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UPDATE: Heartbreaking Texas Elementary Massacre Leaves 14 Children Dead

The immensely tragic shooting has Texas mourning. Tuesday, May 24, 2022, a catastrophic shooting took place in Uvalde, Texas. The suspect has been identified as 18-year-old Salvador Ramos, a student in the very same school district. Reports have come in stating Ramos had originally shot and killed his grandmother then entered Robb Elementary School and opened fire.
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BREAKING NEWS: [UPDATED] Active Shooter at a Texas Elementary School

UPDATE #1 Uvalde Memorial Hospital confirmed to ABC News that two children had died from presumed gunshot injuries in the incident. UPDATE #2 Additionally, 13 students were being treated in the hospital's emergency department in the wake of the incident, the hospital said. Two patients were transferred to San Antonio for treatment, while a third was pending transfer, the hospital said. A 45-year-old was also hospitalized after getting grazed by a bullet, the hospital said.
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Insanely Rare and Terrifying Jet Black Gar Caught in Texas

Two fishermen were in complete shock when they saw what was on the other end of their hook during a fishing trip in Galveston. 29-year-old, Justin Jordan and Terrell Maguire were out last week fishing when they spotted something peculiar. MENACING-LOOKING FISH. Jordan described noticing a "menacing-looking" fish in the...

Texas Man Violently Screams For Help as He’s Killed By Bees

A Seguin man was tragically killed as he was doing landscaping work at a home in Austin. 53-year-old, Galvan Martinez worked as a landscaping lighting technician. During the job, Martinez hooked his harness up to a tree in the customer's backyard as he prepared to climb a ladder. Unfortunately, things turned deadly soon after.


One of the most famous YouTubers is a fellow Texan, and he lives just a short trip away in Cypress, Texas. Ryan Kaji is not your normal YouTuber, his channel racks in millions of dollars every year he has a clothing line and toy line, among other things- oh and not to mention he is only 10 years old!

You Can Finally Breath Easy This Weeks Horoscopes Are In

Here's a recap of this week's horoscopes from Kathrine at Two-Spiti Tarot! You might be surprised this week about how right on track you are, so breathe easy!. Fun in the sun helps bring your youthful self peace. Unwind from the mundane and be playful. Protect and ground your energy...

Crossroads It’s Time to Welcome Our Warriors For the Weekend

Warrior's Weekend is this weekend and Friday, May 20th our heroes will be making their way through the Crossroads. Warrior's Weekend, celebrating its 16th year of life-affirming healing is such a special event for our military and first responder families. Over the years I've heard some of the most beautiful stories of healing and change when our warriors who served to protect our freedom make their way through our community to the Field of Honor on their way to Warrior's Weeknd Port O'Connor event.

Just How Hot Does the Asphalt Get For Those Puppy Paws

With forecasted highs approaching 100 degrees and the heat index reaching 110 in some areas throughout the crossroads area, it is safe to say it is HOT OUTSIDE! Just imagine how it feels on your doggy's paws. Let's start out with this basic rule. If the pavement feels too hot for your barefoot, it is too hot for Pluto's. Asphalt temperatures can be much hotter than the air temperature (when in direct sunlight with no wind and low humidity) so it's important to be aware of the difference between pavement and air temperatures.

The ‘Wonder Twins’ Won’t Be Getting a Movie After All

Wonder Twin powers: Do not activate. Just three months ago, word leaked out that Warner Bros and DC Comics were turning the Wonder Twins, the sibling heroes first featured in the vintage cartoon The Super Friends, were getting their own live-action movie. The script for Wonder Twins was being written by Adam Sztykiel, who worked on the screenplay for the upcoming Black Adam movie. Later, it was revealed that KJ Apa and Isabel May had been cast in the title roles as Zan and Jayna, the alien twins who can transform when they touch hands. Wonder Twins was just one of several ambitious DC projects that were supposedly in development at HBO Max, including a live-action Batgirl movie.

Rock Feuds: Axl Rose vs. Kurt Cobain

Axl Rose and Kurt Cobain are among the most celebrated singers in rock history, but the two icons had a heated feud that lasted for years. As the frontman of Guns N’ Roses, Rose was on top of the world as the ‘90s dawned. The band’s first album, Appetite for Destruction (from 1987), ranks among the best-selling LPs of all time, and 1988's follow-up EP, G N' R Lies, went five-time platinum. But while Rose was held high as the poster child for the Sunset Strip music scene, another sound was fermenting in the Pacific Northwest.

Texas Lottery Introduces Most Expensive Scratch Ticket Ever – Remaining Jackpots

The Texas Lottery just released the first $100 scratch ticket in the United States. According to, the $20 Million Supreme ticket is in response to the considerable popularity of the Texas Lottery's higher price point scratch tickets. It appears to be an industry-wide trend that has emerged in recent years. The Lottery's $50 price point has played a major role in its impressive financial performance, achieving the highest percentage of sales growth in the fiscal year. What are the odds of winning on the new $100 ticket? See below?

Texas 2 Year Old Orders 31 Cheeseburgers On His Moms Phone

Texas 2-Year-Old Orders 31 Cheeseburgers From His Mom's Phone. They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, so it should not come as such a surprise that a sweet 2-year-old Texas boy took matters into his own hands, and with his mother's phone, ordered a little something, something to eat!

Mass Shooting In The City of Buffalo, New York

The City of Buffalo endured an unspeakable tragedy on Saturday. According to the Buffalo Police Department, a mass shooting occurred at the Tops on Jefferson Avenue in the City of Buffalo on Saturday afternoon. 10 people were killed and 13 total were shot, according to police. The latest on the...