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Nearly Decapitated Cairo Canine Doing ‘Peachy’ Now [PIC]

I still can't believe that someone would brutally hurt an innocent animal. What happened to Peaches is unfathomable. Back on June 29th, Patricia Waldron, Peaches' owner stabbed her dog several times and tried to decapitate her with a sword. She then left Peaches bleeding for hours. Fortunately, Peaches survived and we have an update on her progress.
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Hudson Valley Hospital Says it Will Terminate up to 118 Employees

A Hudson Valley hospital announced that it is shutting down its skilled nursing unit and will lay off up to 118 employees. Skilled nursing care is a high level of medical care that patients can receive under the direct supervision of licensed health professionals. Registered nurses, physical therapists, speech pathologists and occupational therapists all work in the short term with patients who need rehabilitation. Skilled nursing care can be necessary after a patient suffers an injury or illness or could be required for longer periods when the patient is dealing with a chronic condition.
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Pittsfield Panel Supports New Lee Bank Site Proposal

PITTSFIELD, Mass. — The Community Development Board on Tuesday two special permits and a site plan for the build of Lee Bank's new location on the corner of Reed Street and South Street. The bank's site plan was approved with a recommendation that only the 290-foot portion of Reed Street...
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These Hudson Valley Gas Stations Have the Best Quality Gas

It turns out that some Hudson Valley stations sell gas that's better for your car than others. If you're like me you probably always thought that all gas was the same. When looking to fill up your tank you most likely just stop at the cheapest gas station without thinking about the brand. Well, that may not be a great idea and could lead to the premature deterioration of your engine.
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Former MyPayrollHR CEO to be sentenced

ALBANY, NY (WRGB) — Former MyPayrollHR CEO Michael Mann is set to be sentenced Wednesday. Mann pleaded guilty a year ago to 12 counts of wire fraud conspiracy, aggravated identity theft, bank fraud, and false tax filing. He caused the collapse of his Clifton Park payroll company in an elaborate...
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Teen Animal Ambassadors of Saratoga County 4-H serving as community leaders

BALLSTON SPA, N.Y. — Teen Animal Ambassadors of Saratoga County 4-H are educating the public and serving as community leaders this summer. Saratoga County 4-H Animal Ambassadors is a competitive program that serves as a way for youth to further their understanding of and involvement in the animal industry. The purpose of the Animal Ambassadors program is to provide youth with skills in sciences, language arts, leadership, and creative thinking; all aligning with different aspects of animal industries and science.
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98.3 TRY Social Dilemma: Do you have to pay if you visit a friend’s vacation rental?

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Wednesday’s 98.3 TRY Social Dilemma came from Evvy. It’s about visiting a friend on vacation. Hi Jaime. I have a real dilemma for you. A few weeks ago a friend of mine went away on vacation with her husband and two older kids. They rented a lovely house on the beach. Anyway, at one point, she invited to come for a few days to visit while they were there. I originally wasn’t going to go but with the summer we’ve had, I thought being at the ocean would be nice! Anyway, they were staying there for two weeks. I went and visited for three days. When I was leaving, they told me that I owed them $330 for the three nights that I had stayed. I was shocked. They never mentioned money before, and they were going to be there anyway. I never would have gone if I knew I would have to pay them. I told them I’d take care of them when we got home, and she said fine, and I left. As soon as they returned from vacation, I got a note from them asking for the money. It was written in a very nice way, but I was still shocked, so I left a check in their mailbox and haven’t spoken to them since. Do you think this is normal? If you invited someone to visit you on vacation, would you expect them to pay? I’ve never heard of this, so I thought I’d get your take on it. Thanks so much Jaime.
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'I love my job': Hudson Valley teens value experience in workforce this summer

This summer teens around the mid-Hudson Valley are getting a glimpse of the working world. As local businesses, restaurants and retail shops reopened for the summer, teens have been punching the clock. Beginning their journeys toward future goals and careers, many local teens are learning the elements of leadership while gaining experience in the professional life.
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Video: The carousel is open in Congress Park

After being closed for nearly two years, the carousel in Congress Park in Saratoga Springs has reopened. The merry-go-round was closed in 2020, due to the pandemic, and opened late this season because they were short seasonal employees. Taylor Rao, cofounder of Two Buttons Deep, and Kristi Gustafson Barlette checked...

Shop Local for Back-to-School Season in the Hudson Valley

Take a pass on department stores and visit the Hudson Valley’s well-stocked shops for pencils, notebooks, and other back-to-school supplies. In what seems like the blink of an eye, the back-to-school rush is back. Before early morning alarms and first day jitters take center stage at home, use the quiet time now to power through academic shopping lists. This time around, however, skip the hustle and bustle of department stores and opt to shop local instead. With pencils, notebooks, and more from the Hudson Valley’s one-of-a-kind shops, your little one will be ready to rock the first day.
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Summer grilling: Herb salad with grilled peaches and burrata

Anyone who moves upstate quickly becomes accustomed to roadside farm stands and the seasonal thrill of finding juicy peaches and late summer tomatoes piled high. Frustrated by rock-hard supermarket peaches, I’d try ripening them on sunny windowsills, on bananas, or in paper bags, only to find their newly softened flash was mealy and missing the juice that should spill down your chin with every bite. But farm stands from Hudson and Chatham to Castleton and Averill Park turned things around. I’d make a point of stocking up on more peaches than I could use, scalding them in boiling water followed by an arresting quick plunge in ice water to remove their fuzzy skins before pitting and freezing them for use all winter long.