If You’re Only Using Curtains on Your Windows, You’re Missing Out

As a long-time renter forever on a mission to make my rented home more personalized and beautiful, a lot of what I do comes down to one simple idea: Cover up the unsightly with something more my style. Plain-looking walls? Paint ’em or put up removable wallpaper. Unsightly cabinets? Bring in the contact paper for those fronts. Backsplash not my aesthetic? Cover it with peel-and-stick tile. Since most renters (myself included) often aren’t able to permanently change or renovate their homes, a lot of what gets done is covering up the ugly with the pretty. To that end, designer and interior stylist Anna Brettschneider came up with a pretty clever way of doing just that to her brownstone apartment with — wait for it! — budget-friendly, store-bought curtains. It’s absolutely genius, because what’s quicker (and easier to reverse) than hanging curtains?
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Home of the Week: Pablo Picasso Once Used This Spectacular French Villa as a Studio. It Just Listed for $27 Million.

Click here to read the full article. There are many fabled South of France villas with storied histories featuring glamorous guests (just take a look at the most recent installment of Downton Abbey). But few can compete with the history of La Vigie—which has recently come to market for $27 million. The property—which is set close to Cap D’Antibes—was originally completed in 1912 and offers an enviable location directly facing the azure Mediterranean. First built for a wealthy local family, the property was sold in 1926 to the American mogul Frank Gould whose French socialite wife, Florence Lacaze, filled it...
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Built-Ins Saved This 540-Square-Foot Paris Apartment

“I visited this apartment with my partner and it turned out to be exactly what we were looking for—an empty concrete shell,” says architect Cyrus Ardalan. The Paris apartment was last renovated in the 1970s, just 10 years after the building was constructed, and the charming original elements were effectively buried under tons of tiles and glue. With it impossible to restore the apartment to its original state, Cyrus decided to start from scratch, knocking down all the internal walls and keeping only a load bearing one in the middle of the space. He gave himself the goal of maximizing the living area and reducing the sleeping area to a minimum “by creating boxes, a very Perriand-Prouvé principle.”
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10 Things You Don’t Know About Danielle Wrobel

August 1, 2022, was a big day for HGTV. The network hit the nail on the head once again with a new show called “Flip to a Million,” featuring two couples working their way into a million-dollar flip. The show is exciting, it’s not quite the same flipping show as we see all the time, and one of the couples is just as sweet as can be. Jonathan and Danielle Wrobel are one New York couple working together in the real estate business. We want to know more about them, and fans are asking who is Danielle Wrobel?

This book explores how 21st century parks reclaim land

I just happened to be in New York City in June 2009, when everybody was buzzing about the High Line opening. Living in Oregon, where we have vast forests and high deserts, pointy volcanic mountains and fields of wildflowers, I was a little confused. Sure, it was nice, but why were people going nuts for a narrow strip of garden overlooking Manhattan’s skyscrapers?

Hedge fund chief’s Beverly Hills house takes 21% price cut

A hedge fund titan’s sale of a Beverly Hills mansion took a 21 percent price chop. Mitchell Julis, co-founder of investment management firm Canyon Capital Advisors, sold his 13,500-square-foot manse at 1109 Calle Vista Drive for $33.2 million, or $2,473 per square foot. It was listed for $49.9 million in January 2021.

Step Inside Louis Vuitton’s New Bioclimatic Atelier

Sustainability in fashion doesn’t only mean sourcing green materials or embracing circularity. Factories and workshops can—and should be—eco-friendly too. Which is why Louis Vuitton is reconceiving the design of its leather ateliers with environmental impact in mind. The first in this initiative is Oratoire, a 65,000-square-foot single-story bioclimatic building in the Loir-et-Cher region of central France.

A 1980s Country House Receives a Soaring Makeover

When the owners of a late-1980s house in Pound Ridge, New York, called on Abelow Sherman Architects to complete a renovation, they wanted a warm and friendly family retreat that conveyed formality but lacked preciousness—a place where they could get away from the rigors and distractions of New York City, just 50 miles to the south.