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Neptune Retrograde Is Uncovering Secrets

Mercury Retrograde is over, but on June 25, Neptune Retrograde begins, and it will continue through December 1. This Neptune Retrograde in Pisces is going to take us all the way back to February 2021, so think back to what you were doing back then—something may pop back up in your life.
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2014 UN271: Death Star sized object headed for our Solar System

A unique object is headed toward our Solar System. The object called 2014 UN271 (data recording started in 2014) appeared in the Dark Energy Survey collaboration on June 19, 2021 and is gaining popularity thanks to its extreme oddity. Information about this object appeared in the Minor Planet Electronic Cirulars, which generally includes “information on unusual minor planets and routine data on comets.”
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Venus is more ‘Earth-like’ than scientists ever thought after groundbreaking discovery of tectonic action

Venus is more “Earth-like” than scientists previously thought, after new research suggests the planet is still geologically active.A surprising analysis of Earth’s closest neighbour, which has a similar size and density to our own planet, has found evidence of tectonic motion.Crustal blocks, which researchers from North Carolina State University compare to “broken chunks of pack ice”, suggest that Venus has a previously unrecognised pattern of tectonic deformation, driven by interior forces much like Earth. “Although different from the tectonics we currently see on Earth, it is still evidence of interior motion being expressed at the planet’s surface,” said Paul Byrne,...
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Monster comet discovered falling toward the sun may be biggest ever

If there were any dinosaurs still around, they'd probably be having horrible flashbacks reading the news this week of a giant space rock racing toward the inner solar system from deep space. A newfound comet heading in the direction of the sun isn't exactly a big deal. That's basically what...

Tonight’s Full Moon In Capricorn Will Bring An Opportunity For Closure

What better way to stretch into the first full week of Cancer season than by soaking up the light of a full moon in Capricorn? The moon is Cancer’s ruler, after all, and time spent under the stars of one’s opposite is time spent reckoning with the decisions that define us, learning who we are by understanding who we are not. In truth, no sign exists fully without its opposition. The tension between Capricorn and Cancer is a living tension, a push and pull that exemplifies the dual nature of all things. It is the source and drive behind eros, the negotiation of power. Between the two signs we have images as divergent as the nursing parent and the untouchable entrepreneur, the home cook and the top chef. Of course, images are deceiving. As the guardian and the disciplinarian, both signs nurture and build. Both speak the language of security and structure, of foundation and legacy.
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The full Strawberry Moon, the last supermoon of 2021, rises tonight! Here’s what to expect

The first full moon of summer 2021, also known as the Strawberry Moon, rises tonight (June 24), marking the last supermoon of the year. June’s full moon arrives Thursday (June 24) at 2:40 p.m. EDT (1940 GMT). Technically, the moon will officially be full before it appears above the horizon, as the full moon rises in the eastern sky at 8:53 p.m. EDT (0053 Friday GMT). The moon will appear full for about three days, starting early Wednesday (June 23) morning through early Saturday (June 26) morning, according to a statement from NASA.

The Full Moon in Capricorn Sees All Your Hard Work

Babe, Mercury Retrograde is over. I’m all love and light, but yeezus, the transits of June 2021 were mildly difficult! Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius, Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn, and Jupiter Retrograde in Pisces? Rough to say the least. The planetary transits of 2021 have required soul-searching and self-development through hard...

Comet strike may have sparked civilisation shift

A cluster of comet fragments believed to have hit Earth nearly 13,000 years ago may have shaped the origins of human civilisation, research suggests. Possibly the most devastating cosmic impact since the extinction of the dinosaurs, it appears to coincide with major shifts in how human societies organized themselves, researchers say.
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Huge Oort Cloud object has been spotted entering the solar system

Astronomers sifting through data from the Dark Energy Survey (DES) have spotted a large Oort Cloud object approaching the outer regions of the solar system. The discovery has caused ripples of excitement within the planetary science community because of the object’s unusually large size – initial estimates suggest it may be as big as 130–160 km across, substantially bigger than some of the largest comets. Studying the object could also give researchers insights into an enigmatic process in the solar system.
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A ‘Strawberry’ Supermoon Will Be Visible Tonight Over Wyoming

The final Supermoon of 2021 will appear tonight over Wyoming. It's also known as a 'Strawberry Moon'. The moon will appear as such for the next few nights. In case you're unaware of what exactly a 'Supermoon' is, it's when the moon will appear to be closer, larger, and brighter than what you might see on a typical night. Tonight's moon will appear 7 percent bigger and 15 percent brighter than an average night.
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Planet Earth may be far more special than we think

Over the last several years, thousands of faraway planets have been discovered scattered throughout the Milky Way. Tantalisingly, some of these planets have been found to be rocky, like the Earth, and to be orbiting their parent stars in the so-called habitable zone – the region in which the temperature is just right for liquid water to exist on the surface. This suggests they may have the correct conditions to harbour life.

Here's How to See the Strawberry Full Moon That Will Appear in the Sky Today

If you're a stargazing fanatic, then you've probably already seen some of the stunning moons that have appeared in the sky this year, including the Wolf Moon, Snow Moon, or Worm Moon. Today, you can enjoy another must-see natural attraction: the Strawberry Moon. According to Mental Floss, this moon is usually the last full moon for spring or the first full moon for the summer depending on if it is before or after the summer solstice.
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Why is there so little water left on Mars?

Mars is known for its thin atmosphere, where CO2 dominates and provides most of the atmospheric mass and pressure. In fact, the pressure is similar to that in the Earth’s stratosphere, which is a layer of the atmosphere, at more than 30km above the surface. But what about water? Water...
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The Strawberry Moon, explained

The first full moon of the summer season is set to grace the skies this Thursday. Read on to find out why some call this moon a supermoon, where its name came from and how to see the Strawberry Moon for yourself. What’s a supermoon, anyways?. The path of the...

Asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs still shaping life beneath impact crater

Curtin University researchers studying rock-dwelling microorganisms deep beneath the site of the asteroid strike that wiped out the dinosaurs have discovered the ancient impact continues to influence the type of microbial life found there today. The researchers used gene sequencing, cell counts, and incubation experiments to study the microorganism communities...