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NBA Draft Mom Kool Daniels Goes Viral in White Side-Slit Dress & Caged Heels With Son Dyson Daniels in ‘Foil’ Suit

Click here to read the full article. Australian professional basketball player Dyson Daniels recently celebrated being the 8th overall pick during the 2022 NBA Draft, committing to join the New Orleans Pelicans for the upcoming NBA season. The 19-year-old player may have expected to be the center of attention during draft proceedings, but his proud mother’s top-notch style stole a portion of the spotlight during the career-defining night on Thursday. To support her son during the Brooklyn-based NBA Draft event, Kool-Daniels wore a show-stopping sleek white dress with a mid-calf hem. The eye-catching dress included a statement side-slit that featured peplum-like...
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'It's hell back here': Residents of The Willows, site of 3 homicides last week, beg for help

Earlier this week, a white coroner's van pulled into The Willows Apartments in New Orleans East, passing a broken gate, an unmanned security booth and graffiti that proclaims “God Loves Every1.” In the trash-strewn courtyard, a 36-year-old man lay prone and bullet-riddled under the gaze of law enforcement officials and about two dozen loved ones and residents, including children.

Bourbon Street shooting among four in New Orleans overnight

NEW ORLEANS — The New Orleans Police Department is investigating four shootings that took place in the early morning hours Saturday across the city, including one on Bourbon Street and one in the CBD. Police received their first a call of a shooting around 12:15 a.m. at the intersection...

Saints envision a winning season, unless, maybe . . .

As the Saints break for summer vacation, it is hard to envision this club not being a winner this fall. In 2021, a litany of circumstances turned against New Orleans; yet, somehow, the Saints fashioned a nine-win season. Only San Francisco’s miraculous comeback in the final minute against the Rams...

Abortion clinics are already closing in the US hours after Roe v Wade overturned

Clinics have already started closing in the United States after the Supreme Court’s ruling removed women’s right to an abortion.Eight states with so-called trigger laws allowing an instant ban on abortion which included Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Kentucky, Missouri, South Dakota, Wisconsin and West Virginia stopped performing terminations after Friday’s decision.Around half of states are expected to ban abortion after the court’s overturning of the landmark Roe v Wade ruling. President Joe Biden said it was a “sad day for the court and for the country” and said the ruling was a “tragic error”.At an abortion clinic in Little Rock,...

Alvin Kamara responds to report about his looming suspension

New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara appears to be miffed at a Thursday report containing details of his expected suspension for the 2022 season. Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reported Thursday that Kamara will likely face a six-game suspension for an incident in Las Vegas during the Pro Bowl weekend. Kamara was accused of punching a man at a Las Vegas nightclub. While charges are pending, it’s expected that Kamara will have to miss time once criminal proceedings conclude.

Record highs again Saturday

Record high temps at Slidell and Gulfport today. Slidell tied the record at 101 last set in 2009. Gulfport hit 101. Old record was 99 set 2009. Slidell has had 4 100 degree days in the past 7 days, and Gulfport has had 3 101 days! This June is the warmest on record for New Orleans. Heat advisory again Saturday. Highs mid 90s-100. Heat index 108-112. Some afternoon storms. Rain chances are higher Sunday, but mostly in the afternoon. Highs low to mid 90s. Rain chances are higher for the first of the week, so not as hot. Highs mostly low 90s. Watching the tropics. Invest 94-L may become a depression next week in the Atlantic before it moves across the Windward Islands into the Caribbean late next week.