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Thought Your Electric Bill Was High Now, Just Wait!

Over the weekend, I received a mailout from Xcel. Let's just say this mailout made me scream, "aw, c'mon, really." If you received this then you know what I'm talking about, if you didn't, then you might want to prepare yourself because it looks like starting in October your electric bill will get higher.

This Gorgeous $2.2 Million Wolflin Home Defines ‘Elegance’

If there's one thing to know about Wolflin Historic district, it's that the homes found in this neighborhood absolutely define elegance. I spotted this listing on the market not too long ago and wow. What a beautiful contemporary home. Some lucky buyer was able to snatch this place up and I truly hope they enjoy every second they spend in this exquisite place.

Ezra Miller Begins Treatment For ‘Mental Health Issues’

Last week, it was reported that Warner Bros. was planning for three potential outcomes for its mega-budget movie of The Flash based on what happened to its controversial star, Ezra Miller. Option one: Miller, who was recently charged with a burglary in Vermont, could seek professional help, get their act together, and the movie could be released as planned. Option two: The Flash gets released but, if Miller didn’t find a way to stay out of trouble, they would have essentially been removed from the film’s publicity and would have likely been replaced as the Flash in any future projects involving the character. And option three: Had Miller’s legal troubles worsened even further, Warner Bros.might have shelved the $200 million movie shelved entirely.

YouTuber Under Fire After Trying to Leave Bar Without Paying, Telling Staff He Should Charge Them for Promotion

People have watched a popular Spanish YouTuber attempt to get out of paying his restaurant bill over six million times. Earlier this month, Borja Escalona, who runs Escalona TV, received backlash for eating two empanadas at A Tapa do Barril, a restaurant in Porta do Sol, Portugal. He attempted to leave the restaurant without paying but the waitress stopped and told him that he needed to pay €2 for the first empanada that he ate.

End of an Era for Popular Amarillo Cattle Auction and Restaurant

A piece of Amarillo history is no longer. The property at the Amarillo Stockyards located at 100 S. Manhattan, is said to have been sold to a scrap metal company. Amarillo Livestock Auction was once home to the Stockyards Cafe, which if you never had a chance to eat there, you missed out on some of the best food to ever grace the great city of Amarillo and the best chicken fried steak.

Best of Dear Melissa: Is it OK to Parent Another Person’s Child?

We are continuing our Best of Dear Melissa. This letter was first published on Facebook on July 12, 2022. It's always a hot topic when you include the kids. Who is responsible for disciplining the kiddos out in public? What if the parent isn't doing anything to help the situation? Should the parent be the end all be all when it comes to getting the kid to act acceptable out in public?

Yes, its True Free Books for Your Kids in Amarillo and Canyon

One of the best times I remember with my daughter was reading to her as she was growing up. Yes, there were some books that she just made sure I read over and over to her. Yes, at the time I was like "Not Again." Those, though are the books and the memories I cherish the most.