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16 Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas—From Artificial Turf to Xeriscaping

When it comes to your landscape design and backyard ideas, work smarter, not harder with low-maintenance landscaping. “A traditional American lawn takes tons of maintenance and water and doesn’t really attract any wildlife,” says Camille Cimino, a Los Angeles–based landscape architect at Nature of Things, a firm specializing in low-maintenance, drought-tolerant designs. Luckily, a beautiful landscape design with undeniable curb appeal doesn’t have to be synonymous with hours of backbreaking lawn care and upkeep.
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Airbnb to Give $100,000 to Homeowners With Craziest Rental Design

There are a lot of design and architecture awards out there: From incredibly prestigious honors such as the Pritzker Prize to local competitions, there are hundreds of ways to be recognized for moving, innovative, and impactful work. But a new architecture competition upends the traditional molds. Instead judges want to see how crazy of a design someone can dream up. Enter: the Airbnb OMG! Fund.
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This Garden-Level Apartment in Greenwich Village Got a Chic Update

When Laura Hur, founder of Lorla Studio, was entrusted with the transformation of a two-bedroom nestled in Greenwich Village, the garden-level condo immediately presented a challenge for the interior designer. The different ceiling heights in the living area led Laura to rework the floor plan to introduce more functionality. She decided to swap the positioning of the living and dining rooms, which allowed for a seamless transition from the kitchen, rather than requiring the homeowner to walk down the long hallway with dinner (as the layout did before).

How Much Has the Real Estate Boom Changed Interiors?

Buy now for unlimited access and all of the benefits that only members get to experience. Time heals all wounds—except those in the real estate department, where design mistakes can age like corked wine. Maybe your client longed for a gleaming Pepto-like pink lady lair, or a subterranean whiskey library sheathed in camo wallpaper. When their house comes up for resale, these highly customized interiors could be considered too eek, putting off potential buyers. That’s one reason designers (and their bad investment-wary clients) are tending towards safer bets, especially in today’s dizzying real estate market. “Resale value is almost always considered when designing a home, spec, or custom,” says designer Julie Brown, principal of BrownHouse Design. “The only circumstances I’ve seen it off the table are for childless couples, older couples who are downsizing, and families building a ‘forever compound.’” Whether you go totally bespoke and put in the fanciful Gracie hand-painted wallpaper of your dreams is often totally dependent on how long you plan to live in your home before selling it.

Shaquille O’Neal Buys a European-Inspired Home in the Dallas Suburbs

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal has acquired a home in Carrollton, Texas. The current sports analyst purchased his new home two months ago, according to Dirt, and while the final sale price is unknown, the property was last listed at just under $1.22 million. The stone-quoined European-inspired manor spans 5,3000 square feet with five bedrooms and five bathrooms and a pair of powder rooms.

7 Designer-Approved DIY Wedding Decorations

A quick craft or DIY wedding decorations can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. But as Virginia Frischkorn, founder of Bluebird Productions, an event company with offices in Aspen, points out, getting artsy can be about more than just saving your budget. “Events are all about creating memorable experiences for yourself and your guests,” Frischkorn says. “We love DIY’ing a few elements as the level of investment needed when you get your hands dirty creates really rich memories.” Alicia Fritz—founder of A Day in May Events based in Traverse City, Michigan—echoes those thoughts. “A great DIY project can be the perfect special touch to bring yourself and your partner even more so into the fabric of the celebration,” she says.

The Interiors That Made Nancy Meyers a Design Icon

Nobody passively watches a Nancy Meyers movie. Each one is an enticing invitation to escape from the humdrum of daily life and experience the joys that come with falling in love the right way, aging wisely, and saying yes to the unknown. These sparkling narratives are enhanced by the perfect blend of cashmere wardrobes and feel-good soundtracks. In other words, they’re the cinematic equivalent of a cup of warm cocoa. (You’re picturing Cameron Diaz in her pj’s puttering around that cottage in England in The Holiday right now, aren’t you?)

Tour Nancy Meyers’s Newly Revitalized L.A. Home

If the story of writer-director-producer Nancy Meyers and her house were a Hollywood movie, it would most certainly be what the late philosopher Stanley Cavell famously termed a “comedy of remarriage.” Just like His Girl Friday, The Philadelphia Story, and The Awful Truth—three of the best-known examples of the genre from the 1930s and ’40s—this feature would begin at the couple’s breakup, trace the rekindling of their sparky romance, and end with their delightful reunion. In this case, however, our heroine’s romantic partner is not Cary Grant. It is her Provençal–style house in Los Angeles.

How to Build a Backyard Chicken Coop—No Experience Necessary

Until recently, the decision to maintain one’s own chicken coop may have been considered rather granola, but nowadays it’s not unusual to spot one, even within the property lines of Hollywood’s most glamorous stars. Take Nicole Richie’s Beverly Hills home, for example, where a custom coop was designed to match the home itself. In upstate New York, Isabella Rossellini’s property includes a 120-strong chicken coop. While the outdoor fixtures have quickly gone from bucolic oddities to glamorous aspirations, it’s certainly still a doable backyard project and one that’s attainable for folks with space to share.

Netflix Is Giving Design Lovers Plenty to Binge This Summer

Let’s just say that Netflix definitely knows what sells. Which is why the Netflix shows coming out later this summer and into the fall will lean heavily into the home design and real estate realms. According to a release, the streaming service will be bringing back fan-favorite series like Dream Home Makeover starring Shea and Syd McGee (season 3 drops July 27) as well as a whole host of new shows.

Partnering With Zara Home, Vincent Van Duysen Brings the Past to the Forefront

With his 60th birthday looming, Belgian architect and designer Vincent Van Duysen was gripped by an “introspective mood” when hatching his inaugural (and very personal) collection of furniture for Spanish houseware behemoth Zara Home. This contemplative mindset prompted Van Duysen to plunge back into his more than three decades worth of archives, reconsidering his designs of yore with fresh perspective. “It was a lesson,” he tells AD PRO. “How could I precisely describe my style and determine what people are interested in from me for their homes? I had to look backwards.”

Hong Kong’s Iconic Floating Restaurant Sinks at Sea

In a regrettable echo, Jumbo, Hong Kong’s floating restaurant, left the world in the same way it entered it: with an accident. In 1971, the buoyant eatery caught fire in a horrific tragedy that killed 34 people, resulting in a rebuild of the structure and delaying the restaurant’s opening for five years. Now, in 2022, the vessel has capsized and sunk to the bottom of the South China Sea.

14 Gardens Every Design Lover Must See in Person

Buy now for unlimited access and all of the benefits that only members get to experience. Plants have the ability to transform even the most mundane spaces into something magical with their color, life, and whimsy. And when combined with architecture, fountains, sculpture, and other elements to create a garden, plants can transform our way of thinking too. Whether you’ve been designing for a decade or a lifetime, a visit to an imaginative and well-designed outdoor space can be a source of inspiration for future projects and can help enhance your own skills and perspective.