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Airport chaos as luggage ‘abandoned’ and passengers ‘forced to sleep on floor’

Airport mayhem gripped terminals again on Sunday as images emerged of customers forced to sleep on floors, surrounded by snaking passenger queues and mountains of abandoned luggage. Britons have been warned to brace for a summer of “massive disruption” after British Airways ground staff voted in favour of strike action at the carrier’s Heathrow hub.But despite warnings of a looming crisis, photographs taken on Sunday in at UK airports appear to show the country’s travel hubs already in the eye of the storm.The images showed piles of bags cordoned off by ground staff at Heathrow terminal 2, and passengers...
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More than 700 flights canceled Sunday

At least 730 flights were canceled across the United States on Sunday evening, according to the flight-tracking website FlightAware. Delta Air Lines alone canceled at least 224 flights on Sunday. United Airlines canceled 71 flights and American Airlines canceled 66 flights.
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Nasa launches first rocket from Australian commercial spaceport

An unassuming patch of red dirt in remote Australia has made history as the site of Nasa's first rocket launch from a commercial spaceport outside the US. The sub-orbital rocket blasted off from the tiny site early on Monday local time. It will enable astrophysics studies that can only be...
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Spanish airline wants to bring the airship era back

It’s been more than 80 years since the last time passenger airships regularly plied the skies. A sight to behold wherever they made their appearance, those hovering giants may soon stage a comeback if plans by Spanish airline Air Nostrum come to fruition. On June 15, Valencia-based Air Nostrum,...
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Remember That Rocket That was Going to Crash Into the Moon? Scientists Think They've Found the Crater

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) – NASA’s eye-in-the-sky in orbit around the Moon – has found the crash site of the mystery rocket booster that slammed into the far side of the Moon back on March 4th, 2022. The LRO images, taken May 25th, revealed not just a single crater, but a double crater formed by the rocket’s impact, posing a new mystery for astronomers to unravel.

SpaceX Astronaut Sian Proctor’s Daytona Stock Car Ride, Not Space But Just As Thrilling

When I interviewed Dr. Sian Proctor a few months back after her epic SpaceX Inspiration4 charity flight courtesy of billionaire Jared Isaacman, I asked what items - if any - remained on her life’s bucket list. I mean, going to space higher than the International Space Station for three days - how can you top that (pun intended)? Well, she said, there were many things she still wanted to do - climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, visit the Amundsen-Scott Station at the geographic South Pole, take a thrill ride in a NASCAR stock car...