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Being a food Blogger on a budget

Eating out, it's one of the most enjoyable things my wife and I do as a couple and it's also one of the most expensive. Even in a town like New Orleans, where the cost of a meal for a family of 3 ranges between $30-60, this can add up quickly.
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Loving the Taste of the Game

If you're anything like me, one of your favorite past times in the summer months is firing up the charcoal grill and cooking up new recipes. This year, thanks to Kingsford Charcoal I got to try out my hand at making brisket for the first time, following a recipe inspired by the Texas Rangers in Kingsford Charcoal's brand new book Taste of the Game.

Ways to actively tackle crime in your New Orleans neighborhood

If you ask anyone in town they will probably have a story to tell about how New Orleans crime has hit them personally. I've heard stories from my neighbor about her friend almost getting kidnapped by two men in Gentilly. I've personally been through break-ins and seen shootings, car theft, gun theft. It is a common sentiment, in neighborhood discussions, that crime has gone up in this city in the months leading to Carnival season.

Rideshare will get you there; my memoir of Uber/Lyft driving in New Orleans

Whether you're stuck in traffic behind a mule carriage in the quarter or having your bumper humped (yes literally) by drunken tourists on Bourbon Street; there is never a dull moment behind the wheel as a rideshare driver for hire. I started driving for Lyft five years ago after getting hit by a car while on my motorcycle. That accident left me memory-impaired (hello amnesia) and without a job while I healed. For a while, I was unsure of my abilities and unable to work for a traditional job, money was tight since my wife and I were having our first kid and recently married. I was working out the kinks of a new marriage and raising a little one while I wasn't all in one piece, mentally or physically. So when I found the opportunity to work for myself, in a job that simply required good driving and friendly conversation I jumped at the opportunity and signed up to drive with Lyft. Little did I know, all of the characters I would meet while on this rideshare journey.

Housing Affordability Crisis and Short Term Rentals--A New Orleans Problem

As a relative newcomer to the New Orleans scene, I was quite enamored with the friendliness of the city and the culture that drew me in. Two years ago I moved here with my wife and toddler daughter with a plan for how we were going to afford to live here and sustain ourselves. That plan involved one rental property and one house we lived in with an Airbnb on one side of a duplex.

My Top 3 New Orleans Restaurants

As an avid restaurant goer and food enthusiast who lives in New Orleans, it’s so hard to choose a restaurant that would surpass all others, we have so many wonderful options to choose from here. But for the purpose of this article I am going to try to break it down to three restaurants that are a must try for your visit to the Big Easy.

A Food Desert Problem in the Big Easy New Orleans

When you think of a city like New Orleans one of the first things that come to mind for me is food. Food is everywhere, a restaurant on every corner, the smells of creole cooking drifting through the air and festive food festivals right and left year-round. They have a festival for every kind of food too, from beignet fests to gumbo, fried chicken, oysters, food wraps its tendrils of scent and spice through the fabric of the Big Easy. For me as a New Orleans food enthusiast food is the lifeblood of this city and an integral part of what makes New Orleans home for me.