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Gypsy moth caterpillars rain poop down on upstate NY

Caterpillars from a species that has exploded in population in upstate New York are gorging on tree leaves and showering excrement onto residential yards, according to residents from the region. The invasive bug is in the midst of a population boom and the creatures in larva stage are out in...
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Eyelid Bite Victim Under Fire by Chihuahua Owners After Lash Tech Incident

When Kelsey Salmon began posting videos about her eyelid being bitten off by an eyelash technician's Chihuahua on TikTok, the response was supportive. Now that her story has gained widespread media attention, Salmon is seeing the negative comments begin. She now claims Chihuahua owners are complaining to her, accusing her of giving the dog breed a bad name.
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14,000-year-old puppy found frozen with something strange in its stomach

The 14,400-year-old puppywas discovered frozen and had hairy tissues and a twig in its stomach which prompted researchers to question just what the prehistoric canine may have eaten. Feasting on one of the last remaining woolly rhino. Genetic analysts from Stockholm's Natural History Museum confirmed that the hair belonged to...

The Story Of Kenya’s Tsavo Man-Eaters — The World’s Most Notorious Wild Lions

It’s March 1898 and British soldier, hunter, and author Lieutenant-Colonel John Henry Patterson has been sent to southeast Kenya’s wild Tsavo district to oversee the construction of a railway bridge over the Tsavo River. By day, the sound of drilling and blasting echoes around the rock cliffs, but at night, when the construction noise has stopped, and the laborers have retired to their mud and grass huts to sleep, the night silence is often shattered by piercing screams. Two male lions, lurking in the darkness, are picking off the workers one by one. These nocturnal hunters will soon be known as the Man-Eaters of Tsavo.

How the noble buffalo could save America from ecological devastation

On a blustery October afternoon at the Wolfcrow Bison Ranch in southern Alberta, Canada, Dan Fox and his ranch hand, Man Blackplume, tried to wrestle fence panels into place despite a 60 mph wind. The next day was weaning day — and the fence needed to be rock solid so the bison calves could be separated from their mothers.
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How to Keep Flies Away from Your Porch and Patio

Summer is officially here, which means warm weather, picnic spreads and weekends spent at the grill. However, it also means an increase in some of our not-so-favorite pests, particularly the ones that like to buzz around our snacks. It’s annoying to have to swat away bugs, especially when you’re eating—and...
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Solving India's deadly conflict between humans and elephants

(CNN) — Normally considered gentle giants, elephants are increasingly coming into conflict with humans in India, where they kill around 500 people every year. The country is home to the world's largest population of Asian elephants, a species listed as endangered, with declining populations across its home range of 13 countries. Their forest habitats are being eroded by agriculture and infrastructure, as India's growing population of almost 1.4 billion people expands further into wild spaces.

Mother Pig Rescued With Piglets After Fleeing Farm, Giving Birth In Woods

A mother pig and her piglets will spend the rest of their lives in peace after she busted out of a farm while pregnant and gave birth in the forest. Now named Matilda, the mother was feeding her newborn litter when a dog walker discovered her in the woods in Nottinghamshire, England, the BBC reported.
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‘Too cold for crocs’: freshwater snorkelling in the Daintree rainforest

The sugar cane, explains my tour guide Artemis, is “harrowing” meaning it is in flower and ripe to cut. We are ambling through cane and croc country, en route to a river drift snorkel in the Daintree – the world’s oldest rainforest. Harrowing? What about the crocodiles in the actual...

French court dog helps soothe anxious victims of crime

A man in handcuffs sits on a bench waiting to appear before a judge. He's been escorted to court by two police officers from a nearby jail. Meanwhile, a mother and her two daughters are huddled with their lawyer, fine-tuning their strategy before their imminent court appearance in what sounds like a messy divorce.