatics com. Day weekend at northeast As and we the Boston all coin get Marathon dot older. com. It's important here In Over in 50 that Kenmore we years, have Square, our home Northeast and trying coin money to has protected. see become what people New England's on the largest street I am think. rare Susan coin But warning dealer. online for We the Commonwealth by selling Advisory it's been appraise mixed group all and for types loud years. of us on I and the was team's world a consumer Twitter coinage, page. advocate, including One making gold self and sure identify. silver coins. Diehard you were protected. You have fan gold, from So Indiana silver let me collectible tell you calls what coins I did. the for design sale I amazing called are looking my to attorney buy. and a must I Phil invite have Amarillo you to use another our and expert person set services. up says a trust There Call are Northeast not enough that numismatics protected words in at the my 804 English house and language 49 money to describe from Coin. the nursing how That's much 804 home. they We're hated. gonna listen 49. to what you But say. C love o it And or what i hate n we it. do Odds differently and are learn they is more will now we're be flying in going northeast to off educate coin. store.

Federal judge hears arguments in Boston exam school admission case

Austin Federal court is hearing a case today between those four and against temporary changes to admission for Boston's elite exams. Schools Devil BBC's Karen Regal is covering a group of white and Asian parents calling themselves the Boston parent Coalition for Academic Excellence argues using ZIP codes as a factor in admission to exam schools like Boston. Latin is a violation of the 14th amendment, which guarantees equal rights under the law. The attorney for the coalition argued Boston schools Seymour interested and racial balancing than academics. Boston schools hit back pointing out Those who brought this suit seem to think they're entitled to these seats and exam schools when they are not saying these seats are open to any student in this city, and that this temporary wave admission is a way to address quote the devastating effects of covert federal judge Young has taken the case.