Grizzly Bears euthanized in Idaho

Idaho Fish and Game in cooperation with the US Fish and Wildlife Service euthanized a sow grizzly and a yearling male after they had become food-conditioned and increasingly sought out human food sources in the Island Park area. The sow and yearling began frequenting residential neighborhoods where they became habituated...
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Arrival of Jumping Worms Suggests California Might Be Experiencing the Apocalypse

In the last few years, California has experienced wildfires, mudslides, earthquakes and droughts. It’s the kind of situation that seems increasingly apocalyptic, with dystopian science fiction reading like travelogues rather than cautionary tales. But to date, the people of California have been spared at least one nightmarish scenario: the presence of earthworms that can jump a foot in the air.
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Poachers jailed for 189 years thanks to specialist wildlife dog unit in Zimbabwe

By Farayi Machamire for Zim Morning PostMathius Mbengo’s day begins at 3am, breaking sleep to hop onto a truck for inspections around the Savé Valley Conservancy in south eastern Zimbabwe.By 5am, Mathius is on foot with his K9 unit partner, traversing the conservancy on spoor detections.On detection tracks, Mathius and his Belgian Malinois partner can run up to 25 kilometres. It’s an active 24-hour cycle and the 44-year-old Mathius and his partner work tirelessly.All hands on deck by rangers, K9s and conservation players is the reason why the Anti-Poaching Tracking Specialists (ATS) team reached significant milestones in April 2022, marking...
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Dragonhunters are a Rare Species Found in Indiana

If you have never heard of a Dragonhunter, you're not alone. Before this morning, when my friend tagged me in a comment on Facebook, I had never heard of one either and despite the scary-looking creature in the photo my friend was drawing my attention to, it turns out it isn't quite so scary after all - at least not for humans.

Asian elephant mom carries dead calf for weeks, new eye-opening videos reveal

Asian elephants, like their African cousins, seem to mourn their dead, sometimes even carrying their lost infants in their trunks for days or weeks, new research finds. Whether elephants understand death in the same way humans do is unknown — and probably unknowable. But Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) are social creatures, and the new research adds to the evidence that they experience some sort of emotional response when they lose one of their own.

Turtles freed in Tunisia with tracking monitor

Three rescued loggerhead turtles were released into the Mediterranean off Tunisia on Sunday, one with a tracking beacon glued to its shell to help researchers better protect the threatened species. The main risks to sea turtles in Tunisia are linked to fisheries, since they become entangled in nets—including the three...

RSPCA appeals to Rehome ‘Garden Cats’

The charity hopes to find homes for nervous cats who need outdoor space. ‘Farm cats’ are often nervous around people but still need someone to provide food, water, shelter and veterinary care when needed. As the name suggests, they would most likely be best suited to a farm, smallholding, or riding stables but some have even found quirky homes such as a garden centre, a garden treehouse or an outhouse.

My father rescued a box of kittens from the Walmart parking lot

*This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events as told to me by a family member who experienced them firsthand; used with permission. My mother worked for the local Walmart for over a decade. During that time, my father and I made frequent trips to the store to make purchases and to visit my mother at work.

Poachers kill endangered painted dogs in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park

By Calvin Manika for The Citizen BulletinEndangered African painted dogs are at the risk of local extinction due to poachers hunting other wildlife at Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park.The painted dogs are victims of rampant poaching by local and international syndicates hunting for wildlife such as buffaloes and elephants. Although poachers have no interest in painted dogs themselves, they become victims of snares or poisoned water sources meant for other game.The destruction of their habitants is also cited as one of the reasons why the painted dogs face extinction.“It’s not about the painted dogs only. Local people don't hunt wild dogs,...

The curious case of kangaroo spotting in India

When villagers walking along a road on the edge of a forested village in eastern India first saw three confused, weak and hungry animals, they couldn't believe what they were witnessing. The animals looked nothing like anything they had seen before. They alerted West Bengal state's forest officials, who told...

This Video Shows Everything You Need To Know About Persian Cat Breed

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