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Recipe: Cream Cheese Bacon Chicken Pasta

I often refer to easy, quick meals like this Cream Cheese Bacon Chicken Pasta as the type of recipe that’s perfect for busy weeknights when the kids are in school and we’re all running in a hundred different directions. The thing is, though, it’s not just when school is in session that we’re looking for easy recipes – at least at our house. We’re pretty much always looking for things that we can get on the table without a lot of fuss and with ingredients we already have in the house. You’d think that as a recipe developer that wouldn’t be the case. But I think it’s one of those “cobbler’s children have no shoes” things. When I’m in the kitchen all day, I rarely want to spend tons of time cooking supper.

Alabama statewide home sales increase 1.9% from one year ago

Statewide summary: Home sales in the state rebounded in May, rising 1.9% from one year ago even as mortgage rates and home sales prices continue to trend upward. Housing demand remains well above pre-COVID levels, with May sales 14.3% above the five-year average. However, the housing market is likely to cool off somewhat as mortgage rates are now above 6%. Home sales in the state are expected to decline by 5-10% from last year’s pace by year’s end.

Alabama Power uses properties to boost pollinators

Alabama Power is using some of its properties to help boost pollination. Pollinator plots can be found at a number of Alabama Power sites, including The Preserves. As we near the end of Pollinator Week, Alabama Power Shorelines and Recreation team leader Josh Yerby and Alabama Cooperative Extension System pollinator expert Dani Carol share the top five things to know about pollinator plots.

Guthrie’s Chicken Fingers and Sauce are on the list of 100 Dishes to Eat in Alabama

Do chicken fingers really belong on a list of 100 Dishes to Eat in Alabama?. Anyone who asks that question has obviously never had Guthrie’s Chicken Fingers and Sauce. The restaurant that started in Haleyville decided to focus on its chicken fingers as it expanded to other cities. A sauce was created to pair with the perfectly breaded chicken tenders and a legend was born.

Ed Farm hosts inaugural Future of Learning Summit in Alabama

Ed Farm hosted its inaugural Future of Learning Summit this week at the Fennec event space in Birmingham. The two-day professional learning event featured nationally renowned keynote speakers, Apple learning specialists, educational technology partners and community organizations who all focused on preparing educators with a future-focused mindset for teaching and learning in the digital age.

Can’t Miss Alabama: Legends in Concert, Pride Month and good ol’ summertime fun

Enjoy the best in summer concerts. Summer performances are underway through Sunday, Sept. 4 at OWA in Foley. Fans will see performances by Isaiah Mercado as Bruno Mars, Nellie Norris as Katy Perry, Nae Cullors as Michael Jackson and more. The show features high-energy dancers, backup vocalists, a live band, costumes, elaborate theatrical sets and a full array of special effects. Performances will be at the OWA Theater Tuesday through Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday at 4 p.m.

Pollinators play a critical ecological role in Alabama, and you can help

From the flowers we appreciate to the food we eat and even the clothes we wear and the wood that builds our homes, pollinators play a vital role in keeping things growing. It’s helpful to acknowledge the work of pollinators like bees and butterflies during Pollinator Week but aiding pollination is something we all can help do all year. In this video, experts from the Alabama Wildlife Federation, Alabama Power and the Alabama Cooperative Extension System offer education and advice when it comes to pollinator health.