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Top Proposal Spots Near Seattle

The greater Seattle area is a gem when it comes to natural beauty, from the mountains, to the bays and everything in between, the possibilities for proposal spots are endless. Narrowing it down to our top 10 was quite the challenge! Below we have our top 10 locations but we are not arranging them in any particular order as we think any one of them could be the #1 spot, we will leave that for you to decide! But know this, if you plan on proposing in Seattle, do it like a local and be prepared for rain, snow and the occasional bit of sunshine!
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The Perfect Kid-friendly Getaway Close to Bellevue, WA

Weekend getaways are a must in our family. They are the perfect cure to a long and monotonous week of work, routine, and just the day-to-day grind. Weekend getaways don’t have to be far or a flight away, sometimes all you need is to hop in your car and drive to the edge of town, rent a cabin and sit by a cozy fire while the snow sprinkles outside.
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Rainy Day Activities with Your Kids in Kirkland, WA

As soon as anyone mentions or talks about Seattle, the first thing that follows is, “doesn’t it rain a lot there?” Yes, yes it does. It rains about 9 out of the 12 months. Cabin fever can set in quickly if you need to stay home with your kids and can’t go outside to play. So, here is a quick guide on what you can do with your kids on a rainy day in or around Kirkland, WA.
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Restaurants You Must Try in Kirkland, WA

Kirkland is a town that is close to both Seattle and Bellevue, but still has a small-town feel, for now. In downtown, there are no big chain restaurants; most are small, family owned establishments, so you know the food will be delicious! Being close to the Puget Sound and having so much ethnic influence, it’s no surprise that the food scene in Kirkland (and surrounding areas) is amazing. Anytime our friends come to visit, we always take them to one of these three restaurants. These are must-try, restaraunts that are worth going out of your way for.