RS Recommends: The Best Face Masks for Travel and Long Flights

As people begin to travel again, you may be antsy to start booking some plane tickets or hopping on a train. But for all the travel essentials you’ll need to throw in your bag when you get back out there, one thing’s for sure—face masks are still a must-have. If you’re fully vaccinated, then the CDC has given you the green light to travel safely within the U.S., but you’ll still need to mask up before you step on a flight. In fact, face masks are still required for everyone traveling “on planes, buses, trains, and other forms of public transportation...
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United CEO Scott Kirby: We’ve grounded nearly 100 regional jets due to pilot shortage

United Express carriers are facing a pilot shortage so acute that nearly 100 regional jets have had to be parked, United CEO Scott Kirby said at Senate hearing on Wednesday. “There has been a looming pilot shortage for the last decade in the United States, and going through COVID it became an actual pilot shortage,” Kirby said in response to a question from Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.). “So all of us, particularly our regional partners, simply don’t have enough airplanes to fly. We have almost 100 airplanes effectively grounded right now — regional aircraft — because there’s not enough pilots to fly them, which means we can’t at the moment fly to all the small communities that we would like to. It’s really about not having enough pilots.”

Veterans remember

When U.S. Marines landed on Iwo Jima, on February 19, 1945, they expected to secure the Pacific island in about four days then push on to Tokyo. But it took 26 hellish days and the American invasion force was ground away to almost nothing. Of the 25,000 invading Marines, 6,800 were killed and 17,000 were wounded.

Q&A with Tyree Fletcher

This spring, Tyree Fletcher, sophomore, said he is trying something new. Fletcher had a change of heart after his friends noticed his speed on the field. He decided to stop playing football, with hopes to try track. TKC: What do you like to do?. TF: Outside of school I like...

What the Tech: Unique tech toys

Some of the more popular toys and gifts for kids have been sold out for weeks or even months. Video gaming systems and remote controlled toys are in high demand this Christmas and computer chip shortages and shipping delays may mean, even if you can find them and agree to pay more, they still won’t arrive in time for Christmas morning.

Airline CEOs seek to explain pandemic challenges in Senate hearing

Top executives from the nation’s largest air carriers appeared in front of Congress on Wednesday, facing questions on topics that ranged from protecting airline staff from volatile passengers to why so many flights have been canceled during the coronavirus pandemic. Airlines have faced heightened scrutiny amid the coronavirus pandemic...

Airline CEOs face lawmakers on cancellations, delays despite $54B bailout

Major U.S. airline CEOs were in the hot seat on Capitol Hill Wednesday afternoon, questioned by lawmakers on whether they appropriately spent billions in taxpayer dollars. The airline industry received a bailout of $54 billion at the height of the pandemic when air travel came to a screeching halt. The goal was to preserve airline jobs, and in return airlines agreed to place limits on executive compensation, eliminate stock buybacks and dividends and not involuntary furlough employees.