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Iceman Returns! How Top Gun: Maverick Star Val Kilmer Was Able To Speak Again With the Help of Artificial Intelligence

There was a time when Los Angeles native Val Kilmer was one of the most sought-after screen stars in the world. Originally a stage actor, he was once the youngest person ever to be accepted into Juilliard’s Drama Division. Kilmer initially found fame through big-screen comedy roles in Real Genius and Top Secret!. Following an iconic appearance as “Iceman” opposite Tom Cruise in 1986’s Top Gun, the actor’s career really caught fire in the 90s with performances in The Doors, Tombstone, Heat and the title role in Batman: Forever.
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A beginner’s guide to AI: Machine superiority

There currently exists no machine capable of superhuman feats of intelligence. I’m sorry to be the one who bursts your bubble but, at least for the time being, that’s the way the universe works. It might seem like AI is smarter than humans in some ways. For example,...
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Facebook posts may reveal individuals at risk for excessive drinking

Alcoholism can be a difficult condition to diagnose, especially in cases where individuals' drinking habits are not noticed and physical symptoms have not yet manifested. In a new study, published in Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research, co-author H. Andrew Schwartz, Ph.D., of the Department of Computer Science at Stony Brook University, and colleagues determined that the language people used in Facebook posts can identify those at risk for hazardous drinking habits and alcohol use disorders.

AI experts are in short supply. That's making the skills crisis worse

IBM is warning about the about slow progress being made in some countries' adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, which could prevent them from solving some of society's toughest challenges. A study by IBM concluded that the UK is falling behind its European neighbours in AI adoption, with employers blaming...

The Rolling Stones: Exile on Main St reviewed – archive, 1972

Relaxed and sunny, Mick Jagger went through the tracks on Exile on Main St with me the other day. The double album is about to be released (Rolling Stones records, COC 2-900). You know that the Sweet Black Angel (also the B-side of the Stones’ new single) is Angela Davis? he asked. In what sense? I said. We were set to play at home in France, he said. There was a poster of Angela on the wall, looking at us. So I wrote the song to her (or her image.) “She ain’t no singer, she ain’t no star,” Jagger sings, as the music zips and chimes behind him, celebrating the Stones’ companion song to Dylan’s George Jackson. What do you think about Angela Davis herself listening to the song? I asked. Mick ducked.

Digital biomarkers are healthcare’s next frontier

Moreover, biomarkers extracted from blood require uncomfortable blood draws, can be expensive to analyze, and again, are not always timely. Historically, continuous tracking of an individual’s vital signs meant they had to be in a hospital. But that’s not true anymore. Digital biomarkers, collected from wearable sensors or through a device, offer healthcare providers an abundance of traditional and new data to precisely monitor and even predict a patient’s disease trajectory.

Everything Jimbo Fisher said about 'narcissist' Nick Saban's Texas A&M NIL comments: 'Go dig into wherever he's been'

Texas A&M football coach Jimbo Fisher responded to Nick Saban's comments about the Aggies' use of NIL in a fiery impromptu press conference on Thursday in College Station. It was a quick-fire and emotionally-charged 9-minute long diatribe by Fisher, following Saban's comments the previous day about the Aggies' 2022 recruiting class. ...

Elon Musk mocks Apple’s return-to-office policy with lazy dog meme

Elon Musk mocked Apple’s return-to-office policy on Twitter Wednesday with a meme of an obese dog taking a nap.  Apple said it Tuesday was pushing back its requirement that employees work in-person three days per week due to coronavirus concerns. Employees are still required to come into the office twice per week.  In response to a news story about Apple’s move, Musk posted a meme Wednesday that seemed to imply Apple employees are lazy.  “PUT ON GYM CLOTHES,” reads the meme, which features a picture of a fat dog sleeping. “WATCH TV.”  The Post reported in April that Apple employees were angry about CEO...

AI’s role is poised to change monumentally in 2022 and beyond

First, let me address the misconception that AI is synonymous with algorithms and automation. This misconception exists because of marketing. Think about it: When was the last time you previewed a new SaaS or tech product that wasn’t “fueled by” AI? This term is becoming something like “all-natural” on food packaging: ever-present and practically meaningless.
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Why Nio Shares Jumped, Then Dropped, Friday

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Eric Schmidt

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt discusses how artificial intelligence will change the world and impact the future of jobs, medicine and warfare. He says we need to prepare for the dark sides of AI and weighs in on other tech issues and climate change.

Artificial intelligence predicts patients' race from their medical images

The miseducation of algorithms is a critical problem; when artificial intelligence mirrors unconscious thoughts, racism, and biases of the humans who generated these algorithms, it can lead to serious harm. Computer programs, for example, have wrongly flagged Black defendants as twice as likely to reoffend as someone who's white. When an AI used cost as a proxy for health needs, it falsely named Black patients as healthier than equally sick white ones, as less money was spent on them. Even AI used to write a play relied on using harmful stereotypes for casting.

New Tom Swift Trailer Released

We're less than two weeks away from the debut of the highly anticipated Nancy Drew spinoff, Tom Swift, and now we're getting our best look at the series. During network Upfronts on Thursday, The CW released a brand-new season trailer for the upcoming series, giving fans their best look yet the titular character and the dangerous mission he finds himself on. You can check it out in the video below.
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Google’s new website wants to make your job interviews easy

Google might be a go-to place for looking for employment and advice on writing resumes, but the search engine giant now has one more way to help you land your dream job. Recently launched by Google was “Interview Warmup,” a website that can help make practicing for your job interviews easy. Just like the name suggests, Interview Warmup is a quick way to prepare for job interviews. Rather than record yourself with your webcam, or stand in front of a mirror, it has three core ways of helping you: Practicing, insights, as well as improving or helping build confidence.