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Look Inside This Now Abandoned Detroit Area High School

With a lack of funding and a lesson in enrollment across the state, many schools are abandoned and left to rot. It's the unfortunate modern reality we face across the state. Most abandoned schools would make an amazing spot to turn into apartments or even a retirement center, recreation center, and the list goes on...
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Olivia Newton-John, ‘Grease’ Star and Pop Icon, Dies at 73

Olivia Newton-John, the singer and songwriter best known to movie lovers as the star of Grease, has died. According to TMZ, her death was confirmed by her husband John Easterling, who said Newton-John “died peacefully at her ranch in Southern California Monday morning, surrounded by family and friends.” Newton-John had multiple bouts of breast cancer through the years, although the site had not confirmed that as the cause of her death at this time. (A source did tell them however that “after a 30-year cancer journey, she lost her battle to metastatic breast cancer.")

Jackson County Fair Runs Through August 13

When was the last time you went to the Jackson County Fair at Keely Park? It's been about 15 years for me, which seems like a long time ago. The last time I took my family to the Jackson County Fair was when John Waite performed on their main stage. You do remember that John Waite was in the group called "The Babys"?

Have You Met Michigan’s Most Famous Cats?

There are holidays every single day of the year whether or not you realize it. Not all of them are "bank holidays" that give us an excuse to stay home, but we still love to celebrate the little days along the way. And today is a very special day if you consider yourself a "cat person".

Ope! Minnesota Has One of the Ugliest Homes In America

Do you know how people say never to judge a book by its cover? Well, this Minnesota house definitely fits that bill. To me, the outside is absolutely stunning, while it could use some work for sure, but the inside...oh boy, the inside is something else indeed. This Great Lakes...

People With Pets Have Better Quality of Life According to New Study

Here's a simple way to be happier and improve your quality of life: get a pet. According to a new study from Purina, some pet owner perks include feeling more relaxed (60 percent) and less lonely (55 percent), achieving improved physical wellness (44 percent) and feeling more confident (19 percent).

Detroit Tigers Pay Tribute to Lou Whitaker at Comerica Park

This weekend I'm going to a Detroit Tigers baseball game, not only to watch the Tigers play, but also to watch a special tribute for one of MLB's best players ever. I'm talking about Tiger great Lou Whitaker, or as you may remember "Sweet Lou." Lou Whitaker played 2nd base as a professional baseball player from 1977 to 1995.

Crazy: Look Inside This Now Abandoned Elementary School In Brighton

If you are a fan of abandoned destinations, you'll be in a world shock to find one so close to home. Located in Brighton, Lindbom Elementary school has sat deserted for ten years. Look: Abandoned Elementary School In Brighton. This school has sat untouched by the sound of students' voices...

Michiganders Head North for Last Summer Vacation

Summer is not over with yet which means Michigan Families are heading north for their last summer vacations, and why not?. There's just no time to waste in the month of August. Pick your destination, pack your bags and snacks and head for the great outdoors in the Upper Peninsula.

The Sugar Factory Ruins of Bay City, Michigan

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property. When Michigan’s lumber trade began taking a nosedive in the late 1800s, what were we supposed to do for income? The Upper Peninsula had mining but what about in the lower half of the mitten?