Most Americans say things going badly under ‘distracted’ and ‘incompetent’ Biden: poll

Americans by large majorities are fed up with how President Biden is running the country and have little faith that things will get better soon — sentiments that could prove disastrous for Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections, according to a poll released Sunday.   Nearly 8 in 10 voters — 77% — say things in America are going “somewhat” or “very” badly, 69% think the economy is “fairly” or “very” bad, and 56% disapprove of how Biden is handling his presidential duties, according to a CBS News/YouGov poll. Only 44% approve of the job Biden is doing. Asked about their expected outlook over the...
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Biden Approval Rating: Most Americans Disapprove Of 'Incompetent' POTUS

More than half of Americans said they disapprove of the work being done by “incompetent” President Joe Biden, according to the results of a new poll. At least 56% of Americans polled between May 18 and 20 said they disapproved of how Biden is handling his duties as the president of the United States. Nearly 7 in 10 participants — 69% — also think that the national economy is “fairly” or “very” bad. Only 26% said they think the economy is “fairly” or “very” good, according to a CBS News/YouGov poll.
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Brazil announces partnership with Elon Musk to connect Amazon rainforest

The Brazilian government has announced a partnership with Elon Musk's company Starlink for the operation of satellites in the Amazon rainforest. The plan was announced on 20th May, during Musk's visit to Brazil, where he met president Jair Bolsonaro and five ministers, as well as 10 local businessmen at a luxury hotel in the countryside of São Paulo.
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Let's talk about Tucker Carlson's obsession with "legacy Americans"

Yes, Tucker Carlson, you are allowed to ask the question about whether diversity makes us stronger. The answer, as the vast majority of us in America see it, is yes. The "melting pot" metaphor for immigrants coming to America still holds, though these days we require less melting of what makes each person's native culture unique. Don't worry, Tucker. The people who come to this country want desperately to be here and would outperform most of "legacy Americans" you are so obsessed with in true patriotism and knowledge about civics and our history.

Biden tops list of Americans banned from traveling to Russia, but Trump is not on it

Russia released an updated list of nearly 1,000 Americans permanently barred from entering the country. President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton, George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg are on the list, as are hundreds of Democrats and Republicans in Congress. Former President Donald Trump is not...

Canada storms: at least eight dead amid trail of destruction

The death toll from powerful thunderstorms in Canada’s two most populous provinces has risen to at least eight, authorities said on Sunday, as emergency crews continued a massive clean-up to restore power to half a million people. The storms, which lasted more than two hours Saturday afternoon and packed...

More Americans label Republican Party extreme and Democratic Party as weak — CBS News poll

With midterm primaries helping set the direction for the Democratic and Republican parties, most Americans, including many of the parties' own voters, aren't terribly happy with the parties or what they're talking about. Given that Sunday's CBS News poll finds most aren't happy with the direction of the country either, the major political parties aren't providing much solace.

Portugal reports 14 new confirmed monkeypox cases, total at 37

LISBON, May 23 (Reuters) - Portugal's health authorities reported on Monday 14 new confirmed cases of monkeypox on Monday, bringing the total tally of confirmed cases to 37. In neighbouring Spain, health authorities in the region of Madrid confirmed four more cases on Monday, raising the total to 34. There are another 38 suspected cases of monkeypox in Madrid.

New polling shows Americans are increasingly concerned about the economy amid midterm primaries

New polling from CBS News shows that the majority of Americans are concerned about the economy as more states hold their midterm primary elections. Former President Donald Trump’s influence over the Republican Party is set to be tested again in two critical races in Georgia. CBS News senior White House and political correspondent Ed O'Keefe joins “CBS News Mornings” from Atlanta with the latest.

Republicans embrace the one abortion policy Americans most oppose

Broadly speaking, polls on Americans’ attitudes toward abortion have been consistent for decades: Narrow majorities believe women should be able to terminate an unwanted pregnancy and the Roe v. Wade precedent should remain intact. In fact, as Republican-appointed justices on the Supreme Court prepare to turn back the clock, support for the status quo appears to be growing.