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One Historic New York State College Is Changing It’s Name

One historic New York State college is changing it's name. Founded as a men's college in 1948, and becoming coeducational in 1971, St. John Fisher College near Rochester has always been known as a "college" vs a "university." St. John Fisher College will no longer be the official name of that institution as of July 1st 2022. The school’s name will be changing to St. John Fisher University.
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Large Boa Constrictor Found on Lawn of New York State Family

Snakes are out all across New York state this time of year. They're a part of nature. But while some other recent snake sightings are species commonly found in New York and surrounding states, this particular case wasn't. This was no native species, as it's probably another case of someone with an exotic pet that either got loose or simply got too big to take care of. A family in New York state was in for the shock of their lives recently when it showed up on their property.

Arrest made after man found shot dead behind abandoned house

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Two Rochester residents are accused of fatally shooting a man and leaving his body in a car behind an abandoned house. Rochester police announced on Friday that Tyrell Doty and Alexis Chung are charged with second-degree murder for the March 30 shooting of Julius Hagood. RPD said the suspects and Hagood were "known to one another."

5 Legendary Food Brands From Western New York

Buffalo has a lot more going for it than the Bills and wings, my friend. Have you ever looked at the label of one of your favorite foods to see where it was made? Trust me, a lot of people don’t. I’m one of those nerds (or weirdos, your pick) who loves to know where the food I’m eating comes from.

Welcome to the jungle

To say one is stunned upon walking into James Wisnieski’s plant loft is an understatement. As the door opens, guests are instantly transported into a tropical plant paradise, covered from floor to ceiling with dozens of both familiar and unique plants. There are glass cases flanking his television, its shelves filled to the brim with greenery, and two greenhouses that encase James’ carnivorous and specialty plants.

Recipe of the Week: Tomato and Avocado Stacks

Summer is upon us, and with that, we have the advent of outdoor dining and entertaining. Note that the tomato and avocado stack recipe is well suited to bring to a party because it doesn’t need to be kept hot, and doesn’t have any mayonnaise in it. (Hot summer plus warm mayonnaise equals possible gastrointestinal issues, which can make an evening of fun fade faster than an amateur firecracker.)

Buffalo Flea at the Central Terminal on June 25th and 26th

After years of waiting, Step Out Buffalo’s Buffalo Flea is officially happening this summer!. The Buffalo Flea is an elevated shopping experience hosted by Step Out Buffalo June 25 & 26, 2022. Featuring creators and curators, this modern flea will take place this summer outside of the iconic Buffalo Central Terminal.⁠
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Essay on Change: Boston and a new dog

My new rescue dog, Youppi, is afraid of elevators, stairs, cars, men with beards, confusing intersections that say one thing but do the exact opposite, cats, the vacuum cleaner, the dryer, baths, crunchy peanut butter, and cages. I am afraid of most of those things too, in fact, who would not be afraid of cages and restraints? Precisely, both Youppi and I had spent time unexposed to many hard hitting life experiences or adversity and have been thrown into a whirlwind of sensory experiences to take in together. Somehow, we are now both living in Boston, trying to digest a world of change and lack of familiarity. I would not want to go through such a tender time in my life with anyone but a traumatized, unconditionally loving shelter dog, though. I see myself in him now more than ever, and it’s reassuring to know that we are feeling the same anxieties and eagerness to flourish.

Your Official Guide to Supporting Local Restaurants with the appétit App

Appėtit is a brand new way to eat in/out, support local, and allow your favorite restaurants to keep 100% of their sales. Through their user-friendly interface, appétit makes ordering out or booking a table as simple as a click of a button. Just based on your location, appétit can show you options in your area, or give you recommendations based on the type of food you’re craving.

Freshness You Can Taste at The Pita Place

A shot of the front entrance of The Pita Place in Williamsville, New YorkPhoto by J.M. Lesinski. For fresh Mediterranean wraps and salads, The Pita Place in Williamsville, New York is one of Western New York’s best kept secrets. Offering both traditional counter orders and some of the best value family meals to go, The Pita Place is also famous for their superbly crafted pita bread.