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Young Bear Barrels Into Colorado Safeway and Then Out Again

It was not your average Friday at the Safeway off of Wilson and Eisenhower in Loveland on Friday, June 24, 2022. Shoppers and staffers were treated to an usual shopping guest. Luckily, this young bear looked more like a big dog than a bear, otherwise, it may have been a very frightening situation. Let's call the bear "Sophia," as, according to the Reporter-Herald, she headed straight to the pasta aisle.
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Colorado’s Picnic Rock Natural Area is a Must-See Hidden Secret

Just 10 miles out of Fort Collins, up the Poudre Canyon is a great little natural area that's been a spot for dates and family outings for years. So, you want to get out and check out the Poudre River, but you don't want to go too far. Great news, you can enjoy the Poudre, for all sorts of activities, within 15 minutes of The Choice City.
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Do You Remember the Dark History of This Colorado Funeral Home?

In the late aughts, the town of Montrose, Colorado, made national headlines. Unfortunately, the attention wasn't focused on the town's natural beauty or tourism opportunities. Instead, the media was interested in the dark history behind the town's funeral home, Sunset Mesa. Read on to see why:. What Happened at the...

Denver Colorado Zoo’s Iconic Gay Flamingos Call It Quits

Could there be trouble in paradise at the Denver Zoo?. It certainly seems that way - meet Freddie Mercury and Lance Bass (pictured above). According to a recent post from Denver Zoo officials via Facebook, Freddie, and Lance - two of the zoo's most iconic animals - have called it quits.

Luke Bryan’s ‘Country On’ Is a Modern Blue-Collar Anthem [Listen]

With "Country On," Luke Bryan is speaking directly to the blue-collar fans who pay to see him live every weekend. The country-rock anthem doesn't name names, but it calls out under-appreciated professions and gives each a little urging. Farmers, cowboys, truckers, bartenders, fireman, Music City guitar pickers and the men...

What’s Next for the Oldest Building in Downtown Denver Colorado?

The Curry-Chucovich House sticks out like a sore thumb among the rest of its neighbors on Court Place in downtown Denver. Not only is the building's regal red architecture extremely eye-catching, but the historic property awkwardly sits in the middle of two parking lots. The 3230-square-foot building was originally built...

Colorado Avalanche Landeskog Lets Daughter Drink from Stanley Cup

Colorado Avalanche Captain, Gabriel Landeskog, is sharing the tradition of drinking from the Stanley Cup in this adorable video he took with his baby girl. Cuteness Overload!. Gabriel Landeskog's Daughter Drinks From Stanley Cup. The Colorado Avalanche beat the defending Stanley Cup Champions, Tampa Bay Lightning, during game six of...

Remember When Kenny Chesney Signed His First Record Deal?

Kenny Chesney has become one of the biggest superstars in the history of country music, but it was actually fairly slow going for the aspiring country star when he signed his first record deal with Capricorn Records in 1993. Chesney was already a three-year Nashville veteran by the time he...

Ryan Hurd Shows Off His Skating Skills With Wife Maren Morris in ‘Pass It On’ Video

Ryan Hurd takes us to the roller rink in the music video for his song "Pass It On." The good vibes song is the first track off his debut album, Pelago. The video opens with Hurd walking into a fairly empty roller skating rink. His happy demeanor causes a few people to scratch their heads as he smiles and greets everyone who crosses his path. As the song progresses and Hurd's joy becomes infectious, we see more people joining the fun.

7 Songs You Didn’t Know Cole Swindell Wrote

Georgia native Cole Swindell found his first important connection to the country music scene through a surprising source -- his college fraternity. Both Swindell and Luke Bryan were members of Georgia Southern University's Sigma Chi chapter, although Bryan attended a few years earlier. After he found success in Nashville, Bryan returned to play a show in his old college town, which Swindell attended. The pair ended up meeting and quickly forged a friendship. Soon after, Swindell left college and headed to Nashville, where he ended up selling merchandise on the road for Bryan while honing his own songwriting skills.

Blake Shelton Reveals the Song He Still Regrets Never Got Released as a Single [Watch]

Blake Shelton has certainly had his share of hit singles at country radio over the years, but there's one song that he still looks back on as the one that got away. The country superstar turned to social media on Wednesday (June 29) to share a song that never got released as a radio single, despite the fact that he believed in it is so much that he included it on two different albums.

Fourth of July Holiday Weekend Means Deadly Roads In Colorado

Did you know the Fourth of July holiday is one of the deadliest holidays of the year in Colorado?. Traffic volume is always heavy during the holiday travel period and unfortunately, a certain number of drivers make the fateful decision to drink and drive. The Colorado Department of Transportation says unbuckled and impaired driving fatalities trend upward during the summer months.

The History of Colorado’s Oldest Town

Where will you find the oldest "town" in Colorado? That question is a little more complex than it sounds. Most consider the town of San Luis to be the oldest in Colorado. Here's a quick look at the 171 years of this community's amazing history. What Defines a 'Town'?. I...