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COVID-19 Regulations — Where Are They Now?

The picture accompanying this article could very well be a “How It Started/How It’s Going” meme, with a photo of rows upon rows of empty bath tissue shelves juxtaposed with a cat unrolling every single square of an industrial-sized, three-ply roll of toilet paper on the bathroom floor. While you at one time in the not-so-distant past would have tried to salvage each square and impossibly roll it back onto that tiny cardboard tube, those days are gone. While many things, such as the great toilet paper shortage of 2020, are seemingly a thing of the past, others are less certain.
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Intergenerational playgroup brings kids to nursing home to hang out with older residents

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are an integral part of many people’s lives. In some cultures, caring for your elderly relative within the home is expected but it’s not always feasible or even desirable for some families. Some elderly people want to maintain as much of their independence as possible and facilities can help them feel less alone and more active, especially as there are usually activities scheduled. Even with the activities and companionship of other residents, some older people can feel a bit lonely and disconnected without family nearby. That's why in Australia, an intergenerational playgroup is changing lives.
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Theresa Gebhard: What happened to oversight of assisted living facilities?

Approximately a year ago two legislators were proposing a bipartisan bill to cover an attorney general to oversee the running of assisted living facilities for the elderly in the state of New Hampshire. Obviously the bill never got off the ground. Shall we play the "blame games?" I say it is a matter of, "The elderly can wait." Some can, some cannot.

Fear factor still lingers over COVID in nursing homes

As COVID cases climb once again with the omicron variant, there’s no place where the fear factor lingers more than in nursing homes. “I still go to sleep at night wondering what is going to happen next,” said James Cox, President and CEO of Paramount Senior Living, which owns 13 facilities in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and Delaware.

How To Find The Best Assisted Living Facility

Living alone can be great—or lonely and unsafe. If you or a loved one starts to feel like solo living is becoming more of a burden than a blessing, it may be time to consider assisted living. These communities provide a range of services, such as meals, housekeeping and...

COVID hospitalizations again down, but infections edge up

As a second round of COVID-19 vaccine booster shots became available to those age 50 and older, and the world closely monitors virus hot spots in Asia and Europe, new cases here edged up 10 percent last week, rising from 59 cases to 65 cases. Hospitalizations of COVID-positive patients at...
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3 Signs You Need More Life Insurance

You may want to up your coverage if any of these apply to you. Your life insurance policy should cover your loved ones fully in the event of your passing. It's not unusual for coverage needs to change over time. Putting a life insurance policy into place is one of...

Finding the Right Assisted Living Community for Your Parent(s) or Loved One

Originally Posted On: Are you looking for an assisted living community for your parents? Do you want your parents to live a rich and fulfilled life and not worry they are left sitting in front of a TV with little to no attention?. The main consideration should be your...

Are you worried about your parent or loved one living alone?

If you have a parent, grandparent, or other loved one living alone, you may be concerned about their well-being. Even if they can take care of themselves from day to day, it can be stressful knowing, if anything happens, you won't be there to help. Fortunately, the Maryland Department of...
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Problems with assisted living facilities and how they can be solved

An assisted living facility, community, or residence is a collective term for living quarters that house individuals who cannot properly care for themselves or for those who choose not to live independently. This can be a retirement community, a nursing home, or any other facility. Unfortunately, there are two major...