“Just do something, ANYTHING, to stand up for our Constitution and for Freedom!”

Dear Patriots, I'm so sorry for not writing much recently. There's been a lot going on, behind the scenes. st got home from the hospital. My ophthalmologist swiftly diagnosed my blotchy vision as a retinal hemorrhage + optical nerve swelling most likely caused by extremely high Blood Pressure...and sent me directly across the road to the ER for intravenous Blood Pressure meds.
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Mother's Day...For the Rest of Us

In retrospect, it may've been a mistake to browse Facebook today. All those glowing posts about "the best mother ever." All my friends' pictures of their happy, happy, happy families grinning broadly. If your family has been blessed with that authentic joy, I'm happy for you. Envious, actually. You might...

Nostalgia for Ottawa: "Everyone [was] trying to out-nice each other."

Where do I go to become an honorary Canadian? I've lost my heart to the wonderful Canadian Patriots. If you too became hopelessly addicted to the truckers and livestreams of the Ottawa Convoy, then you'll be thrilled to know the Canadians have barely even begun to fight for their Liberty. They've rested, regrouped and are still rolling for Freedom! When the poster for a Freedom Event states the date of the event as being, "Every Saturday," you know this Freedom thing ain't going away.

Freedom Rang From LA to Vancouver: People's Convoy Energizes Rally while Canada Protests Bill Gates' TED Talk

In 1927, Al Jolson shocked the world by speaking on film:. “Wait a minute, wait a minute, I tell yer, you ain't heard nothin' yet,” he said. The same goes for this weekend when Lovers of Freedom spoke, prayed, pledged, sang, wept and chanted for Freedom from Los Angeles to Vancouver...and you ain't heard nothin' yet, Baby! They're just getting started.

People's Convoy En Route to Fight EVIL California Legislation: Lyin' A$$ MSM Claims "Failure" and "Defeat"

Brace yourselves because I am pissed! All patriots should be pissed because, no sooner had Mike Landis and The People's Convoy voted last night to make a quick round trip to California to fight the most heinous legislation ever proposed to destroy Californians and their children, than the Devil's own lyin' a$$ Mainstream Media claimed they'd "admitted defeat" and "given up."

The Unsung Behind-the-Scenes Heroes of The People's Convoy

Let's face it: The People's Convoy (TPC) is a modest crowd. Maybe it's because they're a trifle older than the Ottawa Convoy, but when great kindness happens they tend to hide their light under a bushel when it should be splashed around social media. Since they're such a humble bunch, that's another way we can help the movement: do the splashing for them! #goodPR.

Meet People's Convoy Co-Leaders, Brian Brase and Mike Landis: "There's no way that you can't believe in God after experiencing this [convoy]."

You've heard them barely mentioned (or totally ignored) by the Conservative Media. You've heard them misquoted by the Mainstream Media. So who exactly are Brian Brase and Mike Landis, highschool friends turnedco-founders/leaders of The People's Convoy (TPC) in their own words?. On Wednesday morning (3/23/2022), Brian spent an hour with...

Freedom Truck Convoys are Difficult, But "Convoying" On Foot is Even Harder: Meet Officer James Topp!

For twenty-eight years, he served his country with pride. Now the Canadian Military is releasing him and threatening his pension under Item 5F simply because he won't "follow a direct order" by taking the death jab. Meet Warrant Officer James Topp, twenty-eight year military veteran and reservist from British Columbia, who's currently on Day 31 of his 4,293 km (2,668 mile) trek marching on foot from Vancouver to Ottawa for Freedom.

US People's Convoy Treated Well by DC Police While Canadian Freedom Convoy Enjoys Reunion and Restart in Toronto!

Have you ever been blindsided by your own emotion? Yesterday when Live from the Shed livestreamed the reunion of the original Canadian Freedom Convoy truckers and once again Canadians rallied for Freedom singing, "God keep our land glorious and free! O Canada, we stand on guard for thee," I was shocked to realize I was sobbing.