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Over 150 federal workers demand Democrats hit Manchin where it hurts after climate betrayal

This article originally appeared at Common Dreams. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License. Feel free to republish and share widely. Federal agency staffers and congressional office members have a message for President Joe Biden as his climate agenda languishes in the Senate: Ensure that fossil fuel industry ally Sen. Joe Manchin faces significant consequences for obstructing legislative progress.

Here's Why Rolling Coal Has Been Banned In 6 States

Inhaling noxious fumes from passing vehicles may not be everyone's cup of tea, but for some diesel enthusiasts, it's not a problem at all. Some diesel truck drivers — whether to make a statement or just for fun — go so far as to modify their vehicle so that it releases as much exhaust as possible. This phenomenon is known as "rolling coal," and it happens when a diesel truck is modified so that it can intentionally blast black smoke in abundance.

The Supreme Court has curtailed EPA's power to regulate carbon pollution – and sent a warning to other regulators

In a highly anticipated but not unexpected 6-3 decision, the Supreme Court ruled on June 30, 2022, that the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan exceeded the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s authority under the Clean Air Act. The ruling doesn’t take away the EPA’s power to regulate carbon emissions from power plants, but it makes federal action harder by requiring the agency to show that Congress has charged it to act – in an area where Congress has consistently failed to act. The Clean Power Plan, the policy at the heart of the ruling, never took effect because the court blocked it...
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The Supreme Court is about to decide a major climate court case

This week, the Supreme Court is expected to decide a major climate case that could determine what tools the federal government can use to cut greenhouse gas emissions. The case, West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency, started out years ago as a battle over how much authority the EPA has to force power plants to cut down their pollution — but it’s turned into a bigger fight over how much power federal agencies have to enforce all kinds of regulations.

RGII Pennsylvania: Court blocks Pennsylvania’s carbon emissions plan

(AP) – A state court temporarily blocked Pennsylvania from participating in a regional carbon pricing program to combat climate change, or RGGI, in a ruling Friday favoring coal-related interests that argue the administration of Gov. Tom Wolf is seeking to impose an unlawful tax. Commonwealth Court granted a preliminary...