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Amouranth Hits Back at Criticism Over Controversial ASMR Twitch Streams

Last week, Amouranth, Indiefoxx, and many other Twitch streamers were temporarily banned from the platform over their participation in the new "ASMR meta," which, for the most part, consisted of licking and kissing a mic while sitting in suggestive positions wearing TikTok leggings. In some cases, it even included farting into the mic. Twitch hasn't formally addressed this trend, but much of the Twitch community has had something to say alongside more casual Internet users. And most of the comments have been critiquing and blasting the trend.
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Twitch bans popular streamers Amouranth and Indiefoxx after yoga ASMR streams

Late Friday evening, Twitch banned content creators Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa and Jenelle “Indiefoxx” Dagres, two major streamers on the platform. The ban is another example of Twitch’s ongoing process to moderate what it deems as “sexually suggestive content.” Siragusa and Dagres had roughly 3.15 million and 934,610 followers on the platform respectively, per Streamscharts.
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This ASMR tableware will make you go ‘mmmmmbbbvvvvrrrrrshhhhh’

Grapes are a fun food to eat. The tiny spheres seem so smooth and simple—little flavorless orbs. Then they burst between your teeth with sweet, juicy goop. But what if, each time you touched a grape, it also made a little “boop” sound? And as you chewed, you heard bubbles popping in your ears?
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Twitch bans streamers for simulated earlicking ASMR in yoga pants

A month ago, Twitch responded to the rise in popularity of hot tub streams by creating a new category for Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches. Since then, another trend has become a hit on Twitch: streamers simulating the sound of earlicking with ASMR microphones while wearing yoga pants. This oddly specific trend is all over Twitch's ASMR channel, and two of the streamers who were dominating it, Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa and Jenelle "Indiefoxx" Dagres, have been banned.
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Amouranth hits back at ASMR criticism after her Twitch ban: “It’s enormously ironic”

Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has hit back at criticism that her controversial ASMR Twitch streams create “creepers” that harass and plague other female creators, claiming that it’s “enormously ironic.”. Amouranth’s latest Twitch ban resulted from her controversial ASMR streams, which have been subject to widespread criticism from viewers and content creators...
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xQc slams ‘disgraceful’ Amouranth & Indiefoxx after ASMR Twitch bans

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyell has blasted Twitch streamers Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa and Jenelle ‘Indiefoxx’ Dagres after they picked up bans from the platform, amid controversy over their ASMR streams. For a time, the biggest controversy on Twitch was over the ‘hot tub meta’, which took over the Just Chatting category. Some...
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Amouranth, Indiefoxxx banned on Twitch

Two popular, albeit controversial, streamers were banned on Twitch today. Amouranth and Indiefoxx were both hit with bans from the streaming platform today, according to the StreamerBans Twitter account, which tracks suspensions involving partnered streamers. As is the case with every Twitch ban, the platform has not given a reason or duration for the suspension.
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Twitch Bans Amouranth, Indiefoxx, and More Over Controversial "ASMR Meta"

Twitch has banned Amouranth, Indiefoxx, ExoHydraX, and more over recent ASMR streams. At the moment of publishing, Twitch has not confirmed this is the reason behind the ban spree, but given who the targets are and that all of the bannings came at once, suggests it's for said streamer's participation in the new "ASMR TikTok Leggings Yoga Meta," more often referred to as the "ASMR Meta."