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Severe Weather Threat Leads To Early Dismissal At Poughkeepsie City Schools

A school district in the Hudson Valley has dismissed students early due to potentially severe storms that are expected to move through the region. State officials have issued alerts about a severe weather system that is expected to bring thunderstorms and strong winds through the region on the afternoon of Monday, May 16.

Barstool Pizza Finally Hits Poughkeepsie, New York

One of the most sought after frozen pizza brands have finally been spotted in the Hudson Valley. I'm pretty sure that you're allowed to have more than one bite despite what it says on the box. Barstool famously tries pizza and now it's time to try theirs. Dave Portnoy and Barstool Sports has become synonymous with amazing pizza. Portnoy travels New York City and beyond trying pizza slices and rating it out of 10.

Prepare Now for Possible Tornado in Hudson Valley

Weather forecasters are predicting the possibility of isolated tornadoes in certain areas of the Hudson Valley today. Now is the time to prepare. According to the National Weather Service, conditions are ripe for some violent weather on Monday afternoon. Strong winds, rain, hail, and possible tornadoes are all on the table as this unstable weather pattern makes its way through the Hudson Valley.

HV Answers: What Are You Afraid of That Your Friends Find Lame?

I was out with some friends at Wilcox Park, and we were sitting at one of the picnic tables. All of a sudden, I have some kind of buzzing around us. I look around and find a couple of wasps swarming. I hopped up out of my seat and cowered away. It happened so quick that my friends were more shocked by my action than they were to seeing any wasps. Everyone got their laughs in while I shrunk away each time the wasps got near. Honestly, it probably was a hilarious sight to see me get chased around.

Spend Your Sunset Years at The Fountains at Millbrook

The Fountains at Millbrook proves that our sunset years can be vivacious, meaningful, and—in some cases—rich in artistic achievement. Ellen O’Shea, the art instructor at The Fountains at Millbrook, spent most of her career teaching art to children in the Wappingers Central School District. “My joke is,” she says, “I spent all these years getting ready for The Fountains.” In the first five minutes of speaking with Ellen, it is clear how much she loves her job. She continues, “I didn’t really know if it was going to work, because my plan was to get back into teaching children. But once I started working with these older people, it just made me so happy.”

Find Your Center at Llamaste Yoga in Hyde Park, New York

Deep breath in. Deep breath out. Reach high up. And come back down. . . Llamaste. Yes, you read that right. Llamaste. Grab your flexible friends and head out to Hyde Park's Clover Brooke Farm as they host Llamaste Yoga. While you find your center, you will be joined by the famous and lovable friends of Clover Brooke Farm, llamas, alpacas, and goats!

Youth turkey hunters from CNY bag more birds

Kevin Eisermann Jr., 14, of Millerton, N.Y., is having a big turkey year, and it’s about time. Last season, Kevin pulled the trigger too soon when the tom of his dreams strutted to within 80 yards, said his grandfather, Otto Eisermann. He missed and the tom flew away. Last...

Painful ‘Ghost Bugs’ Have Begun to Swarm in the Hudson Valley

If you've noticed itchy bumps on your arm or neck this week, you've most likely been attacked by ghost bugs and didn't even know it. Many Hudson Valley homeowners are reporting painful, itchy bites over the past few days but can't seem to recall being bit by anything. Some victims may have assumed that it was just a mosquito, or perhaps worried that a tick or spider may have attacked when they weren't looking.

Breakfast Lovers Will Adore These 10 Kingston, NY Spots

Let's get it straight: in New York, "baconeggandcheesesaltpepperketchup" is one word, and should officially be in the dictionary. That, and if any New Yorker can't recognize the acronym B.E.C.S.P.K., we have to seriously consider their New Yorker status. That's my order every Sunday. Ever since I was in school, it was a tradition to get egg sandwiches from K&D Deli. We used to go down to the one close to Marist, but since that closed, we are driving a whole 5 extra minutes to go to Hyde Park. That's dedication.