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Debit, Credit Card Reader Issues at Meijer Stores in Grand Rapids and Nationwide

What started as a quick shopping trip on a Saturday turned into a four hour ordeal... West Michigan Meijer Stores Cash and Check Only on Saturday. If you're like me, maybe you headed to a West Michigan Meijer store on Saturday, May 21, and were welcomed by a sign on the door stating, "We are currently experiencing issues accepting electronic payments... Cash and check transactions are being accepted."
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Gaylord Woman Shares Near Death Experience From Tornado Online

The tornado which devastatingly ripped through Gaylord yesterday is still being coped and dealt with, as one person has confirmed to have passed while over 40 have been injured. One woman shared her near death experience with multiple videos online while she was inside of a Hobby Lobby. Brittany Gunderson was shopping when the tornado, which many claim came out of nowhere, ripped through the store as she was frozen still:

What The Duck? Grand Haven Police Rescue Stranded Ducklings In Drain

The Grand Haven Department of Public Safety had a very interesting start to their Friday when they got a rescue call to a drain located at Woodlawn and Ferry. On the Grand Haven Department of Public Safety Facebook page, a post was made about two officers rescuing baby ducklings that had fallen into a drain located at Woodlawn and Ferry and couldn't get out.

The Kid From ‘Jaws’ Is Now Martha’s Vineyard’s Chief of Police

From a thorn in Chief Brody’s side to a real life Chief Brody. The immortal classic Jaws was set on the fictional New England island of Amity, but the movie was mostly filmed on the real New England island of Martha’s Vineyard. And this week, the real Martha’s Vineyard, selected a new chief of police: Jonathan Searle. And in a twist of fate so beautiful it feels like something out of a movie, Jonathan Searle appeared in Steven Spielberg’s Jaws as one of the kids making life miserable for Chief Brody, when they disguise themselves as a shark and cause havoc on the beaches of Amity.

City of Grand Rapids to Offer Kayaking Activities

Everyone likes to take advantage of the nicer summer weather. Here is a chance for you to enjoy not only the weather, but also the water in Grand Rapids. Whether you are an experienced kayaker, or just thinking about giving it a try, the City of Grand Rapids is providing some kayaking experiences you might want to check out.

McDonald’s Leaving Russia for Good Amid Ongoing Conflict

After more than three decades of serving Big Macs in Russia, McDonald's is permanently leaving the country following its invasion of Ukraine. In an official statement to the press, the company said their decision to exit Russia was "extremely difficult," however, due to the environmental instability of Russia amid the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, "continued ownership of the business in Russia is no longer tenable, nor is it consistent with McDonald's values."

10 Popular TV Shows That Were Almost Cancelled

It’s hard to imagine a popular series such as Seinfeld or Parks and Recreation ever being on thin ice, but it happens more often than you’d think. After all, it takes a lot to keep a show on air. A whole season of television costs a lot of money to produce, and sometimes a network is no longer willing to take that financial risk. As a show grows in popularity, there are cases — such as with Friends — in which the lead actors are paid a hefty sum to stay attached to the series.

What A Dummy! ATF Arrest Michigan Man After Seeing Social Media Posts

A Detroit man with prior felonies made it easy for the ATF to catch him breaking the law by posting all of the illegal things he was doing on social media. Javion Otis, whose Instagram handle is hawaii.jj, was tracked by ATF agents after they saw his posts with him holding guns, doing drugs, and bragging about committing fraud.