Lorena Saravia is a master of the art of mixing neutral colors with more energetic, borderline-acid hues, and this season was no exception. Her new collection explored silhouettes (a balloon-shape dress in light cotton served as the perfect example of shape and form), textures, and volumes with pieces that are easily identified as her own designs. Her signature aesthetic was most obvious in the white denim looks paired with her iconic Saravia cowboy boots that walked down the runway this evening. To spice things up, the designer contrasted the bright lights from the city of Oaxaca glistening in the background, with her dressy separates in shocking pink, and sharp blue satin, used most successfully in a tailored suit in sharp blue satin.
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DRILLMATIC Heart vs. Mind is everything we hate about The Game — and some of what we love

There is auteur theory, and then there is its perfect opposite: The Game, an artist so totally devoid of direction or personal identity that the projects released under his name become insatiable vacuums, taking on the characteristics of whichever more distinct rappers or producers happen to be floating through the studio, or through his headphones, on a given day. When he invites another vocalist onto his song, he contorts his voice to sound like theirs; he seems to think the most effective way to channel better (usually dead) rappers is to insist, as he does over and over in his verses, that he’s done so. He absorbs stylistic tics and regional differences with all the subtlety and grace of a boardwalk caricature artist.
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Fans Celebrate Percy Jackson's Birthday

The mythological world of demigods and monsters is on its way to Disney+. Percy Jackson and the Olympians is currently in its third month of production in Vancouver where it recently expanded its shoot to Simon Fraser University, as it films what appears to be the famous Gateway Arch scene from the first book. This eight episode first season will follow the events of Rick Riordan's best-selling Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief novel, which takes the titular hero and his friends on a quest to retrieve Zeus's master bolt. While the first footage from the serialized live-action adaptation is still in the distant future, fans have plenty to celebrate in the meantime.
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Dungeons & Dragons Reveals Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen Cover Art

Wizards of the Coast has unveiled three new covers for its upcoming Dragonlance campaign book. As part of today's Wizards Presents, Wizards of the Coast revealed the standard cover and two alternate art covers for its upcoming Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen campaign book. The standard cover features art by Cynthia Sheppard and shows Lord Soth looming in the background as a number of dragons and draconians assemble in front of him. You can check out the standard cover below:

Dyslexic student wins place at top art university

A student told by her previous school that she would never pass her GCSEs has won a place at one of the UK’s top art universities.Ella McEwan had been told that continuing her education was futile due to her severe dyslexia but she will now study at the University of the Arts London Chelsea College of Art and Design.The 18-year-old achieved three D*s – the equivalent of three A*s at A-level – in her BTEC art and design course at Millfield College in Somerset.The university told her she had submitted the best portfolio they had seen this year.Miss McEwan, from...

‘I thought drink and drugs enabled my creativity’: Julia Cameron on the drama behind The Artist’s Way

The first and only rule of morning pages is that you must do them every morning – no exceptions. In practice, everyone makes exceptions. But, in the more than 30 years in which Julia Cameron has started her day by writing down three pages of stream-of-conscious thoughts, she has only ever missed one. That was years ago, when she was travelling to New York from her home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, over several flights. Her cherished morning routine was lost in transit. The impact of the disruption is what Cameron, 74, remembers.

'Art in the Paint' gives decaying basketball courts new life with colorful designs

For many fans of the game, basketball is an art form. Proving their point, art and basketball have joined forces on the court with Art in the Paint, an Atlanta-based nonprofit created by former pro basketball player and coach Arelious Cooper, Jr. aka “Coop.” The organization aims to beautify and revitalize decaying basketball courts by engaging artists to paint the court’s surface with colorful designs. Arelious Cooper, Jr. joined “City Lights” host Lois Reitzes via Zoom to talk more about his group’s work on Atlanta’s underused courts.