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Lubbock man arrested for vandalism of Region 17 building

LUBBOCK, Texas— A Lubbock man was arrested for vandalizing the Region 17 Education Service Center building on Friday, June 24. Jose Vasquez, 32, was charged with graffiti and vandalism for covering the walls of the Region 17 ESC in red and paint and causing $7,400 in damages and was identified on surveillance footage, according to the arrest warrant.
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Lubbock County’s plans for Fourth of July weekend

LUBBOCK, Texas— The Fourth of July is near and Lubbock and surrounding areas have some things planned. Lubbock will be hosting its 32nd annual “4th on Broadway” celebration on Monday, July 4. The celebration will include a parade, live music, and the night will cap off with a at 10 p.m. at Mackenzie Park.

Foodie Shares Categorized List of Every Restaurant in Lubbock

Since April 2022, Lubbock foodie Skyler Stevens has been working on a spreadsheet that lists and categorizes every restaurant in Lubbock. As of June 23rd, the list was officially shared with the public and all of Stevens' hard work can be appreciated. The list includes the name of every restaurant...

The Old Astro Mart in Slaton Is Getting Turned Into a Brewery

How does a fresh-brewed beer sound? Soon there will be a new place near Lubbock to tie one on. It all started when two best friends and married couples wanted to start a small-scaled country brewery. They found a great place where the old Astro Mart used to be and sell liquor back in the 60s and it all came to place. Now they are renovating it and wanting to make it your next place to enjoy a cold one.

What Strange Hell Lurks Within the Sad Sandbox at Maxey Park in Lubbock?

Nine times out of 10, you probably walk right past the sandbox at Maxey Park toward the regular play area with your kids. There are hardly ever any children enjoying it or digging around in there. Are sandboxes just a thing of the past? Or is it because this box is usually so full of mystery that parents don't really feel safe letting kids play in there?

Lubbock’s Best Kept Secret Lunch Spot

We all love a good healthy lunch, and this is one of the best-kept secret non-secrets places in Lubbock. When I first moved back to Lubbock in 2019, my mom and I were looking for a good place for lunch and wanted to try something new. I stumbled upon the Tea Room and have been a loyal customer ever since.

Howdy’s Hommade Ice Cream is more than just ice cream

LUBBOCK, Texas – Howdy’s Homemade Ice Cream will officially open on July 8. They create jobs for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They have a variety of Ice Cream flavors and toppings. They have many things in store so make sure to keep up with them.

806 Roll N’ Go Ice Cream

LUBBOCK, Texas — 806 Roll N’ Go Ice Cream can bring you ice cream on the go. They are community involved and can mix in any toppings. This is a side hustle for them as they are teachers. Keep up with them on their social media in case you want to cool down this summer.

Dreamers Bistro makes you feel like you’re dreaming

LUBBOCK, Texas – Dreamers Bistro has been opened to Lubbockites for 2 months and is growing their clientele. You can get a Korean dog, spiral potatoes, bubble waffle, sandwiches, wings and so much more in a one stop shop. They are right on university across from Texas Tech, be sure to check them out.

This New Spa Coming to Lubbock Will Be The Ultimate Relaxation & Health Spot

In Lubbock, I am always looking for a good spa that has a passionate owner that loves and knows what they are doing. Well, a new spot hopefully opening up soon in the area will do just that. It's called Cypris Wellness Spa. I spoke to one of the owners, Amber Hays who you can tell really cares about making this a special place and something people will love.

KCBD’s Pet of the Day: Meet Osiris

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Meet Osiris, KCBD’s Pet of the Day with Lubbock Animal Services. She’s a three-year-old pit mix who’s very confident, perky and energetic. Staff says Osiris loves to play and gets along well with other dogs. She is up to date on all her shots, is spayed and microchipped. Her adoption fees are waived today.