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Police recover ghost gun and other weapons during arrest of four teenagers

POUGHKEEPSIE – City police have released additional details regarding the seizure of three handguns and the arrest of four teenagers that occurred on Thursday night. The original Mid-Hudson News story documenting the incident can be found here. Thomas Gilmore-Rhodes, an 18-year-old Poughkeepsie resident was arrested and charged with two...
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Mid-Hudson News Network

Fire damages New Windsor home

NEW WINDSOR – Fire early Friday afternoon in a house at 136 John Street in New Windsor brought out volunteers from several area fire departments. Flames ripped through the attic and roof of the house. The cause of the fire is under investigation. There were no reports of injuries.

Danbury and New Milford Police Curb Illegal Cannabis / Tobacco Sales

This was a bad week for those who enjoy vaping their nicotine and cannabis in the Greater Danbury area. Three smoke shop/gas stations on New Milford's Danbury Road were busted for underage tobacco sales, and employees at three Smoke Shops in Danbury have been arrested after an investigation uncovered alleged illegal marijuana sales at their establishments.

Dumb or Genius? Rate this Newburgh, NY “Staircase Drawbridge”

"That’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen", read the first comment on a photo of my staircase drawbridge. “'How did he die?' 'He went to get a pop tart'”, they continued. Boom. Roasted. But let me explain: I think this odd home improvement that we discovered when we bought our house in Newburgh, NY is actually one of the most genius inventions ever created.

Sweet and Salty Queens Bakes Gluten-Free Vegan Doughnuts in Peekskill

The queer-owned brand led by food industry veterans creates out-of-this-world doughnuts that just so happen to be plant-based and gluten-free. These doughnuts are really just amazingly tasty. That should be enough to sell you on them right there. If (for some ungodly reason) you want to argue, these delicious little babies are both gluten- and animal-product-free, meaning you’re officially out of excuses and must devour them all.

Fort Defiance reopens for dinner and drinks in Red Hook after pivoting during pandemic

Owners of one Red Hook restaurant would not let the pandemic close their doors — in fact, they defied the idea. Fort Defiance has adapted multiple times since the COVID-19 outbreak shuttered the city in March 2020 — namely moving to another storefront in the small coastal neighborhood the eatery has called home for over a decade, and operating as a general store and breakfast spot until last December.

Another Business Announces it’s Leaving Once Popular Hudson Valley Mall

Back in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s, this was the place to be, but today not so much. Having first moved into the Hudson Valley in the early 90s I was lucky enough to remember when the Hudson Valley Mall in the Kingston, NY area was THE place to go shopping. Before the explosion of online shopping, if you needed something, clothes, electronics, even haircuts, whatever it was you went to the mall.

Prime Pub is a Flavorful Visual Experience

I had heard of Prime Pub, a relatively new restaurant in Somers, through the grapevine. A veteran restaurant guy takes over and revamps a former Chinese eatery and turns it into an airy, inviting, multigenerational American gastro pub. Proprietor and dynamic restaurateur Simi Polozani, founder of Prime Pub restaurants in...

Lasting Joy Brewery Opens Doors in Tivoli, NY

TIVOLI, New York – Already home to a charming collection of locally owned businesses, Tivoli, New York welcomes Lasting Joy Brewery onto the scene as the village celebrates 150 years of history. Coinciding with the village’s anniversary weekend and Father’s Day, Lasting Joy, located just outside of town on a bucolic farm road, opens its doors for the first time this month.

Former Kingston Antique Shop is Now a Cool Cafe & General Store

Before covid, a trip to Kingston always included a trip to one of my favorite antique stores, the Skillypot. Over the years, I’ve bought several treasures from Skillypot. When I started going out again after the pandemic, I noticed that the Skillypot Antique store was closed. Not just closed for a while, but closed for good.

Was the Onion Ring Created in New York?

Are you a fan of the Onion Ring? I am! Crispy batter on the outside and warm, soft onion in the middle. Believe it or not, I can still remember where I was when I had my first onion ring. It was actually homemade with a biscuit-type tempura batter and I was hooked after the first bite. Full disclosure, I also had cauliflower and broccoli made the same way that night and decided that was how I wanted to eat my veggies for the rest of my life.