7 rescued after boat struck by lightning off Florida coast

The lightning strike left the boaters stranded in stormy weather and miles from shore, with one passenger describing the harrowing ordeal as an “out of body experience.”. Seven people were rescued by the United States Coast Guard on Saturday after a lightning bolt struck their 39-foot boat off the coast of Clearwater, Florida, disabling it far from shore and in the middle of a vicious storm.

Brewing tropical system to take aim at Caribbean

Tropical storm warnings were issued Monday for multiple Caribbean islands as AccuWeather forecasters continued monitoring a developing system that could become the second named storm of the season. The tropical Atlantic is beginning to heat up following a lull in activity in the wake of Tropical Storm Alex. A robust...

Southern Atlantic may churn out next named tropical system

Confidence is increasing that the next named tropical system of the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season will form in the farthest southern reaches of the basin during the final days of June. This brewing tropical system, along with a disturbance much closer to the mainland of the United States, could make for an active end to June and beginning of July in the tropical Atlantic, following a lull in the wake of Tropical Storm Alex.

High heat to scorch Northwest early this week, but relief is on the way

After cooler-than-normal weather held in place in the Pacific Northwest during the spring months, the first taste of summer arrived on Friday and Saturday. While the heat has not been as intense as what was felt during the record-shattering heat last year, high temperatures over 15 degrees Fahrenheit above average have been recorded over the past couple of days. AccuWeather forecasters say the heat will continue into early week, but relief will quickly follow.

Tropical downpours loom for Texas, Louisiana

AccuWeather meteorologists are closely tracking a disturbance over the north-central Gulf of Mexico for potential tropical development into the middle of the week. Regardless of whether a system evolves, downpours that can produce flash flooding but also alleviate ongoing drought conditions are forecast. The tropical season in the basin officially...

Southwest showers and storms to keep fire risk at bay

Recently, many in the Southwest have seen showers and thunderstorms slide through the area. Forecasters say that more of the same is in the forecast. While the rain will help dent the ongoing drought and keep wildfire concerns at bay, too much rain at once can lead to the opposite problem, with flash flooding a possibility.

Record-breaking python discovered in Florida Everglades

The astonishing discovery was made when biologists hear a rustle in nearby brush. Yet, perhaps most intriguing was what this creature, the size of a shipping container, last ate before meeting its own demise. Deep in the Florida Everglades, a team from the Conservancy of Southwest Florida made a shocking...

Heavy storms to slice through heat, humidity in the Northeast

Summertime heat and humidity have taken a hold of the Northeastern states for the final weekend of June. Now, forecasters say a strong cold front is on the way which will cut through the steamy conditions and bring several days of comfortable weather to the region. Showers and drenching thunderstorms...

Expect busy beaches as heat, humidity return to Northeast

Coastal and mountain locations might be the only areas where residents in the Northeast can find relief from the resurgence of heat and humidity through the weekend, as conditions will feel more like the middle of July rather than late June. AccuWeather forecasters say that by the end of the weekend, temperatures can soar up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit higher than what was felt days earlier as summertime heat takes hold.

Lake Mead water levels drop closer to dead pool status

The nation’s largest reservoir is at its lowest level since it was filled in the 1930s, and experts say that the declining water levels are ‘deadly serious.’. Water levels at Lake Mead dropped to historic lows this week with persistent drought exacerbated by climate change and increased water demands driving the reservoir closer to becoming a "dead pool."

Rounds of severe weather to charge through northern Plains

Dry and cooler air has settled across the northern Plains after a cold front replaced the recent spell of record-challenging heat, but the tranquil weather pattern will be short-lived as the threat of severe weather is expected to spark thunderstorms to end the week. AccuWeather meteorologists warn that there will...