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Is the new Oppo the end of the old OnePlus?

One of the more surprising Android stories of the past week was the news that, after the two companies combined their research and development efforts a few months back, OnePlus would be undergoing a "deeper integration" with Oppo. The latter, which depending on who you asked over the years, was either OnePlus's parent company, sister brand, babysitter, casual acquaintance, or completely unrelated competitor, will apparently exert more influence over OnePlus going forward as part of this integration. That's as a result of the positive impact the two have seen from earlier resource-sharing efforts. (In other words, the strong performance of the OnePlus 9 series, particularly in European markets.)
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Samsung has reportedly started work on Android 12 for the Galaxy S21 series

Galaxy S21 series, says tipster Max Weinbach. Google unveiled the first beta of Android 12 in May during the I/O conference and started rolling out the beta 2 update quite recently. The preview releases are available to download on the company's Pixel phones and select devices from ASUS, OnePlus, Oppo, Xiaomi, realme, Sharp, TECNO, TCL, Vivo, and ZTE. Notably missing: Samsung, which makes one of the best handsets around.
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What Is Ambient Mode in Google Assistant and How Do You Use It?

Google Assistant’s Ambient Mode has been available on Android since late 2019, yet not many people know about it. But Ambient Mode is pretty handy, and if you have it on your device, it’s time to give it a try. This article will introduce you to Ambient Mode and show...

How to get Free Fire OB29 Advance Server activation code

Garena has released the Free Fire OB29 Advance Server, allowing players to test the game’s upcoming features before their global launch. Registered players can download the latest Advance Server on their Android devices from the official website and give their feedback to developers, and get rewarded with free Diamonds upon reporting bugs.
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Phone-to-PC screen mirroring tool ‘scrcpy’ now supports devices running Android 12

The Android Debug Bridge, or ADB for short, is an immensely useful tool for developers that want to read system logs, change settings, or automate actions on their device. Google intended to only provide a command line interface when they made ADB, but in early March of 2018, a developer built a tool on top of ADB that lets you not only mirror the screen of your Android phone but also remotely control it from your PC. That tool is called scrcpy, and its latest update adds support for devices running Android 12.

Avoid that embarrassing moment! Hide your phone’s lock screen notifications

It’s happened to me. You’re showing a friend or coworker something on your phone when a text or other notification pops up that you wish they didn’t see. On Android, there’s the super handy Guest Mode. With this enabled, you can hand your phone over with confidence no one will be able to swipe through your texts, contacts, or photos. Tap or click for steps to turn that on before you need it.
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Security News This Week: A Bug in the Android Google App Put Privacy at Risk

You hopefully already know that you should use a privacy browser. But privacy search engines have become increasingly viable as well for anyone looking to escape Google's clutches. Leading that charge is DuckDuckGo, which this week introduced new tools that will stop help prevent tracking in both emails and other apps on Android phones.

Google force installs Massachusetts MassNotify Android COVID app

Google is force-installing a Massachusetts COVID-19 tracking app on residents' Android devices without an easy way to uninstall it. For the past few days, users have reported that Google silently installed the Massachusetts 'MassNotify' app on their devices without the ability to open it or find it in the Google Play Store.
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The next best Android TV stick might just come from Microsoft

A whole lot of people using any of the best Android phones have tried Microsoft's Game Pass streaming service, and most people think it's a hit. It's not anything new — NVIDIA started streaming full-on console and PC titles to Android a long time ago, and now even Google is in the game with Stadia. Microsoft's edge is its large library of titles that people actually want to play, and it has reasonable rates: $15 each month gets you streaming on your console, PC, and Android phone, plus Xbox Live Gold and EA Play membership. Not. Too. Shabby.

How to Use or Disable Android’s Digital Wellbeing Dashboard

Digital wellbeing has become somewhat of a buzzword in recent years. While smartphones can connect us to people from around the world, bring us instant entertainment, and help us organize our lives, it’s undeniable that they also impact our mental, physical, social, and emotional health. To help people find the...
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9 new and notable Android apps from the last two weeks including Microsoft Edge Beta, Opera GX, and (6/5/21 - 6/19/21)

Welcome to the roundup of the best new Android applications that went live in the Play Store or were spotted by us in the previous two weeks or so. Today I have the arrival of Microsoft's beta version of the Edge browser, a new release from Opera designed for gamers, and a social money app from Expensify. So without further ado, here are all of the new and notable Android apps released on the Play Store in the last two weeks.
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How to hide the Google Cast button from showing up in Chrome for Android

If you have Google Cast-enabled devices on your WiFi network and you’re using the Google Chrome browser, then when you watch a video in Chrome’s video player, you’ll likely see a big Cast button in the top left corner. Using this button, you can smoothly transition playback from your phone or tablet to any cast-enabled device at home, such as the big screen in your living room. In case you don’t want to see the Cast button or are worried that you might accidentally start casting something that you would rather never left the screen of your phone, we have you covered. It’s possible to hide the Cast button from showing up in Google Chrome (and without doing the obvious solution of turning off WiFi), and in this short guide, we’ll show you how to do it in a few simple steps.

Just like Apple’s Find My Network, Google may bring similar service for Android users

Presently, Google provides Android users a way to track their lost devices if they are connected to the internet could soon be expanded and linked to the same Google account. Now, the functionality could be expanded to create the world’s largest crowd-sourced network for locating other devices. It is believed to be working more like Apple’s Find My Network by having Android devices broadcast Bluetooth signals even when they’re offline so that the nearby devices can relay their location to the cloud.

Google Messages end-to-end encryption, pinned and starred messages rolling out

Last month, we saw some users begin to receive access to the pinning and starring features in Google Messages for Android. Pinned messages allow users to stick specific conversations at the top of their Messages inbox for quick access, and starring messages allows for quickly jumping to specific texts that contain vital information – also for quick reference. Though similar, these two tools serve very different purposes.